Happy weekend.
                      Simple white dress, sometimes simple is better. It has lovely details and i like that.
  A not writing much today, I am very weak and I want to rest so i can attend church service tomorrow.To get this dress please visit sheinside by clicking on the link.
Summer is here, Amiclubwear has nice Bikini for the ladies, Here is the link to my lovely pair from the online store. More soon, just enjoy this one for now.
Here are the links to mine

Sexy Black Graphic Design Two Piece High Waist Swimsuit


Its  no secret by now that i adore Shein dresses, starting from the quality, price and style. I never can stop adding to my cart. This elegant three colored dress can be worn for several occasion, styled in different ways and worn in all season. The material texture is really nice, its has a solid texture.
This outfit idea was for a working class look, and you will agree with me that it passed.In achieving a classy work style look, you outfit plays a very good roles same as your hair style.
  Picking a shoe was a little bit difficult, the girl thing played a role in this dress, but anyways i guess my choice came out satisfying to me.
Shein is giving discount on orders, using the codes ; TOUCH40, TOUCH50, TOUCH45, dont miss out on this one.
Purchase the purple round neck color block dress available in different sizes.  Makeup by Chioma, i have no doubt that she did a good work, from the makeup to hairstyle.
Shoes : Red kiss
Bag :
pocket square;  from Bows n ties, register and get a bonus of $10.
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I am so happy at this point of my life, nothing brings me more joy than to see that what i work for is full of success.Today is my birthday and i am pleased to share the joy of fulfillment with you all. I am a young lady with lots of dreams which i see coming through, my life has really inspired a lot of people, and i am not planing to stop. At this point, i want to say a big thank you, for your support, its been a lovely time here, it feels like an online home, i feel the closeness, my facebook friends and fans, instagram and other social networks, thank you so much. Happy birthday to me.

I love the look on this dress, so elegant and chic, loving my size 4 body size, working towards slimming down a little.. who knows soon am gonna be a size 2. hahahahhaa...
Thank you so much Trendsgal for this lovely elegant jewel neck short sleeve embroidered organza dress, i love the layers, they are well tailored and flared. The embroidered  blue flowers are just so cute and beautiful, which i styled adding a pair of chic pearl rhinestone earrings for woman. Go shop trendsgal and enjoy 60% off summer clothing's. Get my shoes at red kiss and lip stick (avon (matte grape).
                                                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNE BABIES ..XOXO..

Hi guys how are you, and how is the weekend going, hope you are having a good time with less stress. yea am now on low cut, you can check my new look here and tell me what you feel about it. This outfit is an old one, referring to what i said in previous post here. i actually wore this outfit in a new month (April (14/1/2013). This outfit is featuring a denim shirt, a straight skirt, orange bag and blue glitter shoes. apologies for this repeated post. hope you love it. am going to be doing a Christmas giveaway soon... watch out. 
shirt: cropp town SIMILAR here
skirt : incity here
bag: art milano SIMILAR here and here
shoes: red kiss SIMILAR here and here 

Hey fashionistas! Ready for some vibrant style tips? Let's talk about how to rock a yellow bow tie skirt with a gorgeous blue top. It's all about fun and flair, so let's dive in!

1. The Yellow Bow Tie Magic:

Picture this: a sunny yellow bow tie skirt. It's like a burst of happiness! Perfect for adding that playful vibe to your look, whether you're out for brunch or hitting the town.

2. Stunning Blue Top:

Now, let's pair that yellow beauty with a stunning blue top. Go bold with cobalt or keep it cool with a sky blue—your call! Whether it's a fitted blouse or a breezy summer top, the blue-yellow combo is a game-changer.

3. Accessorize:

Time to jazz it up! Add a statement necklace or some cute earrings to highlight the blue top. A chic belt can bring it all together, and don't forget a stylish handbag to complete the look.

4. Rock Your Footwear:

Nude, Blue heels or ankle boots, anyone? These will keep your legs looking fab while letting the colors steal the show. Match the footwear to your vibe and watch the magic happen.

Here's the secret sauce—confidence! Strut your stuff, own your style, and let the world see your vibrant personality shine through. After all, confidence is the best accessory, right?

So, there you have it—styling a yellow bow tie skirt with a radiant blue top is all about having fun with your look. Mix, match, and own it with confidence. Ready to turn heads? Let's do this!

Outfit details

Skirt: Top secret
Top: Mohito
Red: Red Kiss



Blue shoes

Chic Radiance: Styling an Orange Flare Skirt with Lace Top and Blue Studded Heels


Welcome to the art of fashion storytelling, where we explore the vibrant world of styling. In this guide, we'll uncover the secrets of creating a radiant ensemble by pairing an orange flare skirt with a delicate lace top and playful blue studded heels.

1. The Radiance of the Orange Flare Skirt:

Let's kick off our fashion journey with the mesmerizing orange flare skirt. Bursting with energy, this piece evokes the warmth of a summer sunset, setting the stage for a playful yet sophisticated look. The vibrant hue takes center stage, promising to be the highlight of your wardrobe.

2. Embracing Delicacy with Lace:

Harmony is found in the delicate balance of boldness and elegance. Pairing the radiant orange flare skirt with a lace top creates a stunning contrast. Choose a neutral or pastel lace top to maintain balance, allowing the orange skirt to steal the spotlight without being overshadowed.

3. Stepping Out in Blue Studded Heels:

Elevate your ensemble with a pop of personality—blue studded heels. The studs add a touch of edge, complementing the warmth of the orange skirt. This unexpected pairing not only adds flair but showcases your unique style with confidence.

4. Accessorizing:

Less is often more in the world of accessories. Consider a dainty gold necklace or hoop earrings to add a subtle sparkle without overshadowing the lace top. A slim, complementary belt can accentuate the waist, providing definition to the flowy silhouette of the flare skirt.

5. Confidence, Your Best Accessory:

No outfit is complete without the most essential accessory—confidence. Walk tall in your orange flare skirt, lace top, and blue studded heels. Embrace the vibrancy, the delicacy, and the unexpected elements of your ensemble. Remember, fashion is not just about what you wear; it's about how you wear it.

6. A Hint of Playfulness:

Let your personality shine through with a playful touch. Consider a colorful clutch or a floral hairpin to add whimsy to your look. Fashion is an art, and your style choices are the strokes that create a masterpiece.


Styling an orange flare skirt with a lace top and blue studded heels is a visual story that reflects your personality. Embrace the radiance, delicacy, and playful charm of your ensemble. Let your confidence be the thread that ties it all together, making you not just well-dressed, but a true fashion storyteller.

Outfit details

Orange flare skirt: Mohito

Transparent lace top: Atmosphere

Blue Glittering Shoes : Red Kiss

Lace blouse

Lace blouse

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