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So today i will be talking on how to care for your skin, also explaining  how to use the Spin for perfect skin and the purpose of each brush.  My life my shop, is an online store offering the best body care products for skin, hair and health care in general. You might be wondering what it does? here is the deal... it is an essential tool for your daily skin care routine. it has a gentle touch, gives a micro-massage and cleans up your skin. After the days works, we get so stressed washing our face can be stressful, but with the spin for prefect skin its made easy and better. It reduces pores, cleans up whereby removing bacterial, sticky makeup and lots. You can use it with any product.
  • This is a general skin care for both body and face. It uses battery, so you need four  AA power batteries. just as seen below.

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So i got the Spin for perfect skin collection, its contains four skin care brushes. Here are the use of each...keep reading 

Remember to insert the 4 AA batteries
1) Body brush: The body brush extends the benefits of deep cleaning to your entire body. The larger the brush head is the perfect size for deep cleaning your arms, back  and legs.
2) Pumice stone : Use to remove calluses and dead skin from your elbows, feet and knees.
3) Exfoliating brush : To lift away debris. For best result cleanse your face before exfoliating
4: Cleaning brush : This one is made up of ultra-soft bristles that are specially designed for the tender skin in your face.
You can change the brushes by subscribing to the refill program which save you 25% on every refill order.
On your next purchase you can enter the code CLEANSPIN for 50% off every product you purchase.
A One year warranty is also included, just contact the client service to obtain a return merchandise authorization number and return instructions.

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