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CĖDUIRE : Bringing out the charming nature in you.

Explore the charm of your original body to the extreme. Feel the magic and the highest level of luxury. Céduire is aimed at bringing out the charming nature in every woman. 
Dramatic prints are all over the place this summer, everyone trying to turn fashion into fun and yet a sexy or classy look at that. Tights are on-trend and every piece seems to have a unique styling to it.

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Electronic Revolution Tights by Ceduire
Dress your legs with Céduire style. Designed using a top knit material and special process, Céduire tights are very stretchy and comfortable. They can go great with anything. Your shorts, skirts, and even your ripped leggings.
Styling these tights are so fun and have a unique street and sexy look.
Full outfit here.

Criss Cross Tights: This is a rare design, so beautiful and stylish. Stretches very easily and is made of polyamides and Spandex. 

Size Available: One-size (Heights 150-180cm Hip 80-110cm)
Pattern Type: Bandage
Colour: Black
Fabric: Fabric is very stretchy
Material: 80% Polyamides, 20% Spandex
Style: Street, Party, Club and Casual occasions
Handmade Package: Comes in a premium quality gift bag, ready for gift giving to colleagues, friends and loved ones.
Shoes:  Adidas. Shop from Casnaboty.
IMIJ: Worst behaviour Swimsuit, Also worn here.

Hold-Ups: These hold-ups are so cool and sexy, Ideal for special occasions from parties to weddings, our elegant range of stockings and hold-ups are made to suit all figure shapes.For legs that feel fantastic, perfect for everyday and special occasions.

High fashion and haute couture is something that Céduire cares about. It features lace for a perfect fit that burns with passion and femininity. The Boot Type Hold-ups is the chicest and sophisticated item for legwear in the hold-up collection.

The fashion range this season has a very strong and identifiable new theme, ecstatic motifs and daring discord. Instead of a conventional stripe pattern, you can go for the Lace Queen Hold-ups with  Stripes, its so sexy, with this everyone is in trouble. 

Ballet Hold-ups is the most inventive in the collection, the originality true and blows a comfortable, yet calling fashion sense. This can be the most impressive designs of the season. It throws you off a little when you first see it. If you want originality, and you surely do, then Stripes Hold Ups are for you. 



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