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Is it okay to keep pregnancy secrets away from close friends?

Let's talk about something a little bit sensitive to some of us. Three days ago, I got a message on Instagram from a friend, joyfully stating that his girlfriend who happens to be close to me has given birth to a lovely baby girl. I was so happy and of course, we all know that children are gifts from God. The news made my day, immediately I sent a message on Instagram congratulating her.

Now, what is very interesting is that I was not aware that she was having a baby, and we chilled out a lot during the summer period, tho she looked fresher and glowed even more but I never suspected a pregnancy. I just kept complimenting her skin. Fall came and I got really busy so we did more phone calls and chats to stay in touch.

 To me, it is very ok, because we all have that one thing that we would like to keep very private, but in other words, a friend of mine who also happens to be more closer to her wasn't happy that she kept such good news away from her. 
I just want to know your opinion and what you think about close friends keeping such kind of information away from you. Do you think it is a red button? or do you think everyone has a choice and can do whatever they like so you do not mind if a close friend doesn't tell you she is expecting a baby?
I want to hear your honest opinion on this, leave a comment in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading.


  1. So lovely post!
    Have a great day! xx

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  2. Congratulations to your friend! :) I didn't tell all my friends I was pregnant when I had my boys - although if they had seen me in person or on the blog it was hard to hide, haha! I just don't share that many photos on my personal facebook and didn't have a big announcement post so if you hadn't seen me in person you wouldn't have known, unless you were family who live far away I told on the phone. not everyone wants to make a big announcement, no harm in that :)

    Hope that you are having a good week so far! I had the day off yesterday which was lovely :)

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    1. Well said we all have choice an we do what suits us.

  3. Honestly, I would also be hurt that I didn't know about my close friend having a child or just anything that is major for them in that matter. But I also believe that there's nothing wrong with someone's deciding to keep certain aspects of their lives private, despite the relationship status you have. There are various reasons for them doing so, such as perception of someone's energy or the 'closeness' just because they are close to you doesn't mean you are close to them (If you get me).
    There's nothing your friend should feel upset about, if it bothers her too much she could try talking it out with the other party in an appropriate occasion. I hope this was helpful :).

    Enjoy the rest of your week. xx


    1. there's nothing wrong with someone's deciding to keep certain aspects of their lives private... right

  4. I didn't tell all my friends when I was Pregnant, immediately...
    Congrats to your friend!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. Great post dear!


  6. Congrats to your friend! Maybe they just wanted to surprise you all, I`m sure they had a reason for this!


  7. Congrats to your friend! I think a pregnancy can be quite difficult so it's okay to keep it a secret.

    Kisses from Germany



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  9. Congrats to your friend! :)
    That is a though question...

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  10. I think I would only tell my closest friends and only when I was ready. :)


  11. Congratulations to your friend. I think that it's her choice whether she wanted to share the news with others or not and there could be a number of reasons why she decided not to.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  12. There are real friends and friends of convenience.
    True friends are those who want to share everything with you, from banalities to important things. Friends of convenience are those who make themselves alive with you when it suits them.
    A true friend, does not keep a pregnancy secret, also because we do not talk about a secret that you have to keep for 2 or 3 days, but for 9 months.
    I would have really been very bad!

    1. Thanks for this... All I needed to see. I thought the same as well.

  13. Having kids is good too!
    A blessing in life!


  14. I think so! I waited until I was at least 3 months pregnant!
    Have a wonderful weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  15. There is no correct answer to this question Melody. It depends a lot on the type of person who is your friend. Many people are extremely reserved and this is also a good quality...
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  16. I feel like you should tell your closest friends. And family (also closest family). If it was my best friend I'd be a little bit mad. I don't know it just seems like a huge part of life to hide. But with people that I don't have a relationship like with family member I wouldn't mind.


  17. I believe if you are close to a person you should tell. Eventually everyone will know and you don't want to hurt a close friend. :-)

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  18. I have friends who also kept their pregnancy a secret and I wasn't angry at them. A lot of woman have had miscarriages so that is why they want to keep it a secret. In addition, some have to keep it a secret because their employer would fire them or wouldn't renew their contract. That was the case with one of my friends. She was worried about getting fired so that is why she has kept it a secret. I think everyone has the right to keep it to themselves. Sometimes people need time to process. Sometimes they need time for themselves. We should be understanding and accepting of everyone's choice.

  19. I think this is really a private thing and nobody is forced to tell a pregnancy even to close friends.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  20. I think, one should have a say on what he/she wants to share to his/her to other people. It's your life, so you do you. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. True friends will understand.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  21. Oh wow! That is really something. Agreed that children are gifts! Everyone is different xx


  22. why do you care? I understand the fact that your her friend but thats her personal life. You shouldnt be intruding the stuff that she does or has done. Its not your job to take responsibility of the actions she commited.

  23. Love, respect, compassion. Be friend!.

  24. Congratulate her and buy her a small gift.

  25. Take a step back because she doesn’t seem to value your friendship as much as you do! It’s one thing to want to keep a pregnancy secret but to lie about it to a friend! That kind of behavior says “f*** off “ to me!

  26. Julie Belstene6/04/2021

    Only you would know that as she is your friend. I’m sure when I was pregnant there was probably a friend or two I didn’t tell either, but it wasn’t because I was purposely not telling them, it just didn’t dawn on me to mention something to them. Unlike you, you asked and she said no. Perhaps she felt it was too personal or she wasn’t ready to let you know.

  27. Hate to be a bummer, but it’s not really any of your business. If she told you “no” when you flat out asked, maybe she had a reason for not letting you know.

  28. Cathy Entman6/04/2021

    Your friend has obviously not coped with being pregnant at all & wants to deny it to all those she can. There are many reasons for this & all of them are very sad. So don't push her, just be her friend, she'll either eventually tell you or not.

  29. Fluffy Puppy6/04/2021

    Maybe she never told anyone cuz she was ashamed id be upset with her if she didn’t tell me

  30. Profile photo for Jo Ann Duprey Jo Ann Duprey6/04/2021

    Maybe the better question is, was she really your friend?

  31. She wasn’t making a mean spirited lie, it sounds like she was embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about it. It would be kind of you to not keep pressing her for an explanation and let it go.

  32. Janet Quinn6/04/2021

    not a thing she did not have to tell you respect her privacy

  33. James Smith6/04/2021

    Get over it, you are a friend, you're not married or anything and it's really not your business, if she didn't tell you but told everyone else then maybe there is something to it, if she told no one what's the issue.

  34. Anton Van Zyl6/06/2021

    Have breakfast and then get another friend

  35. It's her business, not yours. Any medical events she goes through are not your business. Legally, she is obligated to tell the father only if she is giving the baby up and know who the father is, depending on where you live. But she has a right to privacy and revealing things in her own timing in her own way.

  36. Harriet Tobin6/07/2021

    You should accept her answer and stop worrying about it. She must have her own reason for doing this, whether you understand it or not. If you’re her friend, just give her her space and allow her her privacy.

  37. Lucka Jordán Penagos6/07/2021

    Your friend has just had a baby. I don't see what your dilemma there is. It is her body and her life and if she just didn't feel like sharing that with you she had a reason for it. Pregnancy is a highly personal experience, some women like to share it with everybody around them maybe even strangers and some women decide to not involve anybody in that time. You should just respect her decision because she doesn't owe you anything.

  38. Eugene Miski6/07/2021

    do? Nothing. why would you do anything?

  39. Zema McMillan6/07/2021

    She doesn't sound like a good friend to me. Best thing to do is ask her outright.


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