White is a beautiful color, but when it gets stains, it can be a bit annoying because the beauty of a white dress is being white. I used to buy a lot of white clothing items, but I had to stop because if after one wash I notice any slight change, I tend not to want to wear that dress to a formal place. But with the help of good detergents and my handwashing habit, I now think I will start wearing white more often again.

I prefer to wear a dress to a two-piece; I just think styling is straight to the point, and you get to worry about matching only your shoes or bag. Long dresses are my favorite. I mean, look how lovely I look in this dress. Beautiful, decent, and cute. I love decency, and even though society is making indecency the norm, let's not forget that decency is very important in life because it is not just about how you dress a lot; it is also about how you also put decency in other aspects of your life.

I do not know why it took me so long to wear this outfit; when I posted it on Instagram, most of my followers loved it, and it gained a lot of likes. I must say I love wearing my traditional clothes. I love how beautiful and unique I look, as well as the compliments I get from looking this beautiful. Red has been one colour that suits my skin in a bright and attractive way.

This design is very popular in Nigeria. My mom is one person I know who makes great choices when it comes to wearing wrappers and has the best wrappers. I have seen mostly Igbo women wear it, and my partner even made a joke and said I was wearing Igbo material. Not that other tribes do not wear this design, but I guess Igbos use it for meeting uniforms and wear it to other occasions even more.

This two-piece outfit, known as an "iro and buba," also includes a free-size long-sleeve blouse that may be worn in a variety of ways. The Igbo style is achieved by tying the two wrappers together, but the Yoruba style is achieved by wearing one wrapper. To make my outfit stand out, I also wore high-heeled sandals.

Hey everyone!

I wanted to talk to you about this amazing outfit I put together recently. It's a short sleeve pink dress with a two-layer flare design, and let me tell you, it's absolutely trendy and stylish. This dress is all about embracing femininity and adding a playful touch to your wardrobe. And guess what? You can still get it for yourself from Uoozee!

The flowy nature of this dress is what really caught my attention. I decided to pair it with delicate accessories and soft makeup to really let the dress shine.

Loose Sleeveless Falbala Solid Color Stand Collar Maxi Dresses

To add a little Barbie-inspired flair to the outfit, I opted for accessories that channel the iconic doll's aesthetic. Think oversized sunglasses, a statement necklace, or a cute handbag with a pop of pink. Trust me, these little touches will take your ensemble to the next level and keep you on-trend.

Now, even though the dress is pink, don't be afraid to mix it up with other colors. I paired it with silver sandals to add a touch of glam and elegance. You can also consider adding a contrasting belt in a complementary shade or playing around with pastel hues for a soft and harmonious look.

What's great about this dress is its versatility. You can easily dress it up or down for any occasion. Pair it with sneakers and a denim jacket for a casual day look, or dress it up with heels and statement jewelry for a special event or night out. And don't forget to experiment with different layers, like a cropped cardigan or a leather jacket, to adapt the dress to different seasons.

I recently had the chance to wear this dress on a walk with my partner, and let me tell you, it was     lovely. Despite the rain, the weather eventually cleared up, and we managed to capture some stunning photos. I decided to add polka dot sunglasses to give the ensemble a playful twist. The combination of the dress, sunglasses, and the joyful atmosphere created a truly memorable experience.

Despite my opinion that the tangerine colour doesn't go well with my skin tone, I think this outfit suits me well. I looked chic and stylish in this gorgeous fit-and-flare dress from Know Fashion Style, thanks to its timeless elegance. It has a collar composed of pearl beads. 

A beautiful outfit for an important wedding or merely a fantastic workday. This dress got lots of compliments, and I wanted to look comfy, so I wore black flat Ballerina shoes I got from Primark. 

The ability of this dress to deliver a classic and sophisticated look of professionalism while still being unique and luxurious is what caught my attention. The plates have a really elegant appearance, and I like the print because it resembles high-end designer clothing. I prefer dresses and tops with long sleeves. The dress is beautiful overall.

The colour is vibrant and lively, which is exactly what I needed to kick off this week. People frequently feel energetic, optimistic, and enlightened when wearing vibrant colours.

Pleated dresses are a trend that consistently ranks at the top of the latest fashion charts. This style of dress is quite popular year-round, especially among ultra-elegant and fashionable women, whether it's summer or fall/winter.

If you just throw in an ijab, it could also be worn to the mosque or scalf to a church (because of its well-calculated length). It could also be worn to the office, weddings, the courtroom, or just about any formal event.

I would suggest wearing a cardigan, tights, and boots in addition to this pleated dress to stay warm during the cold season. With a few basic layering pieces, you can transform any dress effortlessly. Pleated dresses look good on postpartum bodies with bumps, bloated tummies, and big tummies.

This yellow casual print A Line pleated dress from Know fashion style has a vibrant design. It is available in different colors. The designer was able to throw in different colours, adding to the beauty of this dress while still bringing to the table a very classy look. This colour combination is to the advantage of anyone who loves a bright look because it could be worn with different colours of accessories, even bags and shoes. You can add a belt and a hat. My shoes are from boohoo and they are not the most comfortable but they look pretty.

I purchased a size small, but sizes are available up to size 2XL.

Yellow pleated midi dress

Green Breezy Loose One-Shoulder Maxi Dress
Green with envy is what came to mind when I started writing this post. Without any doubt, I can say I really like this dress. It serves as both a top and a dress, and I couldn't help but wear it on a beautiful, sunny summer afternoon to see the doctor.

For some people, the color lemon green is incredibly vivid and brilliant. Given that yellow is one of my favorite colors, I was thrilled the moment I laid eyes on the dress from Uoozee.

A timeless appearance that exudes sophistication while retaining a modern feel. A dress for any romantic outing and travel This dress is made from delicate, soft Polyester. It is effortless to wear and will look good on any body type.

I believe that this lemon-green dress makes me look beautiful. It is beautifully created to enhance one's style. Put on this outfit if you want to leave a lasting impression.

I paired this dress with gladiator sandals I got from Zara during the winter season, and this was the first time I was wearing them. One of my affordable winter buys that came in handy this summer.

Do you have a color in your closet that you enjoy but are hesitant to wear? Have you thought about how you're going to wear it?

Buy what I am wearing:

Just before I start writing about my dress, I want to thank God for keeping me and protecting me. God has been faithful, and I want to thank him for all he has done for me.

With that being said, I wore this dress to church two weeks ago, and people really liked it. I'm so happy I ordered this dress. It fits perfectly, and the fabric quality exceeded my expectations. I was eager to wear it to church, but it also works as a wedding guest outfit, and the two-piece cape style is a comfort bonus. Compliments kept coming in, which made me feel good. Black is a versatile color, but wearing a stylishly designed black dress is a jackpot. I can boldly say that I can pass for a rich and famous aunt. Mostly Muslim women wear these types of dresses, but as fashion has become more widely accessible, people have been looking for fresh looks, and now this has become universally worn by different people.

Long dresses are always going to be one of my go-to fashion pieces because you not only look beautiful and attractive but also sexy in a decent way.

This Simple Two-Piece Inner Slip Dress with See-Through Outer Cape Maxi Dress is from Uoozee. One of the things I didn't like was the strong smell that came with the dresses, which was due to the type of preservatives or wrapping used, I guess, but generally it's an ok brand to buy clothing for all seasons.

This dress is Lightweight and perfect for everyday and casual use. I wore an orange heels because I wanted add color to the black look, which was a very good idea. My bag is from River Island.

Uoozee exquisite two-piece maxi dress for women will up your summer fashion game. The gown has a basic yet elegant black inner slip dress and a see-through outer cape. This dress is suitable for any event and is made of fabrics that will keep you comfy all day.

Going through summer and having the best dresses to wear makes it so easy and fun. I came across this website with gorgeous dresses that stylish, airy and decent. For me, decency when dressing in any season is important, and this rose pink pleated maxi dress does it for me. When I shop, I try to always buy what I need to make sure I can wear it to different events and with pieces I already have. What I like about chiffon-like fabrics is not only how they make me feel both free and elegant but also how versatile they are.

This A-Line Sleeveless Pleated Solid Color Halter-Neck Maxi Dress flows so well with the wind. It is £31.30, and also comes in green and black. With the pleating and halter neckline, it meets my demands for a comfortable summer dress.

I paired the dress with Asymmetric Embossed Earrings and my Zara slippers because I was taking a walk around the city. This dress from Uoozee is gorgeous on its own. Adding too much jewelry isn't needed. The rose pink color, the pleats, and the asymmetrical maxi hem are all eye-catching. However, it is one of those dresses that can be worn repeatedly. It's ideal for a Sunday brunch with friends or a relaxed meal at home. It would also look wonderful at the beach, graduation ceremony, wedding guest outfit, or as a casual dress for any occasion. It can also be worn down with sandals, a Panama hat, or slippers. Do not pair this dress with sports shoes. I'm really excited to wear it on my trip to Nigeria.

One of the most popular types of dresses to wear during this season is a slip dress. They are universally flattering and go well with a wide variety of other items. Slip dresses can look great when paired with stylish trainers, pumps or ankle boots and heels. Slip dresses are not the most appropriate attire for the workplace but depending how you style it, you can wear it to work.

I have been wearing slips dresses lately, if you check out my instagram and fashion posts you will see that I previously wore a blue slip dress. A slip dress is an essential piece of clothing for the spring and summer seasons despite the fact that it is best worn during the transitional months because it is made of a lightweight fabric.

This fall, one of my favourite trends is the satin slip dress, and one of my favourite colours to wear with it is black. Slip dresses are not only fashionable, comfortable, and simple to put on, but they also manage to be chic and versatile. Slip dresses are enjoyable to wear because they can be styled in a variety of ways. 

Slip dresses are a classic piece that can be added to any wardrobe because of their unfussy cuts and sophisticated sheens. This holds true regardless of the wearer's body type. I picked up this pretty black slip dress from Femmeluxe. I've been wearing slip dresses lately. They are very simple to style and are an excellent choice for the warmer months.

Bodycon dresses are without a doubt one of the most attractive dresses you can wear on any given day, regardless of the occasion. You should have at least one in your closet because they are appropriate for any occasion. When looking for one, I'm sure you'll go for something in basic colours like black or white. Let me introduce you to the blue bodycon ranched dress by Femmeluxe.co.uk. People are correct when they say that "blue is the new black.

If you style it correctly, a blue bodycon could be the best decision you ever make. But before we plunge into the never-ending pool of how to style a bodycon dress, it's vital to note that many women avoid wearing bodycon because they believe it won't flatter them. I understand that the hourglass body shape is perfect for bodycon, but that doesn't mean ladies with other body types shouldn't wear it. Let's defy expectations and wear that damn bodycon dress you've been wanting to wear for so long.

You can give yourself an appearance that is both revitalizing and alluring by wearing a bodycon dress. This will help you stand out among the other people in the room. Furthermore, blue is a versatile colour.

How to Style Blue Bodycon Dresses

Even though I didn't wear a shapewear underneath this dress, I propose one for individuals who aren't comfortable with their flabby belly showing or want extra fittedness in a bodycon dress. It improves your appearance and conceals excess flab.

Dresses that cling to your body can make some people feel self-conscious; if this describes you, try layering up. A cape, a jacket, an oversized shirt, or a coat are all appropriate outerwear options for pairing with a bodycon dress.

Put on some trainers for an effortless and laid-back style. When you want to look classy and formal, though, heels are preferable. Block heels, in particular.

Don't overdo it with the jewellery. Jewellery enhances the beauty of the dress, but wearing too much jewellery with a bodycon dress is a no-no.

If you're unsure about wearing a fitting dress, go for one made of a thick material. The thin, silky material clings to your skin, revealing every curve. If you don't want to show off every curve on your body, you should wear a bodycon dress made of a thick material. This style of dress will cling to your hips and waist while making the other parts of your body appear smoother.

Other options to consider in summer are white dresses, black dresses, and denim shorts.

Blue Slinky Ruched Strappy Bodycon Mini Dress - Nia £15.99 - 30%

Royal Blue Slinky Ruched Plunge Bodycon Mini Dress - Azaria
£17.99 - 35%

Royal Blue Ruched Cowl Neck Bodycon Mini Dress - Sofie
£16.99 - 43%

Royal Blue Slinky Ruched Plunge Bodycon Mini Dress - Azaria
£17.99 - 35%

Outfit details
Dress: Femme Luxe
Brown heels: Zara
Bag: River island
Floral dress

The weather was perfect for having fun on Saturday; there was plenty of sunshine, and the temperature was nice and high. Excellent for going for a walk outside. The pleasant weather and abundant sunshine made for a wonderful weekend for me.

Since a few days ago, I have been taking it easy and making an effort to put together this article, but I have been preoccupied with a variety of other things that are equally important. After getting up early today to wash my hair with the best shampoo for dandruff and also make a protective hairstyle for my hair after letting it out for a long time, I decided to start writing about this outfit.

Glasgow fashion blogger wearing a floral dress

The perfect floral midi dress for a spring office look    

If you are able to master the art of putting together simple items to create a simple formal outfit, going to the office may become much less of a hassle for you. This dress has been in my possession for close to a year. This dress was a gift from my mother, and although I wore it a couple of times before leaving for the UK, I did not have the opportunity to wear it there. I am quite happy that I was able to wear it during the springtime. Because it reminds me of the kind of outfit I prefer to put on, it appeals to me very much.

Floral dress Bring the warmth and happiness of spring and summer into your wardrobe. One of the things that I enjoy most about floral dresses is that you can continue to wear them year after year because flowery patterns are timeless. This year, floral patterns have been very fashionable for spring and summer, and they are available in a wide variety of cuts and lengths. Even the thought of wearing a garment with floral patterns is energising.

I would say that spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching. Floral dresses are known to be worn in the spring and summer. Given that flowers bloom, the grass becomes greener, and birds begin to chirp, spring is the ideal season to wear a floral dress. The time is right to display your newest floral clothing. There are different ways to wear these designs, especially with the diversity of the prints.

Just because you have worn a certain item of clothing once or twice doesn't mean you should grow tired of wearing it. Make every effort to save the planet, even if you have enough money to buy new clothes every day. Today's post is centered on two different ways to wear and style a floral dress. Simple styling like this demonstrates how changing your shoes can alter your entire appearance.

This multi-colored dress features a high-collar dress with ruffle and tie accents. Long sleeves with an elasticized cuff and a V-neck Smocked waist with a lot of elastic. Hems with frills.

How to wear a dress with jeans

If the weather isn't warm enough for you to wear your favourite floral print dress, try layering your outfits, such as with a pair of jeans. Although I like to do it with wide-leg, mid-rise jeans because they add volume to the outfit, This combination appears more interesting and sophisticated. The brown block heels bring the look together and give it a more feminine feel. Pay close attention to the type of jeans you decide to pair with a dress. Make sure to avoid selecting a model of jeans that is too wide; you might end up looking too much because floral print is already a busy print on its own. In any other case, you are free to wear the shoes and type of clothing that you prefer most.

3 ways to wear Zara's multicolor brown and pink printed mini floral dress

Wearing a floral dress with jeans and slippers

Floral dresses are perfect for beach vacations, but on days when it is not so warm, you can wear jeans and still let your legs enjoy the air by wearing a pair of slippers. This outfit is also ideal for a day spent at home when you want to dress up but remain comfortable. I wore this outfit on my way to Troon Beach, but removed the pants when I got there.

UK Fashion blogger wearing the Cerise cotton H&M T-shirt

You will agree with me that most spring basics can be used in summer because most times it's all about layering and wearing lighter jackets to protect our bodies from the cold, but basically we start wearing lighter dresses. Spring and summer are like siblings—fun and beautiful—with the exception that one is more warm than the other. So in today's post, we are going to talk about spring and summer basics every woman should own.
I like keeping my outfits simple and basic sometimes. Even though I like long dresses, I will gladly wear jeans and tees during the summer. We are not all the same, which is why being versatile is important, and spring wardrobe sorting can be really important for those who have lots of items. Spring and summer basics are primarily clothing items you can easily wear with style and a good fashion sense. It's also about light and airy clothing, so let's get to it.

From oversized shirts to crop tops and frill-detailed camis, you are free to express yourself and wear anything you like. I personally encourage people to always keep it decent. I personally think that colourful tees are best for spring and summer because you can wear them without having to cover them. Wondering what options of tees suit spring and summer? Here are some affordable tees for summer. I got this cerise cotton short sleeve jersey T-shirt at H&M. If you prefer neutral colours, there are also tees for you.

Jeans are perfect for every weather, but some jeans are thicker than others, so while picking out your jeans, be sure to pick out jeans that are made with light materials, not coated jeans. Jeans that are versatile and only one colour, such as blue, black, grey, or ash and navy blue jeans, These jeans go with lots of tops, blouses, shirts, and tees. There are different types of jeans that I recommend for summer, such as mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, oversize jeans, boot cut jeans, baggy jeans, tapered jeans, and straight leg jeans. I do not recommend skinny jeans in the summer because, after covering your skin all winter, summer is the only season that really allows your skin to breathe. When it gets really hot, some people start sweating on their thighs, which is really uncomfortable and sometimes makes your thigh a little darker, so I recommend you ditch skinny jeans in the summer. I got these grey baggy high-rise jeans from Zara. 

Slippers, flip-flops, sandals, and Birkenstock
Taking fashion as easy as you can in spring and summer can do you good, especially if you enjoy wearing fashionable items. Less is more sometimes, and in summer, buy basics that you can easily pair with sandals, flip-flops, and slippers. They give a more relaxed look, which is always best for summer.

Black Sunglasses
I like wearing sunglasses, and I have recommended several pairs that we all need, but this post is all about the basics, so you need a black pair of sunglasses. A black pair of sunglasses does the magic. All you need to do is put them in your handbags, and when the sun is high, just put them on. Also, on days you aren't feeling too good with the world, a pair of sunglasses does the magic. I purchased my tinted rectangular sunglasses from Primark for less than £2, and like they say, no one will know because everything I touch turns golden and luxurious. Sunglasses are also great protection from ultraviolet raysThese classic and stylish rectangular sunglasses are a must-have for the summer.

Fashion blogger

How I spent my Easter Sunday. 

I woke up, said my prayers, cleaned up, and went to church. I struggled to stay awake in church. After church, we wanted to visit a tourist attraction, but the weather wasn't friendly, so we headed back home. But just as our taxi arrived, we changed our minds and decided to go and have lunch at Wong's. The weather fluctuates a lot around here, and sometimes I don't want to go out because a sunny day can turn into a rainy one. Sometimes it gets cold, and the next moment it's a bit warm, and when you think it's okay to take a walk, it starts raining. The weather over here isn't stable, but even at that, I wore my black maxi pleated dress to church. 

UK Fashion blogger wearing the zara limited edition black pleated dress


I just came to the realization that I always choose to wear flowy dresses once the weather begins to transition to spring. They are elegant, comfy, and figure-flattering, and they are quite versatile because they can be worn with almost anything. What's not to love about it? 

This Zara dress features an asymmetrical neckline, short sleeves, and a flowy pleated hem in contrast fabric. Black dress made of viscose blend fabric. High collar with one short sleeve. Ruched fabric. Pleated asymmetric hem in tonal fabric. It is made of a polyester, viscose, and elastane blend fabric, making it easy to care for. Zara's limited edition ruched pleated dress is $149.00 with various shipping options. You can get it for free at a store or have it delivered to your door. Your location will determine the additional cost for this final price.

Both the heels and the black pleated maxi dress are new additions to my wardrobe; I picked them up a few weeks ago at Zara. This is the first time I'm wearing them together. When it comes to versatility, many people believe that skirts, jeans, and other separate pieces of clothing are the most versatile. However, this isn't always the case, especially when you have a dress that can be styled in a broad variety of different ways.

My black pleated maxi dress looked so lovely on me, and I loved that I kept the look simple. One of the biggest trends for spring are flowy dresses, floral prints, and colourful dresses. I didn't have a reason to wear this dress until this Easter Sunday; it has definitely been one of my favourite spring dresses. I also love that the dress has pleats on it and is flowy with a free fit. I plan to wear this dress again in the summer when it's very warm, even though I know it's black, and I will also like to pair it with flats.

I searched for my black dress on the Zara website but didn't see it, I guess since it is a limited edition dress is sold out already but here are different sites where you can buy same dress including Ebay.
Here and Here.

A black pleated Zara dress option similar to mine that you might like
1. Dress with pleated hem.
UK Fashion blogger wearing the zara limited edition black pleated dress

About my zara slingback tweed geometric heel

I have been avoiding wearing heels a lot, but the truth is, heels are an essential component of a great appearance. There are some dresses that, if paired with heels, would look classier; nonetheless, I like to wear comfortable heels because I also enjoy being minimal. For as long as I can remember, the colour black has been the one I reach for on lazy days when I don't feel like doing much of anything, and it served me well on Easter Sunday.

Similar options of slingback heels

Ruched Pleated Dress Limited Edition

Blogger wearing zara limited edition ruched pleated dress

Blogger wearing zara limited edition ruched pleated dress
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