Saturday, December 17


Pairing thigh-high boots with over-sized t-shirts, broke down the shoe style’s stripper barrier and crossed it over to the exclusive VIP territory of street-style swag.
If you ever find yourself questioning whether you could pull off thigh-high boots or not, all you need do is just grab your dad’s/brother’s/boyfriend’s big T-shirts and go. Is there a cooler and easier way to rock thigh-high boots than this?

The trend is an edgy switch twist from the typical t-shirt and jeans day. All those over-sized shirts sitting in the back of your boyfriend’s closet could be a killer outfit by just adding super thigh high boots and sure you have an amazing outfit for the day. Check out the links of my outfit below.

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Purchase this Amber Khaki knitted high boots by Solewish. Uk gets free next day delivery  you also get 75% OFF ALL ORDERS. Very comfortable and warm for the weather. The trendy color just makes me loves it even more.
Touch up : Makeup by Chioma.
Evg Photos.

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