Keep it cool with the Fresh Juice Ice Mint face and body moisturizing mist spray (Освежающая вода для лица и тела "Охлаждающая мята"). Body and face mist do more than just cool off your skin. Do you moisturize your skin in summer?. The summer heat can be so crazy, the hot atmosphere is so disturbing making you sweat a lot. Most times we complain about extremely dry skin or very oily skin. I usually go from too dry to too oily skin depending on the season and what type of beauty products I am using at that point in time. I was trying to figure out my skin balance until I decide to try this ice mint moisturizer which changed everything and kept my face and body moisturized.

Pamper your skin with gentle refreshing water “Cooling mint”, which will become your indispensable “companion” on hot summer days. This is a natural cosmetic product produced by a Ukrainian brand. Fresh Juice mist will give your skin intensive moisturizing, tone, and coolness. The basis of the formula is the extract of mint leaves, which has a great softening and anti-inflammatory effect, refreshes, nourishes the cells with nutrients and charges with energy. Due to its properties, mint soothes, fights dehydration, relaxes and relieves stress.
During the summer this a beach essential which should always be in your bag. This ice mist has a light and pleasant mint flavor, does not leave a feeling of stickiness after application, fixes makeup and perfectly tones. The panthenol contained in the elixir will help soften dry skin and restore its elasticity. This product was introduced to me by a friend and I figured I could do more with it. This refreshing water will take care of your skin from morning till late evening, providing it with maximum comfort, giving shine and attractive appearance!

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