Some people downloaded the App and some people are obsessed with it, while some hate it.
For me its a fun app which can be used in so many ways.

At first, I wanted my snap chat to be private for friends and family but then i discovered and realized that snap chat is a very good base for marketing and doing business. It is a fast growing social network and one of the most popular and widely used.

So just before we start here is my Snapchat user name : Melody Jacobs Blog.

1 Create valuable contents for your viewers, this keeps them excited and wanting to view anytime you post a snap. Eg, A discussion between friends, Tips, Quotes etc.

2 Use this medium to always give a glimpse of the behind the scene of what you do, this keeps them informed about your business or product and longing to see the outcome.

3 Social media as the name goes should be social, so replying your snaps sometimes is a good idea.

4 Be creative about what you are posting, be fun, unique and strategic. Use bold colors to emphasize on the key words.

5 Share you snap name of other social networks to get people to add you on Snapchat

6 Do not be too loud,moderation is needed is everything, respect your viewers. 1 Corinthians 6:12.

Thank you so much for viewing, here are my outfit details
Denim dress : Sammydresss
Wedge: Sammydress
Dress: I changed my dress into a skirt

HAIR : Rpgshow

My Snapchat user name : Melody Jacobs Blog 
Pic:Evg Photos.

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