Monday, June 22

How To Style A White Short Dress In Summer

Am I the only person that feels a certain way about people who try to peep in between your legs because you re wearing a short dress? I feel disgusted by that act. I remember and this happened about three times. I do not understand the concept or attitude but it is totally unacceptable to me. I feel as humans we have the ability to control ourselves and just in case you are wondering what I am wearing under... worry less because I am wearing a thick black tight longer than the dress which was folded to prevent it from showing when I am walking. 

I wear short dresses during summer due to the hotness of the weather, not for the purpose of the edition. Men, this weather can drive you crazy, we can not even go to the beach right now because of the coronavirus and the little walk I can talk around the city should be free from people trying to look in between my legs.

I had so much fun wearing this dress because the weather was friendly that day. It was a very hot summer day and this dress came in really handy for my little city walk. If you have not seen my favourite place to have waffles in Kharkiv city then you can check it out here

You can purchase this sheer embroidered sleeveless trapeze dress from Dresslily. It cost $16. The quality is ok but the sheer part very feels very delicate like it can tear off if a little pressure is applied to it. Enjoy summer with the 37% discount off some clothing items.

My dress is very simple and airy, a perfect dress for summer paired with simple shoes and a bag from Jessicaburrman.

I took off my hair during the weekend and I am about trying out hair accessories using hairpins. I can not wait to try out my new hairpins. 
Have a lovely Monday and stay blessed.



  1. You look gorgeous in that white dress!
    Love it on you!
    And I love your eyelash extensions!


  2. This is such a chic white dress! I love the cutout detail! You look gorgeous!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. You are so beautiful <3 I love your dress
    Milena Blog

  4. That's a really cute dress.

  5. Melody, this dress is so cool! It looks amazing on you and I love that you wore trainers with it. The cut out parts definitely give the dress a bit of edginess that I love. I am so sorry that men were being impolite and trying to look up your dress. It is so rude! I hope you are well and staying cool in the heat! Thanks for linking up with me.


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee. It is so nice to know you understand.


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