Wednesday, July 18

Easy ways to lose weight during the summer

Are you summer body ready? Are you getting ready for summer? Build faster, for less with SkinnyMint Teatox.Getting a good and presentable body doesn't only promote good health, it is also a great boost for self confidence,
SkinnyMint is done in 2 easy steps, natural ingredients and is designed to help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Pair it together with healthy diet and an active lifestyle for the best results!
Let me start by explaining how it works : teatox is to help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Most teatox systems come with both a morning tea which increases energy levels and metabolism, and an evening tea which is a colon cleanser.
For someone interested in trying out SkinnyMint, the 14 day starter pack will be perfect for you!
Uniquely formulated, the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse teas are combined in a easy 2 step program.
The Morning Boost is designed to give you a boost throughout the day and start the morning right*. It contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana with a naturally sweet fruity taste, and can replace your morning coffee/ black tea.
Night Cleanse is a laxative free blend and is the second step in the Tea Detox.
As a bonus (Limited time promotion) it comes with a free Skipping Rope as a bonus. This program is uniquely formulated with all natural high-performing ingredients and is laxative free. It consists of 2 steps, the Morning Boost tea which contains green tea, nettle leaves, guarana fruits, yerba mate and dandelion. The Night Cleanse tea contains orange leave, nettle leave, peppermint, ginger root, lemon grass, licorice root and hawthorn berries.
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