When I visit a hotel during my travels, I prioritize the lobby and the cleanliness of the room. Let me explain further. The lobby brings the hotel to life when you first step inside and sets the tone for your stay. It should provide a relaxed atmosphere for having breakfast or using a laptop, whether you're traveling for work or pleasure. I prefer a slightly quiet atmosphere with art and design, as these elements keep the mind engaged. All of these factors contribute to the initial impression I have about the hotel.

When it comes to the rooms, I prioritize clean and sanitized sheets, a spotless toilet, an entirely clean room with no odor, and a good view.

Top Features, Cleanliness, and Customer Service Insights

Now, allow me to share my thoughts on this hotel. I thought it was quite nice, and I particularly liked the room, which had two king-size beds for my friend Ebube and me. Later, we were joined by Yinka, who had just graduated from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Aloft Aberdeen TECA exterior view

The hotel walkway was well-kept and had a pleasant scent. The elevator was also pleasant to ride in, with no strange noises and easy-to-understand controls. The interior design of the elevator was quite striking.

The bathroom was spacious, and the shower gel was lovely. They also provided hair conditioner and shampoo, although we didn't need them since we had our braids in.

Spacious bathroom with shower and Bliss Spa amenities"

The lighting in the room wasn't ideal. I prefer to have the option to switch between dim and bright light, but the light was only on the dim side. However, the view was even better than I had anticipated. It was an open view with green land, and the best part was watching airplanes fly across the sky.

As a morning person, I love to open the windows in the morning and enjoy the brightness of the day, with the sun's rays touching my face and entire body. It makes me feel alive and so good. Who doesn't love the sun?

Sunlight entering the room with a beautiful green land view

The lobby had a snooker table, which was an interesting addition for those who wanted to play. It also had a contemporary design, which I enjoyed.

The staff was welcoming, and the customer service was decent, but the food was not great. It was not fresh, and some items were poorly prepared. We ordered sweet potato fries, and they were burnt. We had to ask the waiter to return them, but they were brought back in the same condition, just rearranged. The chicken wings were also not very good, and the curry sauce was not to my liking. If that's how it usually tastes, I don't plan on ordering it again.

Overall, our stay was calm and peaceful, with an easy check-out process. This was probably the easiest check-in and check-out experience I've ever had. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful, and the environment was peaceful and relaxing. There was a bar on-site, which was a nice addition.

Universities can be a tourist attraction, and I must say that the University of Aberdeen is a beautiful one. When we got there, we saw a tour bus and some tourists taking photos of the buildings, which piqued our interest. We decided to walk around and explore, and we were not disappointed. We took some really nice photos, which I will share with you all.

I also had to look up some information about the building, its status, and the university as a whole. It was an interesting find, and I learned a lot about the history of the university.

Getting to the University of Aberdeen

From either Queen Street or Broad Street, Marischal College is reachable by bus. College Bounds or King Street are both ways to access the main body of the campus, which includes King's College. – It's a 20-minute walk from Marischal College and the city center. The availability of parking and buses is relatively high.

Discover the historic beauty and tourist appeal of the University of Aberdeen. Explore stunning architecture, rich history, and scenic campus spots.

About the University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen was established in 1495, making it the fifth oldest university in the English-speaking world, and one of Scotland's ancient universities. It has maintained its reputation as a top-tier educational institution.

The University of Aberdeen has an extensive history, dating back to the mid-12th century when it is thought that a centre of learning was established at the See of Aberdeen. However, it was not until February 1494 that the university was officially founded by Papal Bull, following a request from King James IV of Scotland to Pope Alexander VI. The primary motivation for this request was said to be King James' desire to correct the ignorance of the people in northern Scotland so that they could better fill clerical offices.

The new university, initially known as ‘The University and King’s College of Aberdeen’, was a collegiate institution modeled after the University of Paris. It was originally planned as a law school, but in 1497, it established the first chair of medicine in the English-speaking world.

Marischal College was founded by the 5th Earl of Marischal in 1593, located in the commercial heart of the city. As they became more integrated with city life, the two colleges clashed both in court and in brawls. Frequent merger attempts were often unsuccessful. During Oliver Cromwell's interregnum, a brief attempt was made to reunite the two colleges, but it was again dissolved after the Restoration. The union was only actually formally completed in 1860, which also created a new medical school for Marischal College.

All faculties were permitted to admit women by 1892, and two years later, a group of 20 women matriculated at the university. The quadrangle at Marischal College was completed in 1906 and opened by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. The city hosted some of the most lavish celebrations ever seen, including banquets, fireworks, and the bestowing of hundreds of honorary degrees to individuals from all over the world.

New buildings were constructed by King's and Marischal Colleges in both traditional and contemporary brutalist styles as both continued to expand throughout the 20th century. 

Address: King's College, Aberdeen AB24 3FX

The University of Aberdeen

Today's events at The University of Aberdeen 

The university’s grounds are dispersed throughout the city: Marischal College is near the city center, while King’s is farther north. King’s College is still in use – the Chapel and Museum are open to visitors during the week and are free of charge. Marischal College is not open to the public, but its austere perpendicular Gothic style is worth admiring from the outside.

Discover the historic beauty and tourist appeal of the University of Aberdeen. Explore stunning architecture, rich history, and scenic campus spots.

King’s College Chapel

The Chapel sanctuary, situated beneath the Tower, is a place of beauty, tranquility, and peace.

During the academic term, King's College Chapel holds worship services every Wednesday. This service commences at 5.15pm unless otherwise specified. In addition to these daily services, the Chapel also hosts significant annual services such as Remembrance and Founders' Day.

It is important to note that the University of Aberdeen is not the same as King's College, even though King's College is a part of it. The University of Aberdeen was formed in 1860 by the merger of two colleges: King's College (founded in 1495) and Marischal College (founded in 1593). King's College is one of the university's historic campuses and is often referred to in connection with the university's heritage.

Address: College Bounds, Aberdeen AB24 3FX

King’s College Chapel: Discover the historic beauty and tourist appeal of the University of Aberdeen. Explore stunning architecture, rich history, and scenic campus spots.

King's college

A Saturday spent at Chatelherault Country Park

I have been enjoying exploring Glasgow, and one thing I always enjoy is the bus routes and being able to make quick decisions about the next stop or the journey towards my destination. I never used to trust myself with reading maps, but thanks to God and GPS, I have improved significantly in navigating with maps since arriving in the UK.

I took a bus to Buchanan Bus Station, and upon arriving there, I saw a bus headed to Glasgow Central Station. The driver asked if I had a train ticket. I replied no, and he let me in. He was such a kind person to me. I got to the train station, bought a round-trip ticket for £6.50, and was directed to platform 16.

Upon reaching the platform, I remembered I had been there before and didn’t like it. The smell was bad, and there was the sound of rushing water. From the look of things, it’s an old railway station. Nevertheless, I got on the right train when it arrived, and wow, I had a great time riding it. 

I was happy when the train left the Glasgow Central underground station. By the way, I haven’t mentioned that I looked so lovely and was causing a bit of a stir. If you’re in doubt, you can view my outfit here.

The internet wasn’t working underground, so I just stared at the empty train seats and kept writing.

My destination was Chatelherault Country Park, but I needed to first stop at the Chatelherault train station and then walk 12 minutes, which I did using Google Live View directions.  It was morning, and at the time I was writing, it was 9:54 AM, and I hadn’t eaten anything, so I was also thinking of what to have for breakfast. I ended up buying tea for £3 and a slice red velvet cake at 3.50 pounds at a pricey place in the park, which wasn’t funny, lol.

I stumbled upon a bicycle competition, something I always wanted to see in person. There were different teams competing, including juniors and kids. The highlight of my day was that it was a sunny day, and I walked around the area following the trails, which led me to a water area with lots of beautiful stones. I love stones and trees, and it was one of the most beautiful natural places in Scotland I have visited. I followed the trail and went to see the old Avon Bridge, which was also lovely. Walking back to the competition area involved climbing up hilly roads, but I felt good seeing it as part of my exercise. I also enjoyed my time in the green area, which was a well-trimmed grass field, perfect for picnics and sunny dates.

Chatelherault Country Park is a scenic country park situated in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Found in the village of Ferniegair, it is approximately 1.25 miles from the Hamilton town center. The park is bordered to the west by the Avon River, a tributary of the River Clyde. 

Address: Carlisle Rd, Ferniegair, Hamilton ML3 7UE  
Hours: Open 24 hours  
Phone: 01698 426213  
Area: 500 acres

Chatelherault Country Park is a lovely place to visit. I enjoyed my time there, learned more about cycling competitions, and took some really nice photos. My Saturday was great. How did you spend yours?

Embracing the Magic of Kelvingrove in Winter

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum: A Must-Visit in Glasgow

Last winter, I had the pleasure of visiting the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow with my partner. As a travel blogger, I've been meaning to share this incredible experience, and now is the perfect time! Whether you're planning a trip to Scotland or simply looking for things to do in Glasgow, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a must-visit destination.

A Winter Wonderland in Glasgow

Visiting the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum during winter added a magical touch to our experience. Bundled up in my warm jacket, we braved the chilly weather and made our way to this iconic museum, located in the beautiful Kelvingrove Park in the West End of Glasgow, adjacent to Argyle Street. The stunning architecture of the building alone is worth the visit, but what awaits inside is even more spectacular.

A Treasure Trove of Art and History

Kelvingrove is renowned for its impressive collection of high-end art and historical artifacts. With over 8,000 objects on display, there's something for everyone to enjoy. From ancient Egyptian relics to modern art masterpieces, the museum's diverse collections are truly awe-inspiring. My personal favorite was the vast array of artwork, featuring pieces from renowned artists that left me utterly captivated.

One of the highlights of our visit was the daily organ recital. The magnificent sound of the organ filled the grand hall, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. These recitals take place every day, Monday to Saturday from 1pm to 1:30pm, and on Sundays from 3pm to 3:45pm. If you visit, make sure not to miss this enchanting performance.

Plan Your Visit

The museum is one of Scotland's most popular free visitor attractions, and for good reason. It is free to enter, though leaving a donation is greatly appreciated to help maintain this wonderful institution. The regular opening hours are as follows:

- Monday - Thursday and Saturday:10am - 5pm

- Friday and Sunday: 1am - 5pm

Since the museum closes at 5pm, I recommend arriving early to make the most of your visit. We didn't manage to see everything during our first trip due to the vast amount of exhibits, but we had so much fun that we returned with a friend from Germany who was equally impressed.

Must-see Exhibits

Kelvingrove hosts a variety of fascinating exhibits and displays, including:

- Alasdair Gray's Cowcaddens:An iconic artwork by the legendary Glasgow artist.

- GlaswegAsians: new display exploring the contribution made by South Asians during World War 2.

- Glasgow - City of Empire: A display highlighting how the legacies of empire and slavery have shaped present-day Glasgow.

Amenities and Nearby Attractions

The museum also offers amenities such as a café, perfect for a relaxing break during your visit. Additionally, there are plenty of places to eat around the area, making it easy to spend an entire day exploring Kelvingrove and its surroundings.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a cultural gem that should be on everyone's travel itinerary when visiting Glasgow. Its rich collections, captivating exhibits, and the enchanting organ recitals make it a standout attraction in Scotland. Whether you're an art enthusiast, history buff, or simply looking for an enriching experience, Kelvingrove has something for you.

Don't forget to share your visit on social media and tag the museum to spread the word about this incredible destination. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the artistic and historical wonders of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum!

View more photos of your tour at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

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