Cybernetic Dystopian Cancer Season by Shabinedreams.
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Bold and beautiful plus-sized mermaids by Shabinedreams. Fantasy and art at its peak.

It was a lot of fun to explore with these fantasy book themed gowns! I also wanted to share another set I made earlier! Some of these were also influenced by avant-garde runway presentations. There are many more I'd like to post soon that feature a wider range of sizes as well as different ethnicities/cultures.

Also, these were inspired by the book gowns and dream costumes of one of my favorite designers, @sylviefaconcreatricefrance. Their designs are just fantastic!! & they've fashioned a couple genuine book outfits!) Some of these were also influenced by avant-garde runway presentations.

Friendly disclaimer: These fantasy settings were created utilizing mixed media and tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Mid journey prompts, and the utilization of RF stock pictures from Unsplash & Pexels.

White dresses are super cute, and they're one of those things that every closet should have. They GIVE A FRESH vibe. In the summer, nothing says "baby" like a little white dress. Sure, I have more than enough clothes in my closet. But, as I often say, having a uniform built on the basics is completely fine. Check out these 16 adorable tiny white dresses to wear this summer.

Dresses by Mihaelaskripnik

Wavy hair styles for weddings

There are many ways to style thick, wavy hair, and we'll look at 12 of them here. After going through them, you'll see that the way your hair is built is an asset rather than a liability. Whether you're going for a business casual look or a more relaxed look, the perfect hairdo may make all the difference.

Your curly hair has a fun and attractive aspect that improves your appearance.
  • If you want to keep your thick, curly hair looking healthy and gorgeous, you should adhere to a few straightforward recommendations:
  • Select hair care items specifically designed for your hair type.
  • When you can, avoid using a blow dryer frequently and let your hair air dry instead.
  • Use brushes made specifically for thick, curly hair to brush your hair.
  • Visit a salon occasionally for hair repair procedures because even strong, healthy hair needs professional attention.
Hair styled by : Dvir Tvik

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