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64 Stunning wedding venues decoration around the world

There is no shortage of fantastic and gorgeous locations throughout the world, but how do you select the right one for you?

Browsing through venues is one of the most lust-worthy portions of the wedding planning process, right up there with engagement rings and bridal dresses. However, with so many options—at every price point— but it may be difficult especially if you aren't sure where you want to marry. Inspiration and direction are required even for the most imaginative bride.

Your wedding location, which is the most essential aspect of any wedding, makes the celebration spectacular. With years-long waitlists for the most sought-after destinations, it's important to prepare ahead, especially for the most awe-inspiration. Because the location you choose will appear in every image and memory from the day, it's critical to select a location that reflects the significance of the wedding, stunning all guests with its uniqueness.

Here are our top selections for the most beautiful wedding venues across the world, ranging from European chateaux to tropical beaches and unusual American locations.

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