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Who is excited about Valentine Day, which is on February 14? Are you getting ready? Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day? which is in less than three months. This post is strictly for men. There are lots of reasonable gifts that you can give your boyfriend or husband. These are gifts that are not so romantic to some people, but I consider them useful and practical gifts. Be creative when giving out Valentine's Day gifts to your lover. Guys appreciate cute handmade items, and it brings a lot of sentimental feelings.

The truth about gifting is that we gift according to our pockets, so your gift ideas might not be the same as mine because you have less or more money than me.

5 Valentine's day gift ideas for men.

An art piece of any kind.
The purpose of artwork is to express one's self, and this is a way to express your love. You can hand paint it yourself if you know how to do it, or get someone to draw or paint something that signifies and makes a whole lot to him.

Body care products.
Body and beauty care products help enhance our appearance, and this is a means to show you care about everything. Little things count.

Clothing and accessories
 Make sure you buy him clothing items that suits his style.

Electronics gadgets.
You can gift him a gadget he really loves but never got or replace a gadget of his that is faulty.

If he loves reading, you can gift him books from his favorite authors.

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Whether you're getting ready for a formal event or aiming to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday attire, knowing how to tie a tie is an essential skill for any well-dressed individual. While the prospect of tying a tie may seem daunting at first, fear not! With a bit of practice and our helpful step-by-step guide, you'll be able to create a perfectly knotted tie with ease.

Step 1: Start with the Wide End and Narrow End

Begin by draping the tie around your neck, with the wide end on your right side and the narrow end on your left side. Make sure the wide end is longer than the narrow end, typically hanging about 12 inches below the narrow end.

Step 2: Cross the Wide End Over the Narrow End

Take the wide end of the tie and cross it over the narrow end, forming an "X" at the collar of your shirt. Hold the point where they intersect firmly with your non-dominant hand.

Step 3: Bring the Wide End Up and Through

With the wide end still in your dominant hand, bring it up and pass it through the loop formed by the "X" at the collar. Hold the emerging wide end with your non-dominant hand to maintain control.

Step 4: Cross the Wide End Behind the Narrow End

Now, cross the wide end behind the narrow end, moving from right to left. This will create a horizontal loop in front of the knot.

Step 5: Bring the Wide End Up and Through Again

Take the wide end and bring it up and through the horizontal loop you just created in Step 4. Ensure that the wide end emerges from the loop pointing towards your chin.

Step 6: Thread the Wide End Through the Knot

Gently thread the wide end down through the knot you've formed in the previous step. Use your non-dominant hand to guide the wide end through smoothly, maintaining control over the emerging knot.

You will agree with me that when it comes to fashion, women have more options than men, but why is that so? Well, that's not what I am talking about today. Today's post is focused on accessories that can enhance men's fashion because, lately, I have been noticing that more men are wearing earrings this spring. I saw a guy today at a thrift store who wore a fidget spinner ring, a cross necklace, and black earrings. Even though his outfit looked good, I first noticed the way he accessorised. 

Turning right, I noticed another man shopping and conversing with his girlfriend. He was dressed in a yellow t-shirt and white pants, and he was wearing a cuban link chain and studded earrings. As I turned left, I noticed four different women wearing completely different outfits, all of which, of course, looked stunning. So, given that it's easy to get used to men wearing the same style of clothing, I am sharing 18 accessories men can add to their outfit to upgrade it.



Necklaces are accessories that hang from your neck and rest on your chest. Many of these feature pendants that are made of metal, leather, or cotton.



Your fingers are adorned with rounded bands made of different metals and materials for aesthetic or expressive purposes. Although most rings are made of titanium, gold, silver, or stainless steel, other materials like ceramic and silicone are becoming more common.

Fidget Spinner Ring
Fidget Spinner Ring


Bow ties are narrow strips of cloth worn under the collar of a shirt and knotted in a bow above the top button.


Dress shirts have buttonholes that are designed to fit cufflinks, which fasten the fold around your wrist and keep it from sliding over your hand.

1. Billy Porter in C.Siriano.
2. Tyler JamesWilliams in Amiri.

3. Austin Butler in Gucci.

4. Jeremy Pope in Dolce & Gabbana.

5. Andrew Garfield in Zegna.

6. Donald Glover in Saint Laurent.

7. Colman Domingo in Dolce & Gabbana.

8. Eddie Redmayne in Valentino.

There's no doubt about it – accessories can make an outfit. For men, there are a few key accessories that can really pull an outfit together and make you look sharp. In this blog post, we're going to discuss how to wear accessories for guys, and give you some tips on what to consider when putting together your accessory wardrobe. Stay tuned!


1. Watches

No outfit is ever complete without a nice watch. Whether you're going for a modern minimalist look or you want something with a bit more detail and flair, there's something out there to suit your style. Some considerations when choosing the right timepiece for your look include:

The size and shape of your wrists – if you have larger wrists, then you may want to stick with watches that are on the wider side, whereas smaller wrists can often incorporate some more delicate pieces.

What type of straps suit you – leather straps are classic options that will never go out of style, but metal bands often stand out a bit more and add some extra edge to an outfit.

Whether or not you prefer analog or digital clocks – there's no right or wrong answer here, as it's ultimately up to personal preference.

2. Rings:

Rings are a great way to add some extra personality and detail to an outfit. If you're going for something a bit more understated, a simple band or two will work wonders – but if you want to make a statement, there are plenty of bold rings out there that can really draw attention. You'll also want to consider things like metals (silver tends to be a popular choice) and stones when choosing the right ring or rings for your style. When choosing a gold ring for men, you'll want to take your skin tone into consideration as well – gold jewelry can often look best on those with a darker complexion. This is because gold jewelry is not only created from yellow gold but also includes rose and white gold for a variety of options.

Every guy wants to feel comfortable wearing what they love. If you're a male trying to figure out how to dress up shorts, the usual rule is to wear as little as you can and yet look presentable. Your wardrobe collection must therefore include sleek, fashionable men's shorts. 

Because so few men are aware of how to style shorts, not every man can wear them and still look nice. Most men wear shorts that look like they are taking a stroll in their compounds or sitting around at home. You can step up your short looks from cool to formal. Shorts can be fashionably dressed up for a day look and still look cool.

Many men struggle with styling shorts and that is why we are sharing 20 ways to wear shorts inspired by the men's Instagram stylist, Shannon Flanders.

Find the most stylish ways to style shorts below.

It is getting cold again, here are men's pre-winter style ideas.

Autumn is the season that follows the summer and before the winter. Whether it's the return of boots and coats, Halloween festivities, or simply relaxing and watching some football, the autumn season has a lot to offer. Fall provides a chance for us fashion-conscious individuals to raise our style game in a variety of ways. The colder temperatures let us layer more comfortably without sweating through our clothes, allowing us to modify our appearances for a more personal touch. There are several methods to show one's unique style when it comes to men's fall fashion.

Choosing the proper autumn clothes may be a daunting process for any man, but luckily, we're here to assist you in navigating the season's trends and securing the finest styles for any men's style. Check out our comprehensive autumn style guide to help you plan the best outfits for every event in fall.

Let's take a moment to appreciate Ebuka in this Fufulde inspired drip styled by Ugomonye. We can't deny the fact that big brother Nigeria host is a style icon. 

The most critical component in making any outfit appear attractive is finding the proper fit. However, there are a few more aspects to consider while choosing summer clothing. You should pay special attention to the fabric, colour, and pattern/design. Natural, airy, and breathable fabrics like linen or chambray, as well as technological and sweat-wicking fabrics like rayon and spandex, are the ideal materials for summer.

Three factors are crucial to putting together the ideal summer wardrobe:

Fabrics that are breathable
Colours that are lighter and brighter
A light, unstructured fit.

For males, summer and fashion don't necessarily go hand in hand. When the temps drop, it's simple to look good. Summer styles are typically associated with the preppy look: pink shorts, polos, and Topsiders. Preppy does not have a monopoly on cozy aesthetics, however, they do have the spirit of comfort down pat. Whether you're looking for something edgy, athletic, rugged, or somewhere in between, this is the summer to do it.

Getting the perfect colour combinations for your clothes can make a huge difference in how you look. You may produce a balanced and complete look by simply mixing the proper colours together. So, if you want to improve your style, there's no better method than to be more selective about the colours you wear. Fortunately, understanding which colours match with which is as simple as reading this guide.
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