Thursday, March 24

Flying is starting to feel normal again

Airlines worldwide are returning to normal.

As more airlines reinstate operational methods not seen since early 2020, the travel sector is slowly but steadily returning to pre-pandemic life.

Relaxed mask usage is coming. KLM, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic are among the biggest names to do away with masks. So has Heathrow Airport. However, all airlines have indicated that they have dropped the requirement.

The US is taking similar actions. Sen. Tom Harkin (R-IA) introduced a bill on Tuesday to exempt all public transportation, including While the law is unlikely to pass before the requirement expires in April, it shows strong support for the move.

Because of this, American Airlines is resuming alcohol sales on planes. During the epidemic, most US airlines banned onboard sales for health reasons. Months later, alcohol intake was related to increased violence towards flight attendants, further postponing its return.

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