Hi everyone, hope you all are doing great? and happy hallowen loves. My week was not really nice.. but all thanks to GOD. I really thank everyone for their comments and also for following my blog, i love you so much and i do appreciate.Today  You will be meeting some of my very cute friends, we study together too. also today am wearing a simple outfit a white pant, blue top, purple jacket and a dark brown boot. actually i wasn't really prepared for this shoot, was a bad hair day and was also a very stressful day, this pictures were taken in front of Kharkov palace hostel which is opposite my university.. anyways the week is all over.wish you all a wonderful weekend and a Sunday filled with blessings.


JACKET incity  (here) SIMILAR (here),(here)
 TOP:  mohito (here) SIMILAR (here)(here)(here)
PANTS up star
BOOTS centro (here) (here)(here), and (here)

Hey fashionistas! Ready for some vibrant style tips? Let's talk about how to rock a yellow bow tie skirt with a gorgeous blue top. It's all about fun and flair, so let's dive in!

1. The Yellow Bow Tie Magic:

Picture this: a sunny yellow bow tie skirt. It's like a burst of happiness! Perfect for adding that playful vibe to your look, whether you're out for brunch or hitting the town.

2. Stunning Blue Top:

Now, let's pair that yellow beauty with a stunning blue top. Go bold with cobalt or keep it cool with a sky blue—your call! Whether it's a fitted blouse or a breezy summer top, the blue-yellow combo is a game-changer.

3. Accessorize:

Time to jazz it up! Add a statement necklace or some cute earrings to highlight the blue top. A chic belt can bring it all together, and don't forget a stylish handbag to complete the look.

4. Rock Your Footwear:

Nude, Blue heels or ankle boots, anyone? These will keep your legs looking fab while letting the colors steal the show. Match the footwear to your vibe and watch the magic happen.

Here's the secret sauce—confidence! Strut your stuff, own your style, and let the world see your vibrant personality shine through. After all, confidence is the best accessory, right?

So, there you have it—styling a yellow bow tie skirt with a radiant blue top is all about having fun with your look. Mix, match, and own it with confidence. Ready to turn heads? Let's do this!

Outfit details

Skirt: Top secret
Top: Mohito
Red: Red Kiss



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