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63 Unique Ankara Styles Ghanaian Women Love.

The unconditional love of black women, especially African women, for Ankara styles is heart-warming. I have previously shared lots of posts about the latest Ankara styles and how beautiful Ankara is. Honestly, Ankara is beautiful and unique. Designers have taken Ankara to another level and you can now wear Ankara to any occasion and look good.

Over in Africa, Ankara is the traditional dress. What makes the difference is the style, material type, cultural heritage, and representation. Nevertheless, these stunning Ankara styles are trending on Instagram, have caught the attention of so many, and have been pinned on Pinterest. We have put together our top Ankara top picks worn by the beautiful Ghana women making the rounds on Instagram.

Why do people love wearing Ankara?

Ghanaian women are posting different Ankara styles, and the beauty of it is what we will share with you. These are questions we may or may not have answers to, but below are 63 of the hottest and most elegant Ankara styles worn by Ghanaian and Nigerian women to try now.

Do you own a pair of Ankara dresses?

Are you looking for the latest Ankara dress style to take to your designer?

Why do you love Ankara?

It's common knowledge that adding prints to our wardrobe makes our looks more unique and interesting. African prints are well-known for their intricate design compositions that depict African culture, tradition, and history. Knowing the history of Ankara fabric and African prints can help you tell a story through your clothing or simply improve your sense of style.

Can you really believe that African textiles didn't start out in Africa? In 1846, Dutch businessman Pieter Fentener Van Vlissingen industrialised the process of printing on batiks, a type of fabric widely worn in Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia was the birthplace of the fabric known as "Kitenge" in East Africa and "Ankara" in West Africa.

Ankara fabric, known for its vibrant African-inspired prints, can be made either by hand or by industrial-sized textile mills. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind African print, handcrafted Ankara is the way to go because no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

Take a good look and download 63 Unique Ankara Styles Ghanaian Women Love.

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