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How to improve your home's kerb appeal

How to improve your house kerb appeal

The attractiveness of your house as seen from the street is referred to as its "kerb appeal." A front entrance can make or ruin the kerb appeal of a home. With all of our attention focused on creating beautiful interiors, the exterior of our homes is sometimes overlooked. 
Take a look at some simple tips to make the front of your home appealing and welcoming.


One of the key aspects of your house that people will notice first is your front door; it is a major focal point. Therefore, it must make a good first impression and inspire people to want to see more of your house. Consider changing the door completely if you want to make a bigger statement. It's an opportunity to experiment with fresh textures.

Front door replacement is a relatively simple activity that may greatly increase the value of your home, including the security, style, and appearance of your home's exterior.


Painting a house quickly makes a difference. A fresh coat of exterior paint can completely transform a home's appearance and bring it into the modern era.

Your home's value is greatly impacted by its kerb appeal, especially when it is on the market. Based on how the outside of the house looks, prospective sellers make quick decisions about how much they are willing to ask for the property. Nothing enhances a home's kerb appeal or gives it character like exterior paint.

The first thing that needs to be done is to decide on a colour that will work. Aside from rain and wind, humidity is another problem that plagues any building in the open. As a result, your exterior paint must be extremely durable.
  • Your home's personality can also be expressed through paint.
  • Exterior painting is a fantastic way to draw attention to a home's architectural features when done properly.
  • Paint is reasonably inexpensive when compared to other home repair projects. Without the time, labour, and disruption associated with remodelling or replacing a part of your home, it can produce astonishing results.
  • Give your fences and gates a thorough cleaning or perhaps a fresh coat of paint. It's simple to get rid of ageing symptoms and give your house new life by painting the fences.


Some homeowners neglect the requirement to repair their roof because they believe it won't detract from the property's kerb appeal because it can't be seen easily. A poorly maintained roof can result in a number of issues, such as unanticipated leaks and loose tiles, which, if left unattended, can cause major damage and impact the kerb appeal of a house.

If you notice a cracked or broken tile on your roof, it is imperative that you take care of the situation as quickly as you possibly can. If you don't, there's a chance your roof could leak, and the damage will worsen. If neglected for a long time, water infiltration on your property could impair the building's structure, and, depending on the extent of the damage, your home's contents can also be damaged.

When you replace missing roof tiles, your property will receive a total makeover, and any hidden issues with the current tiling will also be fixed at the same time.


Soffit and fascia boards are essential for preserving a neat, professional appearance while protecting your roof space. Together, they create a protective barrier where your home's roof and walls meet. When fascias and soffits are in good working order, air may flow easily through your loft and under your home's eaves, minimising the buildup of moisture that can harm a building's structure. They make sure that your house is impenetrable to water and pests. It's critical to replace your soffit and fascia boards as soon as possible if they need to be replaced.

Installing brand-new fascias and soffits will give your house a nicely finished appearance. Soffits and fascias come in a variety of colours, so you can give the outside of your property a little personality.

Gutters that are damaged and in need of repair look ugly and are easy to identify from the side of the road. In addition to being unattractive and filthy, blocked gutters can cause leaks and damp issues inside your home if they are not fixed. Repairing, renovating, or replacing worn-out guttering is one of the quickest, simplest, and most cost-effective methods to give any property instant kerb appeal. Faded, sagging, or just plain outdated-looking guttering is sure to give a property an uncared-for appearance. The kerb appeal of the home might be significantly improved by installing a new gutter system, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Find out about fascia, soffit, and guttering replacement costs and get assistance with gutter, facia, or soffit repair or installation. Your home will look better and have a lot more kerb appeal.


Apart from replacing the front door, repainting the walls, fixing any missing roofs, and putting in new fascias, soffits, and gutters. Other ways of improving your curb appeal are by hiding the trash cans, tidying up the lawn, cleaning up the window and door frames, adding external lighting, and cleaning the path and driveway.



  1. Anonymous5/23/2023

    These all help SO much!! We just got a new roof (darn wind storm!) and after 20 years of looking at our old roof, it is so nice to see how much it improves the look of our home.


  2. Kerb appeal is so important to sell a property. These are great tips Melody!

  3. Main point, have money :D Heh. Yea but of course with no a lot of money you can always refresh your house facades ;)

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