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Why are rappers crazy about chains?

You might be one of those people wondering why people wear chains. I used to wonder the same thing, especially for those who wear more than one chain around their neck that is so big and looks so heavy. Then I would say to myself, "isn't this so heavy and uncalled for? Not until I began to understand that there are different reasons why people wear chains, and that is what we are going to dive into.

There are different types of chains, like men's chains and chains for women. Today, there are many different kinds of chains available, including necklaces, bracelets, belts, and ring chains. The most common type of jewellery worn around the neck is a chain. You can get them with one loop or two.

Chains complement any type of outfit, both casual and formal. It enhances your entire look.

Helloice 12mm Stainless Steel Cuban Chain in Gold

Helloice 12mm Stainless Steel Cuban Chain in Gold

People wear chains to make a financial statement, especially celebrities. You see this more in the music industry, where they mostly pair their chain with an iced out pendant. American rappers didn't create gold chains, but they definitely helped make them more famous by showcasing their money when they dress extravagantly, wearing lots of big gold and diamond chains. Rap culture is big on flash and sporting a gold chain suggests that you're letting everyone know that you've made it. The goal of the gold bling and the garish, customised cars is to make the rappers appear richer than they actually are. It represents success to them.

Helloice Iced Pharaoh Pendant in Gold

Iced Pharaoh Pendant in Gold

Many gold chains are still worn as a sign of religious devotion by many today, particularly by Jewish people during the Jewish High Holy Days. To begin the ritual, a gold or silver chain is traditionally draped around the wearer's neck as a symbol of prayer and an acknowledgment of God's omnipresence. The longer the chain is, the more securely it is fastened to a leather strap that can be worn across the body or slung over one shoulder.

People wear chains that symbolise that they belong to a particular group. A good example is Nigerian Afro-beat singer Davido, who owns a record label called David Music Worldwide (DMW) and gives newly signed artists an encrusted diamond chain to welcome them into the DMW crew.

Helloice Ninja Pendant in White Gold

Helloice Ninja Pendant in White Gold

For whatever reason you wear a chain, be sure to check out Helloice for bestsellers in chains and pendants.

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