The joy of spring is about the blossoming flowers and the ability to come close to warm weather. Spring brings along freshness and a more fun approach to everyday living, which is why I have put together 7 spring dresses that are perfect for spring and Easter events which can also boost your mood. These dresses will let you stand out from others while still maintaining your modesty, which is essential in every aspect of our lives. These floral dresses are great for both summer and formal occasions, like a first date, a Sunday brunch with his parents, and Easter church services. Every spring and summer, floral dresses rule in the cutest of ways, which is why they cannot go out of style. The dresses below are ideal to wear to church on Easter Sunday, but if you want to see other Easter Sunday dress styles, there are several options below each dress.

I love this dress so much because of the color. It has a rich blue hue and the prints are lovely. This is one of my favorite dress from zaful perfect for easter and spring. It falls into the season perfectly well.

Style: Bohemian
Silhouette: A-Line
Collar-line: V-Collar
Dresses Length: Mid-Calf
Sleeves Length: Long Sleeves
Pattern Type: Floral
Season: Fall,Spring,Summer
A fit and flare dress is the best type of dress that makes you seem and feel like a princess the whole time you wear it. I chose my bright mustard yellow heels to contrast with the earthy browns and bright yellows in the floral patterns.

Style: Vintage
Silhouette: A-Line
Dresses Length: Knee-Length
Collar-line: Boat Collar
Sleeves Length: Sleeveless
Pattern Type: Floral
Season: Summer, spring

UK Fashion blogger

This dress is perfect for both spring and summer. I love that it can fit into a formal and a casual dress depending on the shoe you decide to pair it with.

Style: Casual/Formal
Silhouette: A-Line
Collar-line: V-Collar
Dresses Length: Mini
Sleeves Length: Long Sleeves
Pattern Type: Floral
Season: Spring,Summer

Uk fashion blogger


I am starting to enjoy and experience the springtime weather. I recently visited a park, which I will soon share, so maybe I can officially declare that spring has arrived. I always thought spring wouldn't be so warm around here, but on Sunday it was, and we went for a walk in the park while I was wearing this jumpsuit. While I was outside appreciating the weather, a few folks complimented me on my appearance. Despite wanting to wear heels, I opted to wear my Zara sandals instead because I knew I would be walking about the park. I also included the bright blue mini-Primark bag I purchased on my trip to Belfast. Although I was aware that the sandals were open, I chose to wear them nonetheless because it was a warm day and I wanted to enjoy my stroll through the park.

A black jumpsuit is a smart investment because you can wear it with both dressy and casual attire. A jumpsuit that correctly fits your body is essential for giving off a polished, put-together appearance. Wearing a jumpsuit that is too tight can make you experience discomfort. If you wear a jumpsuit that is too loose, the outfit will be too big for you, and you will lose all of your shape.

The jumpsuit in this look is black and has wide legs, a plunging neckline, a belted bodice, and a luxe slinky material. There are always many fashionable jumpsuits available to buy at Femmeluxe.co.uk. So that's where I'd suggest you look first in your search for the ideal jumpsuit.

Many jumpsuits come with a fabric belt that matches the jumpsuit's color, just like the one I am wearing, or you may easily add your own belt to define your waist. A fantastic technique to add some femininity to the outfit and give yourself a voluptuous appearance is to belt your jumpsuit at the waist. Keep your look simple, because a jumpsuit makes a statement all on its own.

For women who are tired of wearing jeans and T-shirts or summer dresses, a jumpsuit is a great alternative. It's a great addition to your wardrobe and may be worn for a variety of events.

How to Look Casually Chic While Wearing an Oversized Orange Satin Shirt

Satin blouses are one of the most timeless wardrobe staples, and I don't wear them very often. It's one thing to wear a satin blouse; it's quite another to style it. When I think of orange, I think of summer, but I wore this outfit in early spring and love how simple it is. Some days, I wake up wanting to keep my outfit as simple as possible, so I just fix myself a simple outfit.

I really like satin shirts for their elegance and ability to elevate a look. I went shopping for some shirts that would go with my everyday look, and I bought two satin shirts in pink and orange. I've been wearing the orange shirt the most, but I also wore the pink satin shirt and blogged about it.

Satin shirts are elegant and stylish. These shirts are appropriate for a wide range of occasions, from formal to casual. Satin elevates your wardrobe. For a lust-worthy look, I intend to pair it with tailored trousers, strappy heels, and layered necklaces.

A satin shirt and jeans look fantastic together! Denim is one of my favorite fashion items, and I enjoy wearing it. I wore this orange long-sleeved satin by h&m shirt with a Zara cuffed straight jeans (similar options: here and here), a black leather laptop bag from Primark, and white Zara slippers.

Before going to bed, I turn on my radio to listen to music or preaching from the pastor on the radio, and last night I did the same thing. I remember that before I fell asleep, the pastor was talking about the prodigal son, and that preaching went on for a long time, but when I woke up, the subject had changed, and I felt like I had a long and busy night due to the dream I had. I prayed and canceled every evil plan and read the word of God before brushing my teeth and cleaning my face. Afterward, I made a cup of tea, despite the fact that I shouldn't drink tea before a meal. Prior to doing that, I turned on my laptop, started reading blogs, and left comments—you know, typical blogger stuff. I wrote an article about why some bloggers stopped posting, and then I started writing this post.

Today I am going on a date, and I plan to try German street cuisine in a restaurant. I plan to take outfit shots today, as it has been some time since I last did so. Then what did I intend to wear out? I had no plans at the time of writing this post, but I had just received a parcel from Femmeluxe, so I paused for a moment to open it. I received two dresses, and one was a slip dress. I saw how two bloggers styled a slip dress so well, and that's what I'm going to wear on my date.

How to style a slip dress to look more fashionable
I wanted to show off my slip dress even more, so I wore it over my H&M satin shirt. I haven't styled my hair in a while, so I styled my hair to look good, and I went for Bantu knots since it was the easiest style I could come up with, and then I went, being that it was picture time, and so here are the photos.


Burgundy hoodies are a must-have for any closet. In my latest women’s fashion blog post, I will describe how I styled mine. Continue reading to learn more!

I’ve always liked the dark reddish-brown color tones; I enjoy autumn because stores are filled with browns, burgundies, and of course beige. I find that season to be a lot more flexible in terms of combining items; everything appears to go together wonderfully. Some of these colors can be worn all year; I enjoy autumn because stores are filled with browns, burgundies, and of course beige. I find that season to be a lot more flexible in terms of combining items; everything appears to go together wonderfully. Still, some of these colors can be worn all year. Burgundy is a great example of a color that works well in all seasons. Despite this, it is still possible to make a mistake and style this color improperly by pairing it with something inappropriate.

I would propose pairing it with complementary colors, such as white, tan, blue, cream, or even pink, with the option of including blue jeans. I wore my sneakers and blue skinny jeans, which gave me a look that was reminiscent of street style. Alternatives would be simple white sneakers or anything sharing a similar color palette to the hoodie.

I finished off the look with a few accessories, all of which complemented the blue denim. The wristwatch and earrings from Primark have a simple yet effective design element in line with the minimalist parameters of my outfit, and I combined them with my pearl necklace, which has a gold design in it. 

Buy Burgundy Colorado Sweatshirt


It is International Women's Day, and I woke up feeling terrific and cheerful. Today is a great day for me, and I am really thrilled about it. Despite the fact that there is still a great deal of work to be done, today is a day to honor and celebrate all of the women who live throughout the world. Even though we ought to be recognized on a daily basis, today is a particularly noteworthy exception to the rule.

There's this happiness that comes with always celebrating Women's Day. Simply put, I look forward to days like this one all the time. Do you have anything exciting planned for the celebration of International Women's Day, or are you just going to stay home and relax?

Yesterday, I had such a fantastic time after work, and today I had a good time before work, so I guess that makes two days in a row. For International Women's Day, I decided to take some pictures to mark the day, and the results are shown below. I am in a really good mood and am cheerful right now, and I just want to tell all the women in the world that you are stunning, powerful, and deserving of anything good and wonderful that comes your way.

This Grey Ribbed Long Sleeve Button Detail Bodycon Midi Dress is from Femmeluxe, and I've been saving it for today since it looks great on me and I really like how it fits. I had my doubts about wearing it with these shoes, but now that I look at them together, I can't say that it's a terrible combination at all. The platform heels were purchased at Zara.

My prayer for women in this day and age is that the light of God will shine on each and every one of us. May you have a wonderful International Women's Day!

It has been a long weekend, and Monday wasn't the best and greatest start, but I am thankful for life. Over the years, I have never loved the act of working for another person; I dislike the concept, but I also acknowledge the fact that you need to work and plan before going off the day-to-day job.

Ever since leaving Ukraine, I have faced challenges, but one of those is working in a toxic environment. I value my life journey greatly, but I decided to share it because I want to hear your thoughts and share my experience.

When I arrived in the U.K., I applied for different jobs and had different options, but I decided to go for my current job. We started off with Zoom meetings and went to work on-site. On the first day of my job, I met the boss, and I called him sir, but he said he doesn't like titles and that I could call him by his name. I understood because not everyone likes titles.

I remember him trying to kiss me inside the elevator, which was strange because it was on the second day of working on-site. It was so sudden, and I never expected it, but my reflex was so active that I turned my face away. I made the mistake of not telling my husband. I remember saying to myself that if I informed my husband, he wasn't going to be happy and he might discourage me from working in this company, so I just decided to keep it to myself and distance myself from my boss. As I progressed in my job, my boss started making some gestures that weren't normal to me, which I ignored, and later I decided to tell my husband, who was mad but understood.

I will give you all the details about everything, but as it stands now, I have declined everything my boss is throwing at me, and he is angry and keeps acting up from time to time. I am not bothered because I am planning to leave. I only wanted to work here for a while, then leave and go back to working in the hospital and being the doctor that I am.

Life can be crazy at times because there are crazy and lustful people in this world. I recall my boss telling me he wanted to marry me, and I politely declined. He is Muslim and married, but I guess he needs more wives, which is not my business because I do not want to be part of that. The best thing I did was the protect my mental space. I will blog about the full story, but for now, how do you like my outfit?

I decided to wear these Khaki Drawstring Pocket Cargo Trousers (Bianca from Femme Luxe) and an H&M satin blouse to work, which is available in different colors, and I got it in both pink and orange. I wore this outfit last week, and I liked the way I looked. Dressing for work isn't something I have to think about; it just happens. I wake up and wear what I feel like wearing, or I just pick out the clothes in my head or iron the clothes the night before or in the morning; it's not a fixed routine for me anymore.

I got my Chunky leather high-heel platform sandals from Zara.

I took these photos on my way to work, and I remember a woman looking through her car windows and saying I look so beautiful. Drivers were smiling at me while the wind was doing its magic. I appreciate every one of them. Fashion can be fun, and that is the only type of fashion I wear; discomfort isn't my thing, and I hate being uncomfortable.

Cargo pants are super cool because of their comfort. Femmeluxe.co.uk has lots of cargo pants in different colors. You can get affordably priced white dressesblack dresses, and denim shorts.

Let me know what you think about the cargo pant trend: hit or miss?



This is what I wore on the first day of the week. My dearest helped me put together this outfit and suggested I wear sneakers instead of dressier footwear.

The week is almost over, and I'm already sick of it. I wish it were Friday, but it's only Wednesday. Wish me luck with making it through the rest of the week.

Anyway, I've been trying not to buy clothes here in the UK because, ever since I left Ukraine, I've been trying to get some of my things over here. Since I already have so many garments and accessories, it seems silly to buy more, so I settled on getting some new tops to pair with my jeans until I can get some or all of my clothes from Ukraine. Instead of picking up a couple new tops as I planned, I decided to buy a few knit jumpers from H&M. It's been chilly in Scotland, so I jumped at the chance to stock up on clothes while they were discounted.

Mint High Waisted Belted Cigarette Trousers went perfectly with my sweater. This pair of trousers is versatile enough to wear to any event, formal or otherwise. The perfect addition to your wardrobe this year. 

What colors of shoes should you wear with brown dresses?

It's official: earthy neutral tones are important for a new-season refresh, and a brown dress is breaking through its dowdy perception and making its way into our closets. There is bound to be a color that complements you, as they are endlessly flexible and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Give your springtime wardrobe a neutral boost with a chocolate-colored, lightweight cotton dress. Or, keep your cool with our camel dresses in a utilitarian style that you can wear year-round. This season, tones of brown that are softer than black and more daring than beige are dominating Instagram feeds, and this collection of brown dresses is the new go-to.

If you are looking to purchase brown dresses, I propose the following retailer: Femmeluxe.co.uk wear I got my Chocolate Satin Diamante Straps Bodycon Corset Mini Dress.

What color shoes should you wear with a brown dress? Alternatively, you may be wondering what colors complement brown clothing in general.

There are numerous varieties of this earth-tone dress, including caramel, tan, chocolate, and brown animal patterns. A basic brown dress or ensemble may transport you from the office to drinks in the evening and from summer to winter!

As neutral tones become more popular, it is essential to learn how to wear a brown dress with the proper purse, shoes, and accessories. particularly considering accessories can make or break an outfit!
You can generate contrast with brown clothing and accessories, or you can keep the color combination muted. However, here is how to style a brown dress:

1. Pair a brown dress with black shoes.

You cannot go wrong by pairing brown outfits with black footwear. This combination should be the number one recommendation in any post on how to wear brown dresses!

2. Shop Black Shoes & Heels:

3. Wear white shoes with a brown dress.

White flats and sneakers are more casual, whereas a white stiletto sandal or pointed-toe pump will brighten any outfit, day or night.

4. Buy white shoes and heels

5. A brown dress and beige shoes

A brown dress and beige shoes go together like bread and butter! Your legs will appear longer if your skin tone and your beige shoes match, making this combination ideal for shorter or midi skirts. For an even more seamless look, try adding nude pumps.

You can wear a chocolate brown dress with these colors of shoes: click to purchase

6. Clear shoes with a chocolate brown dress
The current IT footwear trends include clear shoes and high heels. And they match practically everything, including a brown dress that is neutral or patterned.

7. Style brown dresses with colorful shoes and heels (red, blue, green, yellow, and pink)

8. Pair brown shoes with a brown dress.

9. Pair silver and gold shoes and heels with a brown dress.

Shop basic yet stylish brown dresses for off-duty days, chocolate faux leather dresses for a night out with the girls, or find the season's staples with the below selection of tan dresses. Put this shade at the top of your wardrobe wish list.

Check out other options of White DressesBlack Dresses, and Denim Shorts.

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It is another beautiful Monday morning, and a girl decided to wear her Femme Luxe cargo pants and puffy jacket in order to look simple and stylish. I've always admired cargo pants from afar but never seriously considered buying a pair myself since they first became popular or started trending. I thought I'd give them a try and see how they looked. Mind you, this jacket is warm and suits the winter season.


While getting ready for work this morning, the locksmiths arrived at my house right before I left for work, fixed the lock, and installed a second lock. Yesterday morning, as I was trying to unwind, I heard my intercom ring so I got up to answer, and being that I was expecting a package, I assumed it was my package. However, when I waited to see who it was, no one picked up the phone. A few seconds later, I opened my door to find that someone had tried to break into my apartment, which I think happened the night before, and the person wanted to find out if there was anyone in the house before trying to break in again. It was hostile and unsettling, but I called the apartment manager, and they said someone would be out this morning to fix the lock and add an additional lock and also advised that the incident be reported to the police.

Law enforcement is looking into the situation. I can't shake the feeling that this person is following me around, trying to figure out when there are people in the apartment and when the door is closed and locked. Amazingly, I learned yesterday that theft is on the rise in Glasgow. I'm on high alert, and I'm going to be even quieter in my apartment in case this person tries to break in again so I can call the police immediately. Have you ever been in a situation like this before, and how did you handle it?

Hello, lovely people! It's Friday, and I am so happy that I can sleep and not worry about waking up on time tomorrow, which is Saturday. I am currently a lecturer at a university, and sometimes one of the things I like about Europe, or, let me say, Ukraine and the UK, is the way people are allowed to wear what makes them feel comfortable and good about themselves.

So I wore a short to work today, and despite wearing double pantyhose underneath, my mind kept telling me it wasn't appropriate, but I was like, "It's Friday, and all I want to do is work and enjoy the rest of my day." I know that we are all allowed to express ourselves and wear what we like, but I think that dressing well to work is necessary.

In all honesty, I received this parcel yesterday, and I decided to try wearing something I haven't worn to work before, so I sprayed my hair to look good and wore this black ripped distressed high Waisted Denim Shorts femme luxe with this top I got from Primark. I wanted to look basic and simple, and I guess I achieved that, but the question is, is this a work-appropriate outfit, or can I get away with it because I wore it to work on a Friday?

Well, let me know in the comment section below with your honest answers, please.

These shorts can be purchased from Femme Luxe, the top from Primark, and the shoes from T.K. Maxx. Its simple look got me thinking, about whether it was work-appropriate or not.

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