Monday, March 7

Fundraise for Children in Ukraine

There is currently no safe place in Ukraine, and the situation is changing by the hour. All children across the region are now in grave danger of physical harm and severe emotional distress.

So please, let’s do what we do best: let’s gather together our network of friends, family and colleagues and fundraise for the innocent children of Ukraine.

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Violence and explosions have been reported in the capital of Kyiv and other major cities – forcing children and families into basements and bomb shelters. At least 100,000 have already been forced to flee their homes. As temperatures drop below freezing, displaced children could face long days and nights exposed to brutal conditions.

Our teams are responding where they can – and will continue for as long as it is safe and possible to do so. As we provide food, water, cash transfers, safe places for children and other lifesaving assistance, your support couldn’t be more vital. So please, start a fundraiser today.

Thank you so much for stepping up for children when it matters most. We can make a huge difference for children when we gather our networks to support them!

With Gratitude,

Courtney Nields
Director, Community Engagement and Fundraising
Save the Children Action Network

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