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What Would Have Happened To Me At Atlas Hotel; Kidnap, Rape Or The Unknown?

I wanted to do a mini trip whereby I do not have to plan so much. All I needed to do was take a train or bus to any city with the closest available ticket, walk around the city center, eat, visit tourist attractions and come back to my city the next day feeling refreshed.  I decided to experience the adventure of an unplanned travel journey and it was an adventurous night for me. I took a bus to a nearby city (Poltava) and this was my experience.

I went to the bus station on Friday, there was a bus leaving for Poltava almost immediately, I paid for the bus and joined the bus. I enjoyed the moving bus while I slept a little. The journey was about an hour. My final stop was close to McDonald's fast food, when I got down I grabbed something to eat, but while eating I started looking for a hotel. I changed my plan, I decided to stay over at a hotel then visit the city center in the morning, take photos and leave for my city in the evening.

I tried booking some hotels on but at the final stage, the booking confirmation stops and I cant complete my booking process. I tried about 4 hotels then I decided to go to the official website of these hotels to book directly.

The name of the first hotel I called is Atlas Hotel Poltava Ukraine. Firstly, this is not a hotel lets start there. This is an apartment that happens to have a few separate rooms and a corridor. This is more like an old office space but this is not to be called a hotel.

I called the number on google given by Atlas hotel, the person being a man who answered the call said there is an available room and I can proceed to the hotel as he called it. I immediately ordered a cab online using taxi 838. The taxi arrived and we headed to the hotel.

The taxi that dropped me in front of the hotel didn't leave immediately, he came down from his car I guess to smoke and make a call. I got to the front of this so-called hotel, it was different from what is on It was edited to shine and look new but it is an old building with bad window nets. 

I got to the front of the hotel, I tried opening the door but it was locked. I called the number I got from their website again and I told the man who answered the phone that I was in front of the hotel and he gave me a door code to input to enable me to get inside. Immediately I opened the door I meet a corridor, water for the visitor, tea, and coffee on a table.

Here is our conversion:

Me: I am inside, where is the receptionist?

He replied: There is no receptionist.

Me:  So how do I know my room?

Him: Your room number is (he called a number). Open that door.

 Me: (My action)I went to open the door, opened it and I saw a cold room with a well-dressed bed covered with white sheets.
Note: There is no bathroom and toilet inside the room. You have to leave your room to use the toilet.

Me: Ok, how do I pay for the room, who do I pay to?

Him: We will come tomorrow in the morning before you check out and then you can pay for the room.

Me: Nobody is here?

Him: Yes, or you can put the money inside the black box hanging on the wall.

Me: (My actions) surprised but I didn't show it. I played along and walked to the box and it was a locked box with an opening.

Me: (My actions) I looked at up using my side eyes and I saw a camera so I knew he was watching me.

Him: But I can come in 30mins--45mins. Just wait in your room.

Me: Ok, I will wait.

Me: (My actions) I walked close to the main door, praying it was still open. I opened the door with fear and the fastest speed possible, I went outside. The taxi man was still outside and I walked to him. 

 I asked the taxi driver, can you take me to any good hotel nearby?

Taxi driver: yes there is a renovated hotel not so far. It's streets away.

On our way out, the man from Atlas hotel called and asked, you are not staying, and I replied yes.
Off we went and I had a nice rest at that hotel.

Let me just say this, I don't care how much technology has advanced, or how much of a modern lifestyle we are trying to showcase in this world, be careful out there.

If you go to a hotel or an apartment there are procedures that are compulsory which include, 
*A receptionist or the caretaker should be present.
*Your document should be recorded to show that you actually visited that hotel or stayed over at that apartment.

Take extra measures to inform somebody that you actually checked in to that hotel or apartment.
Take photos and send them to a friend or loved one. Make sure you include yourself in the photos. Nowadays review online are fabricated so you can not even trust online much.

If anything goes wrong, this information can help. Be very careful out there. I feel there Is more to that place than I encountered that night. I am happy to be alive and I am super thankful.


  1. What a scary experience! So glad you had your whits about you. I hope women see this and think twice before entering an unknown like that.

    1. You are so right Kath, I can not even place my head on what would have happened...if its a real place or not.

  2. OMG! This is so scary!!!
    Thanx God you've guessed the situation! Your final tips are very very useful!

  3. Gosh, I'm so glad you didn't stay at the first place. That sounds creepy.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a scary experience! That "hotel" sounds so creepy. I'm glad you were able to get out and the taxi driver was still there!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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