I am going to tell you about a book i started reading 3 weeks ago, this book is titled 50 KEYS TO WOMEN ACCOMPLISHMENT by ' Layo Charles Emmanuel'' a female writer, motivational speaker and pastor. It is a usual book and telling you all about it here can't really be expressed properly. I find it difficult to read non-medical and fashion books, but i decide to change my habit and it paid me. This book talks and teaches about how to discover your purpose as a woman, such as laying a solid foundation in life, pursuing your purpose in life, the accomplished woman and her family... lots more. A very interesting and life-changing book.  The author states  "I have discovered that there is much more to being a woman than just managing to keep a home intact, having a good-paying job or a great body!   Hence, i have gone ahead to share these 50 vital keys that will guarantee that you as a woman will be accomplished in every area of life''.                                                                                
I read this book in my free time, break-in school, when coming back from uni or when sitting down outside of my house while the cool breeze of the evenings blows making the trees sing, lots of inspirations come in and i write them down. Times has past when all we learnt in school is all we need to know, get wise and start impacting good things into your life 'remember that our daily decision and habit has a huge impact upon both our level of happiness and success''. This book is not necessarily for only women because what can change a woman's life can also change a man, get a copy for yourself and a loved one, you can get it as a birthday gift, mothers day gift or sisterly gift,  Change your life and someone else's life today. It comes in both hard copy on AMAZON and Emails me (godisablej66@gmail.com) for the electronic (E COPY) which goes for 9.99 dollars.
   I already got my copy.. grab yours now. WORD: The best investment a man can make is investing in his life.                                              
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