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3 ways to style Zara brown and pink floral mini dress

I would say that spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching. Floral dresses are known to be worn in the spring and summer. Given that flowers bloom, the grass becomes greener, and birds begin to chirp, spring is the ideal season to wear a floral dress. The time is right to display your newest floral clothing. There are different ways to wear these designs, especially with the diversity of the prints.

Just because you have worn a certain item of clothing once or twice doesn't mean you should grow tired of wearing it. Make every effort to save the planet, even if you have enough money to buy new clothes every day. Today's post is centered on two different ways to wear and style a floral dress. Simple styling like this demonstrates how changing your shoes can alter your entire appearance.

This multi-colored dress features a high-collar dress with ruffle and tie accents. Long sleeves with an elasticized cuff and a V-neck Smocked waist with a lot of elastic. Hems with frills.

How to wear a dress with jeans

If the weather isn't warm enough for you to wear your favourite floral print dress, try layering your outfits, such as with a pair of jeans. Although I like to do it with wide-leg, mid-rise jeans because they add volume to the outfit, This combination appears more interesting and sophisticated. The brown block heels bring the look together and give it a more feminine feel. Pay close attention to the type of jeans you decide to pair with a dress. Make sure to avoid selecting a model of jeans that is too wide; you might end up looking too much because floral print is already a busy print on its own. In any other case, you are free to wear the shoes and type of clothing that you prefer most.

3 ways to wear Zara's multicolor brown and pink printed mini floral dress

Wearing a floral dress with jeans and slippers

Floral dresses are perfect for beach vacations, but on days when it is not so warm, you can wear jeans and still let your legs enjoy the air by wearing a pair of slippers. This outfit is also ideal for a day spent at home when you want to dress up but remain comfortable. I wore this outfit on my way to Troon Beach, but removed the pants when I got there.

Wearing a floral dress with heels

One of my go-to summer outfits is a breezy floral dress. Additionally, floral dresses are available in a wide range of designs and prices. Recently, I've seen so many beautiful floral summer gowns that I just had to share! I typically prefer midi dresses over mini ones. It's reassuring to know that I'm completely covered from the bottom up.

Indeed, flowers make us joyful. Which means floral clothing is genuinely comfortable to wear. Even though the colder seasons of autumn and winter cause us to naturally incline towards darker colours, you can still enliven your day by wearing a cheerful floral pattern. Summer is the perfect time to wear floral-print prints. When deciding how to wear floral dresses on those uncommonly sunny days, it is essential to consider your accessories, the temperature, and the occasion.

Why should you buy a floral midi-length, sleeveless dress? Because you will always have somewhere to wear it. Work functions, date nights, bridal gatherings, and so much more can be celebrated. Add a denim jacket and heels to make it appropriate for a casual autumn look. The simplest way to wear a floral mini dress with sleeves is to refrain from accessorising excessively. Keep it basic!

Wearing a floral dress to the beach

Floral prints are practically a must-have during the warmer months every year, and this year is no exception. A floral dress is an underrated wardrobe staple that can be used to create fashionable and comfortable outfits. Summer is approaching, and a floral dress is a must-have for the season. To avoid the discomfort of wearing tight clothing while it's hot outside, imagine yourself in a loose, airy outfit.
Put away the tights and wear that dress with your favourite pair of sandals and a floppy hat to the beach.

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Everything I am wearing is from Zara. 
Brown block heels. 
Mid-rise wide-leg jeans, I styled it different here.
Multi-colored Printed mini dress with elastic waist. Here are other options. I saw that this dress is being resold on this websites, here and here.
Zara white leather padded sandals.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a pleasant weekend.


  1. WOW, what beautiful dress and loving it with the shoes. Just gorgeous!

    Allie of

  2. I loved all the ways you have styled his mini dress.
    With jeans, it's perfect for every day.
    Without jeans and with flats, a fantastic choice for the beach.
    With heels, it's a lovely option for a night out.
    Thank you for the style inspo.

  3. Wow, that dress looks like it was made for you, adore! <3


  4. WOW! That dress does indeed look like it was made for you.


  5. You look so lovely in this dress Melody. If I were you, I would wear it just as is to show your gorgeous legs :) Anna

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