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Where can you make and design employee uniforms?


Where and How Can You Design and Make Cool Uniforms for Your Employees

The right company uniform design can make or break your business. With the help of companies like Printful custom shirts, your business becomes more visible with your employees wearing cool uniforms. Plus, the staff will feel more like part of the team, which may increase productivity. With a cool design, everyone wins—starting from your employees and customers to the brand as a whole.

Some people might find coming up with the perfect company uniform to be a fun project, while others might find it to be a boring one. If you’re uninspired, the best part is that work uniform designs are not a one-person job. It requires a team. It's simpler than you might think! Here is where and how you can design and make cool uniforms for your employees.

Work with a Dependable Uniform Service Supplier

You need a service provider with the proper equipment and knowledge to help bring your uniform to life. Finding the right supplier is almost as important as finding the right design for your employees' uniforms.

Your supplier is crucial for a variety of reasons. You want your uniforms to be high-quality, and you want them to come in a variety of sizes. You don't want to sign off on a uniform only to discover that it can't be printed in the measurements some of your employees require.

Having a good supplier helps with another part of uniform design that businesses often overlook keeping the uniforms in good shape. Uniforms will show signs of wear and tear and will likely see spills and stains—especially in the food and hospitality industries. Even though this should already be a part of your design, having a reliable supplier will make it easy to order replacements. Nonetheless, be ready just in case. Check out the online printing websites and see which one works for you!

Find the Ideal Design

When it comes to uniform styles, there is no such thing as good or bad. Nevertheless, uniform designs can do wonders for your business—for employees and customers. Get the assistance you need to create a design that ensures your brand's success, whether it's discussing color charts, learning about design science, or working with design consultants.

Some printing websites have their own easy-to-use design software—regardless of your designing skills. Encourage your employees to support the design. Another fantastic way to get a uniform that works best for your employees is to include them in the design stage. Using your employees' ideas in the final product will make them feel like they're a part of the company and give them a sense of pride.

Select a Fabric that Is Breathable and High-Performing

The fabric is crucial in the design of staff uniforms. It should be weatherproof, especially if you live in a hot, humid area. The fabric should be strong enough to withstand the difficult jobs the staff are dealing with. Other characteristics you should consider are:

  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Crease recovery
  • Fewer piles
  • Appearance
  • Comfort
  • Always Prioritize Safety

Even if your employees dislike the idea of wearing thick, bulky safety shoes, it should be required if their job requires it. Your staff's input should be limited when safety protocols are concerned. Their safety is always the top priority.

Do Not Pick a Uniform that Requires Dry Cleaning

The only time an employee's uniform should be dry cleaned is if it’s a dress uniform that gets worn only a few times a year. Otherwise, it should be simple to clean, requiring only washing and drying. Your employees will complain about having to spend hundreds of dollars on dry cleaning every year.

Choose a Color for Your Uniform

Don't be too specific with your color choices. Have an open mind and remember that colors can fade over time. With this in mind, avoid overly appropriating interior colors. What looks good as home d├ęcor, furniture, or signage may not translate into apparel. Try to be more subtle. Consider using a different color than your branding for the uniform or layered colors.

Embroidery, Patterns, and Prints

Embroidered uniforms are always a good choice. Embroidered uniforms have a timeless appeal that screams classic, stylish, and posh. Your embroidery can be used not only on shirts but also on accessories like caps.

Prints are not only useful, but they also give you a lot of options for how to design your uniform. You can be as simple or as innovative as possible with high-quality uniform prints.

Patterns aren't just for your beloved going-out shirt. They also make an excellent statement as a uniform. Custom-printed patterns can create delicate but impactful uniforms for your staff, and they also promote your brand in a classic but cool way.

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