Sunday, March 2


Hi everyone, hope your weekend was great. Its already monday and am getting sad because i do not want to go to sch. Yea it was great celebrating with GLORIA, she is my friend, classmate (group mate) and a designer 
 Frick  lol, she is amazing and also can be so annoying but in all she is brave (for real) i guess she will understand better (vox lady). I actually asked her if she liked her new age and she said "do i have a choice" yea she doesn't. No outfit details, i kept it simple  with a white peplum top , black lace leggings and red flats. I enjoyed myself, lot to eat and drink, my favorite part haha. Anyways i wish her happiness in all accepts of her life and pray that her steps will bring her to her goal (AMEN). To everyone who attended thanks a lot for coming. GLORIA has been featured on this blog before to view please click HERE and HERE. To everyone who have been commenting, sharing and following me in other social networks thank you very much. Please i am now functional on tumblr, follow me and you know i will follow back. HAPPY SUNDAY YOU ALL. 

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