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How to know that you are addicted to Nzu (Edible Clay)?

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Nzu addiction is not something to joke about because it is a silent killer, and a lot of people all over the world are beginning to search and find the article I wrote on how to break out of Nzu addiction and
how Nzu affected my menstrual cycle and skin. With more health problems linked to it but little research, Nzu has emerged as one of the silent killers in Africa and around the world.

Most people only associate addiction with hard drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine, Fentanyl, etc., so today I will discuss how to know if you are addicted to Nzu and what changes you can observe to help you determine if you are addicted to Nzu.

Nzu which is edible Clay has different names all over the world, some common names are roasted clay, kaolin, ndom,ulo, eko, Nakumatt Clay and calabash chalk.

Please read carefully.

1. If you eat Nzu.
If you eat nzu, then there is a high chance that you are addicted to it, and the reason is that nzu has no nutritional value. We fuel our bodies with the nutrients we get from food, but if you find pleasure in or feel at ease eating a substance that doesn't add nutritional value to your body but rather harms it in various ways, then you are struggling with addiction.
2. When you purchase it and store it for later consumption.
A lot of people say they are not nzu addicts, but they always buy Nzu and keep it inside their bag, work table, purse, at home, in their car, etc. They justify their actions and claim that they don't always eat it but just buy it so that when they feel like eating nzu (clay), they can just have one or two. 

Nzu is not a prescription drug that you need to take on a daily basis; therefore, if you purchase nzu in order to reserve it for future consumption or for when you crave it, you are addicted to nzu.
3. When you intend to eat one nzu and end up eating all of them, this is called the "chop one, chop two, chop all" syndrome. Every time you buy nzu, you say you will eat just one or two, but you end up eating all of them. You keep telling yourself, "Just one more," but in the end, you eat everything.
4. Making failed and false promises to yourself about stopping Nzu.
When you constantly tell yourself that this is the last time you will eat nzu. It all starts with you buying it and promising yourself that this is the last time. However, you end up eating more than you intended to, so you try to make yourself feel better by telling yourself that today is the last day once more. However, the next day turns out to be another last day, and the list of last days keeps growing.
5. Thinking about Nzu (Lusting to eat nzu)
When you suddenly find yourself thinking about Nzu. 

6. Nzu as dessert (Eating nzu at the end of a meal) 
When you have just finished a proper meal and have the desire to eat nzu to complete your meal, for a person struggling with nzu addiction, it is a dessert you eat at the end of your meal. You eat nzu because you feel as though your taste is lacking or incomplete.

7. When you have things that make you eat Nzu (Triggers)
When you have certain things that give you a craving for nzu. Most people haven't noticed it. People that eat Nzu can have certain smells or items that when they see make them crave and start salivating to eat Nzu. Breaking out of the Nzu addiction that affected my period, here are some triggers that always gave me the urge to eat Nzu: dry mud, the smell of firewood, the smell of cement, new building, some paints smell, the smell of burnt paper, ice block and smokey firewood cooked jollof rice.
8. When eating nzu gives you a feeling of satisfaction. 
If when you eat nzu you get a feeling of satisfaction or calm then you are addicted to it.

9. Nzu causing arguments between you and people
When people start advising or cautioning you about your habit of eating nzu and you agree but keep doing it, disagree but keep doing it, or try to make arguments for why you don't think you're addicted because if you want to stop, you can stop, but you haven't actually tried stopping, but you keep making arguments and keep living in false denial.

10. When you have the above issue in number 9, you actually stop and start eating it again. Stopping and picking up a habit again doesn't mean you have control over it. Nzu is bad for you, so if you stop, it means you understand that it is bad, but if you stop and start eating it again, it means that you know and understand the disadvantages that it can cause to your health and the risk involved, but you are ready to forgo the harm caused by eating nzu.

11. When you eat nzu as a snack or meal every day.
You might not have any of these triggers, but you just eat nzu as part of your everyday snacks or meal. Not everyone has triggers that they can see; for some, it's the brain wired to do a particular thing, which is a result of a strongly built habit that they cannot break.

12. If when you eat Nzu (clay) you taste a milky taste instead of an actual clay taste, you are addicted.
I addressed how some people describe the flavor of nzu as being milky, while for others, the flavor may be different, resembling a dish they enjoy. The milky taste underneath demonstrates a strong and clear addiction because it provides a more calming feeling.

13. Even when you aren't thinking about Nzu, you start to smell it. For example, you may be in church and begin craving and wanting to eat Nzu, or you may be doing something completely unrelated to Nzu and begin craving it intensely because you suddenly perceive the smell of Nzu when, in fact, no one around you is eating it. This is your brain reminding you or wanting it because, over time, you have eaten it a lot and become addicted.

14. Salivating when you think, hear, or see Nzu.
If you're salivating while or after reading this article because you read about nzu (edible clay) you need serious help, you are clearly addicted to it.

Understand that eating Nzu once a week does not mean you're safe; rather, it means you're on the verge of developing a serious addiction, and you should stop immediately.

There is nothing so cool, nice, and attractive that should have so much power over you and override your sense of reasoning that is normal. Eating nzu is like eating dirt, but because it has been roasted, salted, and may even be branded as edible kaolin or roasted clay depending on your country, you decide to eat it despite the fact that it is so bad for your health.

The reason why I decided to write this article is that I want everyone to be able to read it, relate to it, and also understand Nzu addiction. If you see any of these in yourself, you are dealing with Nzu addiction, and this is a serious issue that you need to start fighting now. Your health is very important, you can take action by following the step-by-step guide on how to stop Nzu addiction.

Consult a medical professional right away, and if you know anyone who might be struggling, knowingly or unknowingly, please forward this message to them via Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Men are also addicted, and the health risks for men are even higher, so this message needs to be spread to a wider audience. My email address is available for anyone with additional questions. I'm Dr. Godisable Jacob.


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