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The perfect wedding dresses for a 2020 wedding

One thing this season has thought us is that you can't really predict with a high level of accuracy what's going to happen in the future. That's why, if you find your soul mate, don't wait provided you're both ready psychologically and financially to start a family. There's a recent saying that "those that want to get married are doing so and those that want a wedding are waiting for the perfect crowd"

So even in the midst of all this, I am glad we get to find true love and also find the perfect wedding dress for our special day be it a small or large gathering let your dress speak. I personally like summer weddings, because of the trees blossom, you can have a fairly well-planned wedding, dance outside with friends and family without getting cold.

Besides the summer being my best time to plan a wedding we all know how time has changed and different events go down even before the proper wedding. The bridal shower to the wedding eve party before the wedding. The bride still needs to look great within these days and so picking the perfect dress is not only going to make her look good but put smiles on her face.

Every bride has a picture of what her wedding dress should look like, how she wants her hair made and what colour of the wedding dress she will like to wear. There are different wedding dresses you can pick from, personally, I like off the shoulder wedding dress, a mermaid wedding dress has never been out of the list. Wedding dresses come in different sizes, designs, and colours.

Favourite picks for a summer wedding

Mermaid Scoop Short Sleeves Lace Wedding Dress
A mermaid wedding dress is the perfect ideal dress for any bride who likes to go for a sexy look and wants to feel really sexy on her wedding day. A mermaid dress never goes out of style, it gives a simple appearance with style also making the dress stand out. Adding a train or skirt makes the dress even look better.  If you also want to show your body curves then a mermaid dress is the perfect dress for you. You achieve a luxurious classy yet effortless look.

V-Neck Applique Long Wedding Dress
This applique wedding dress will be a unique and amazing dress for any bride. A deep backline is not just the focal point but the stand out design for this dress. The applique is well designed with details that feature floral and romantic highlighted outlook. The gown is long but the dress looks really light making the see-through appliques have a more romantic look. The back of this dress has a lower zip hiding the zip and making the dress look more classy. 

Ombre Chiffon Mermaid Bridal Dress
Just like they say, it varies for different brides. Ombre dresses are unique and create a beautiful outstanding bridal look. They are playful and are very ideal for a beach wedding. For those planning a winter-themed wedding then an ombre wedding dress will look perfect having a contrast with the snow and the dress below.

Sheath Open Back Side Split Wedding Dress
This is an Effortlessly beautiful lace gown with an open black side split. It is sexy and shows some skin combining trendy, classy and elegance all at the same time.




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