Tuesday, October 31

UK study validates health advantages of Mediterranean lifestyle

Adhering to a specific dietary regimen, ensuring sufficient sleep, participating in social and physical activities, and adopting a Mediterranean way of life have all been consistently linked to reduced likelihoods of developing chronic diseases and premature death. However, the majority of research participants have originated from Mediterranean countries such as Spain. Observational research published online by Mayo Clinic Proceedings on August 8, 2023, confirms what experts have long believed: that lifestyle choices provide benefits for people worldwide. Researchers, including a number of Harvard faculty, examined the dietary evaluations and self-reported lifestyle behaviors of approximately 111,000 participants (aged 40 to 75) in England, Wales, and Scotland. It took up to nine years to monitor the participants. Compared to individuals whose lifestyles deviated the most from the Mediterranean pattern, those who adhered most closely to it had a 29% lower risk of premature death from any cause and a 28% lower chance of dying from cancer. The findings suggest that individuals residing in regions other than the Mediterranean can adopt a Mediterranean-style dietary regimen, which consists of consuming fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and wine, olive oil, fish, poultry, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and nuts in moderation, and limiting intake of red or processed meats.

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