Taking care of your skin is more than just not applying makeup. During this lockdown, there are lots of factors that can influence your skin appearance. I am busy during this lockdown but I try to take good care of my skin even when I decide not to bath very early in the morning since I am not going out.

My lockdown daily skincare routine.

1. No makeup all day, only when needed
  • I Clean my face with wet wipes
  • Wash my face and apply very little coconut oil with Nivea cream moisturizer.
  • I Take my bath by noon. I apply very little coconut oil and Nivea cream moisturizer.
  • At night I clean my face and apply Nivea cream moisturizer.
2. Eating good food can help your skin.
I love eating and during this lockdown, I eat in between meals but that isn't so good. It is good to eat healthily and avoid eating late at night. Simple carbohydrates like the refined sugar found in most cakes, cookies, candy, and non-diet soft drinks cause insulin levels to spike and create a wave of inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation leads to a breakdown in collagen and elastin, the fibers that give skin its elasticity and strength.

3. Stress and depression caused by restricted movement, less activeness at home, and fear.
Are you aware that stress is a big enemy of our skin because stress tells a lot about our skin? As humans, when we stress, it causes our body to produce hormones like cortisol, which signals glands in our skin to produce more oil. Oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin problems. Stress can also make skin problems worse. Just try to relax your mind and enjoy the moment, do something that makes you happy, be positive, and stay active at home. Part of my skincare routine is staying happy.

Everyone's skin is different and unique. Not every skincare product recommended by another person might work for you so it is better to study the skincare market and know what works for you before purchasing at random. I haven't struggled with my skin for long, I can't remember the last time I had a proper skin breakout. Just go with the flow but make sure your skin is dirt-free at all times. We are all home and very relaxed, but that doesn't mean we should ignore our daily skincare routine. Whether you go out or not your skin produces oil and also dirt and dust settle on your skin which can cause break out and other skin problems if you do not wash and clean your face properly. 

I use a few products which include Goli nutrition supplements which I will be reviewing soon and how it has helped my skin so far. I am not all about the perfect skin, I am not freaked about having the best skin, I do my best by taking care of my skin and I try not to disturb my skin with lots of products. Some people use almost every product they read about online or see a YouTuber review. Trying out products isn't bad but not all products are going to work for your skin so I recommend that you visit a dermatologist if you are facing severe skin issues for guidance, proper medication, and product prescription to avoid making mistakes. Tho, there are products you can try on your own but make sure you read the content of any product before using it if you do not know about a particular ingredient check for it online. 

 Purple Blue Green Ombre Straight Human Hair Silk Base Full Lace Wig

I have never really been interested in learning how to apply makeup products like a pro and the reason is that I already know what goes with my face and so I just do very light and simple makeup which most times that turns out really great. Sometimes its gamble. My everyday makeup is the same as the makeup I will wear to an occasion if a makeup artist isn't available. I played with my makeup products and here is the outcome. The photos were edited to give a nicer glow.

Wearing the 6A 200 Density Blue Green Straight Human Hair Silk Base Full Lace Wigs With Baby Hair Ombre Body Lace Front Wavy Hair. This is one of my favourite wigs. You can dye the wig and style it in different ways. I like the way the wig sits without glue tho you can glue it if you want to wear it for a longer time.

I love the way my necklace stands out. I am wearing the 
Circle Monogram Necklace in gold by Onecklace. A truly timeless classic, our sterling gold curly chain split monogram initial Necklace can be worn with any look to help you feel like your most fabulous self.
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Item Type:  Wig
  • Material:  Human Hair
  • Can Be Permed:  Yes
  • Material Class:  Remy Hair
  • Cap Size:  Medium
  • Cap Size:  Compact
  • Texture:  Silky Straight
  • ColorRange:  Only Darker Colors
  • Net Weight:  150-250g
  • Brand Name:  Goddess Wiggie
  • Human Hair Type:  Chinese Hairstyle
  • Base Material:  Swiss Lace
  • Colour Type:  Ombre
  • Wigs Length:  Long
  • Model Number:  ZCH20160618
  • Colour of Lace:  Taupe
  • Production Method:  Hand Knitted
  • Density :  200density
  • Item Name:  6A Full Lace Wig (Options Full Lace / Lace Front
  • Hair Grade:  6A Hair
  • Hair Length of Model:  24 Inch
  • Hair Density of Model:  200 Density
  • Hair Color of Model:  Blue Green
  • Cap Size:  M (Options Small, Medium, Large)
  • Lace Wig Lace Color:  Medium Brown
  • Lace Wig Workmanship:  With Baby Hair Natural Hairline
  • U Part Wig Workmanship:  Weft Sewn Wig

Here are the products I used to achieve this look.

Eyebrow: Avon perfect eyebrow kit: Soft brown.

Eye shadow: Zaron duo eyeshadow: 01 empress.

Foundation: Micolor Bb foundation (24 hours waterproof).

Setting powder: Comp Milano silky Matt (shine-free).

Contour: Inglot freedom system 512

Highlighter: LCF contour powder with highlighter: ton 1 (full product review).

Bronzer: Dark chocolate deep matte zero calories face bronzer. 

Black eye pencil: Sabaya line and shadow pencil 01

Mascara: Glambee: This is my mascara 3D effect.

Powder: Started with Zaron mattifying powder and finished my look with Mac dark deep next to nothing powder/ pressed A87.

Lipstick: Hilda: Erewa by Araphat.

Apart from taking online lectures and trying to start a daily workout routine, I decided to learn more about makeup and video editing. The quarantine keeps getting extended and I know that's as a result of the growing number of cases. Let us all stay home and stop the spread of COVID-19.
The Handbringer by Christopher J. Penington is what you get when urban fantasy, high fantasy and historical fiction have coffee together. If you love a good adventure story this would be right up your alley. While the book boasts a combination that promises to deliver, did it really?

Peter Hadrian the dashing cop protagonist is savaged by a vampire when he takes a distress call. He wakes up in the facility and told he has been chosen for a mission, one that takes him backwards in time! He is sent to defeat the source of the vampirism outbreak by killing Dracula. It’s not that simple (as expected) and on the way love is found, friendship bonds are forged, and adventure is had.

I love the premise of this book clearly. Chris fleshed out Romania’s history and put some colour into the possibilities of the reality of Vlad. I learned about the politics of living in ancient Romanian times before it was actually Romania. It's very immersive if you've fantasized about being a strapping medieval warrior that is. It’s funny and sad to see in writing how people in the past would have reacted to such an outbreak and even a possible cure outside the realms of their knowledge. There’s a big dollop of Christianity inspired concepts in this book and it was nice.

There are a lot of aspects that go into staying healthy. When many people think about being healthy, they think about their weight, what they eat and how often they exercise. While those are good things to think about, they don’t show the whole picture of the health of an individual.

For example, an aspect of health that often goes underrated is oral health. The health of your teeth and gums can be a direct look at your overall health. Not only that, but no one wants a stained smile, unhealthy gums, or an oral disease. If you're looking to maintain good oral health, you should visit this dentist in Plantation.

Unfortunately, paying for dental-related costs out of pocket can be very costly. For example, full-mouth dental reconstruction can run $30,000 and up. As a result, having the best dental insurance is very important. But how can you go about maximizing this coverage for your benefit? Without any further ado, let’s take a close look at 5 different tips to help you get the most out of your dental insurance coverage.
Pineapple is a tropical fruit with great health benefits. Apart from the fact that they contain vitamins and serve as antioxidants here are other health benefits of pineapple.

1.Ease digestion.
They ease digestion because they contain bromelain which is a group of digestive enzymes that breaks down proteins and aids digestion for people with pancreatic insufficiency which occurs when the pancreas doesn't have enough specific enzymes to aid digestion.

2. Asthma prevention
Eating pineapple can lower your possibility of having asthmas according to studies. Fruits that have orange, dark gree, yellow colour like pineapple contain beta-carotene which is a red-orange pigment found in plants and colourful vegetables which helps retain lung strength, it is an antioxidant that protects the body from radicals.

3. Fight cancer
It prevents colon cancer, hinders the progression of cancer because it contains bromelain which modulates certain pathways that support malignant cancers. 

4. Reduction of blood pressure.

5. Improve fertility.

6. Great for the health. Fibre, vitamins and potassium are good for the heart.

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