Strawberry Milkshake

Ingredients: 200 grams of yogurt, some strawberries, a little mint leaves (according to personal preference)

Step 1
Strawberry cleaning: don’t remove the pedicles first and wash with water. Soak strawberries in the light brine for 10 minutes and then wash up.
Step 2
Remove the pedicles of strawberries and cut in half, refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours.
Step 3
Pour strawberries and milk into the blender to mix. Watch to see if the strawberries are broken. Stir well and pour into the bottle you have prepared. This good-looking and tasty drink must win children’s hearts!

Strawberry jam
Ingredients: strawberries, sugar.(the ratio of strawberries to sugar is 4:1)

Step 1
Wash the strawberries and dry the water. Cut in half or four.

Step 2
Pour the sugar into the water until the water seeps, then stir-fry to make good jam.If you can reach 24 hours, the effect will be better. If you can’t wait, three hours is also OK.

Step 3
Putting strawberry all together with the seeing water in a pot, stir fry constantly until the strawberries become soft. Boil dry slowly to get the status of the thick over medium heat. If time is too long, the color will become black. So you’d better use wide mouth pot for water to evaporate rapidly.
Likewise, put the strawberry jam into some pretty bottles. it is rich in sugar with a long shelf life. As long as the containers are clean and sealed, the refrigerator can be kept for several months.
With strawberry jam, everything can be changed to strawberry flavor.
Sugar-coated strawberries

Ingredients: strawberries, white sugar 100g, bamboo sticks.
Step 1
Soak washed strawberries in brine and dry in the air. String one by one with bamboo sticks.
Step 2
Pour water and sugar into a pot to cook the syrup until it ropes and changes color. In the later stage, change to low flame to avoid scorch. The syrup must be thick, or you will drip everywhere.
Step 3
Hold the top of a bamboo stick and pour the syrup on strawberries with a spoon. Turn it over slightly to make syrup spread evenly.
Place it for a moment until the syrup is curdled, then you can enjoy the sweet sugar-coated strawberries.
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