Thursday, March 24

Putin's propaganda push goes even further

Putin hosts concert to celebrate the annexation of Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued his misinformation drive by holding a massive concert to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea. Crimea is currently being used as a major base for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As well as performers and speakers, Putin himself made an appearance, speaking of the "bravery and patriotism" of Russia's soldiers. According to Russia, more than 200,000 people attended the event. However, the stadium itself only holds 81,000, although there were large crowds outside.

Foreign reporters at the event spoke to many attendees who had been told they had to come, were forced, or were given incentives to show up. All state employees were made to attend. Many did not want to be seen on camera or speak to journalists for fear of governmental consequences. These accounts are not yet verified.

Although events are held every year in honour of the annexation, this one was particularly rhetoric-laden. Putin is doing what he can to keep the narrative in line with his agenda, shutting down social media and forcing patriot studies in school to foster a sense of national pride. Still, many Russian outwardly oppose the invasion.

Info: The Navigator

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