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What to do to have a better day at work

How to maintain good work relationship

I listened to a story about a nurse who narrated her experience of nearly being implicated in someone's death. The person died naturally, but the doctor who came to check on the patient got angry when the door wasn't opened promptly, accusing the staff of delaying him for 10 minutes. Initially, he was rude to the nurse and demanded to file a complaint. The nurse went to find the form for him and informed her manager of the situation. When the manager asked to speak to the doctor, he rudely refused. The doctor's behavior escalated to the point where he called the police, claiming he suspected foul play in the death.

Contrary to the doctor's claims, the nurse wasn't in the room when the resident died; she had just arrived for her shift when the family called her to check on the deceased. When the police arrived, the doctor refused to return to the care home. They interviewed the nurse, but found no evidence of foul play. The deceased had been expected to pass away that week, and the family had been visiting regularly.

This incident nearly damaged the nurse's career until it was determined that the person died of natural causes. The doctor's anger over a 10-minute delay at the door caused unnecessary distress.

Before heading to work, remember that you'll encounter individuals from diverse backgrounds. Avoid hastily judging them based on their outward appearance or apparent kindness, as it may be superficial. Be mindful of your words and actions, focusing on your tasks. Honestly, in my opinion, genuine friendships are rare in workplace environments, especially in countries like the UK, where people often smile as part of social decorum rather than a genuine connection.

Here are things you need to consider and goals you should set for yourself that will contribute to having a better day at work.

1. Pray before heading to work. Many people underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer can avert some evil schemes the devil may have set against you. It serves as a shield from evil, and even if you're not aware of someone's plans, prayer can ensure that you are unaffected by them. It covers you with the protection of the Lord, and even if you happen to be present during unpleasant situations, it will be evident that you were not involved. Prayer invokes the protection of Jesus' blood over you. Therefore, before starting your day at work, pray and ask God to safeguard you from any evil intentions and to ensure a smooth day ahead.

2. Set a word limit. While there are genuinely friendly people at work, there are also those who pretend and seek to implicate others. Establishing a goal for the number of words you speak can be helpful. Though you may not count each word, you can achieve this by setting specific times during which you refrain from speaking. By doing so, you effectively keep your mouth shut, thereby limiting the number of words and interactions.

3. Refrain from eating food given to you by others. I've been taught not to consume food whose source I don't know. My mother always said, "The heart of man is wicked, and only God can understand it." People come from diverse backgrounds, and we don't always know their intentions. It's essential to learn to politely decline food offerings to avoid potential harm from contaminated or cursed foods. Despite outward appearances of kindness, people can harbor ill intentions.

4. Learn to sit alone during your break. While it's possible to make lasting friendships in the workplace, it's rare. The work environment is often competitive, with everyone looking out for themselves. Therefore, choose a quieter area during breaks, put on your earphones, and focus on your meal or engage with your phone. Remember, you had a life before coming to work.

5. Your coworkers are not your family. Refrain from sharing personal issues with them. Discussing personal matters can be detrimental as it may be used against you. Maintain self-control, remembering that work is work, and home is home.

6. Filter your opinions. While honesty is valued, exercise wisdom and diplomacy when expressing your views. Avoid making enemies by refraining from expressing negative opinions. If you're unhappy with your job, consider finding another one instead of fostering animosity in the workplace.

7. Be courteous. Treat everyone with kindness and maintains a neutral attitude. Avoid forming attachments and strive to be good to everyone, regardless of personal feelings.

8. Make an effort to present yourself well at work, but maintain moderation. Avoid appearing unkempt or disheveled, as it's not conducive to the work environment and can impact how you feel while working. Read about how your dressing can improve performance at work.

Following these tips can help ensure a smooth workflow and productive outcomes. If you have additional tips, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


  1. I wished I was stilll working. I loved it!

  2. I wouldn't like to work in a place where I can't talk about personal matters with my co-workers....

  3. I find you from listing

  4. To bardzo trafne, co piszesz. Wa┼╝ne i przydatne.

  5. A toxic work place is one of these things that can really ruin your life...
    Totally agree with your tips, set boudaries and not consider the idea to forcefully socialize with anyone in your office!

  6. Gracias por los consejos.

  7. Ah so much great advice here! In particular #5 my sister does not fully understand this one. She keeps leaving every job she gets because she always gets offended by the owners of the business. She sees them as friends or family members. But they are not. Hope she figures this out one day.

    Allie of


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