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National History Museum : Poltava Ukraine

Poltava Krichevsky Museums:  It is one of the oldest museums of Ukraine that was founded in 1891. The museum is situated building of the former province government that had been built upon the project of the architect V. Krichevsky in 1903-1908. It was designed in the Ukrainian modern style that contains traditional ornaments in the front exterior decoration, that is why the museum building was indicated in the list of the architectural monuments of national value.

Location : ( 2 Konstitutsii Street, Zhovtneva Street, Poltava, Ukraine).

Poltava museum named after V. Krichevsky as significant scientific and cultural center, founded in 1891 on the initiative of famous scientist Professor Dokuchaev, who gave more than 4,000 soil samples, 500 rock samples, 862 herbarium sheets. Among the patrons and native of Poltava province Skarzhynska Catherine (1854-1932), which gave more than 20,000 exhibits and library. In the museum gift for years 1894-1913 gave valuable collection of Oriental antiquities Paul Bobrowski
And now funds - a unique collection of antiques, folk art and everyday life, where not only local materials and antiques and various parts of the world, ancient Egypt, India, Japan, China and Indonesia. The real pride of the museum - Cossack antiquities, which remained high spirit of freedom and independence. And just in the museum about 300 thousand exhibits.

Among them - a collection of Poltava embroidery, weaving, carpet weaving, wood-carving, church things ... And archaeological, numismatic, natural.

Museum building - a masterpiece of architectural style Ukrainian modernism, built after the design u1903-1908 artist and architect V. Krichevsky. This original flower in stone, where organically intertwined traditions of folk architecture, ancient Ukrainian ornaments, design forms. This rare combination breathed in building strength and harmony, greatness and uniqueness. Creation VG Krichevsky, absorbing the best that was in Ukrainian folk architecture program began in approving new style - Ukrainian modernism. It was here used features of Ukrainian church building - tent covering, twisted columns, two-story roof, wood carving, pottery and majolica, decorative folk painting.

Famous Ukrainian artist Mykola Samokish executed decorative painting, and Sergei Vasilkovsky created three huge canvases in the courtroom zemstvo "Cossack Golota and Tartar", "Milky Way Romodanivskyy" and "Election colonel M. Pushkar."

... The history of the building as a museum, is closely connected with Poltava provincial boards.

In 1891, for his decision Museum started in three small rooms wing standing in the yard zemstvo. Subsequently, began construction of the new premises for the provincial zemstvos, which in 1920 was fully transferred to the museum.

... By 1941, the museum had a lot of exposure, its assets totaled 117.9 thousand exhibits. Fascist invaders looted collection, set fire to the house, which suffered considerable damage. In fact, a brilliant building, leaving only bare, charred walls. From the ashes and ruins were rescued about 20 thousand exhibits.

After the war, the exposition was restored. For a long time it was located in maloprystosovanomu room. Only in 1964 was solemnly opened the reconstructed building of the museum. Unfortunately, the full identity of the former home of the Poltava province zemstvo could not be achieved. The current reconstruction carried out in several stages, updated, breathed second life in this unparalleled piece of architecture. And became a completely different museum. Completely rebuilt 24 exhibition halls.


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