Thursday, January 7


Hi beautiful people, how has your week been? mine has been so successful with lots of fun and enjoyment. I traveled back to my country, i needed to spend time with my parents, i stress a lot and it affected my health. Just before i traveled i was so ill, i lost appetite for food, i was running temperature for about 4 days , it was a bad experience for me. I hate to complain when i am ill so i dont speak out or tell my friends, but Thanks to God for safe journey back home, Its been a wonderful time at home and i feel better now.
    Everyone has that dress which is on replay, i guess this body fitted black dress happens to be my replay dress.
It was a cold Saturday morning, after much stress, i wanted to go out for a program  and i really wanted to keep it very simple so i opted for this simple fitted black dress and my adorable Assigned Retro shoe from Casnaboty. My color obsession happens to be wine red (burgundy), Styling this color is super easy for me. My shoes from casnaboty  are very comfortable and light, this funky retro wedge style shoe,is my  best at the moment.
  Get yours now, dont forget to share the love by getting a pair for a loved one. Shoes are available in different sizes, you can also get male shoes, so gifting ideas made easy.
Shipping: Less than 10 days
Material : Very Good
Shopping experience : Worth it ( fun)
Style : Trendy and stylish
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