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My encounter with a drunken man holding a Bull Terrier inside the train at night.

My encounter with a drunken man holding a Bull Terrier inside the train at night.

Last Thursday, I reluctantly boarded the underground train, eager to get home quickly despite my aversion to it. As usual, I found the train to be disgustingly dirty. Sitting uncomfortably on the edge of a seat, I decided to immerse myself in my phone to avoid acknowledging the unsanitary surroundings. However, my attempt to distract myself was interrupted when the train stopped at another station, and the door opened after some passengers disembarked and boarded other coaches.

A man aggressively pounded on the door of our coach, causing it to open. He entered, accompanied by a large Bull Terrier dog, clearly intoxicated. Feeling uneasy, I promptly vacated my seat and moved to the back where two other passengers were seated. They soon alighted, leaving me alone with the drunk man and his dog.

Throughout the journey, this man was talking to his restless dog. Consequently, they missed their intended stop, prolonging the discomforting situation. What exacerbated my unease was when, before exiting, the man directed a vulgar gesture towards me with his hand. I couldn't shake off the fear that he might unleash the dog on me.

This incident left me deeply unsettled, reflecting on how some individuals exploit animals as weapons to intimidate others, masquerading it as pet ownership. Dogs like Bull Terrier, in such circumstances, cease to be companions but become potential threats. It's alarming how someone visibly unfit to handle such responsibility is permitted to possess and wield control over such a wild animal. 

I already called my friend to stay on the phone with me, and after I got off the train, she made a reassuring statement. She said, "Your angels will not let the dog bite you." I found comfort in her words  as I walked home.

The other day at the train station, I sat down waiting for the train when a teenager started vaping near me. I politely asked him to refrain from smoking close to me. He moved to the next seat.

What frustrated me even more was the blatant disregard for the "no smoking or vaping" signs, wondering why such behavior is overlooked by those monitoring the cameras. It's disheartening.

On another occasion, as I was about to board the train, I encountered a situation that deeply unsettled me. A girl struggled to control a large pit bull, which attempted to grab the bag I was holding. This incident left me feeling frightened and angry, casting a shadow over my day.

I've never been fond of dogs, stemming from childhood experiences where I was chased by them. The fear intensified when a neighbor's daughter was injured in a similar incident. Pit bulls, in particular, evoke fear due to reports of aggression and attacks.

On Saturday, TMZ reported that a man died after a pit bull attack at his home, enduring a slow and painful final few minutes of life as he was mauled by his own canines, according to officials.

Irvine Times also shared footage depicting a disturbance and a dog-on-dog attack on High Street. The distressing video shows what appears to be an XL Bully-type dog attacking another dog, biting its neck.

The BBC news reported a separate incident where a family dog bit a teenage girl on the leg at home in Darfield, Barnsley. The 17-year-old suffered deep wounds and was subsequently taken to the hospital for treatment.

CBS News reported that a tragic incident occurred in Connecticut, where a 1-year-old boy lost his life after being bitten by a dog. This heartbreaking event marks the second fatality of a young child due to a dog attack in the United States this week.

I've come across the absurd notion online that dogs are superior to humans, a belief I vehemently oppose. It seems only those with a skewed perspective would endorse such an idea. While opinions may vary, I firmly believe that laws should be enacted to protect individuals from the dangers posed by unrestrained animals masquerading as pets and drunk people carrying wild animals around. It's time for the government to take action to safeguard public safety against such risks.

While writing this article, I came across a website that has a list of dogs that should not be kept as pets and the reasons why. In my opinion, none should be kept as pets. 


  1. That must have been so very frightening, particularly given that you are not comfortable with dogs anywhere. I am so glad you were safe.

  2. I'm sure that all dogs are good, but I'm sure God'll protects you daily!!!

  3. I really like dogs but I think some people are really irresponsible and shouldn't have dogs. Some breed of dogs considered aggressive should be banned, especially bull terriers.

  4. Thanks for sharing this scary situation and your feeling on dogs. I am a cat lover but think not everyone can have a dog.


  5. So awful... :( All of those situations. You must have been very scared, I would have been! I like dogs, but those agressive types scare me. And I prefer cats generally. I also hate smoking and recently I think that all the people smoke. And they smoke EVERYWHERE. :(

  6. So scary!!!! I'm always on guard to avoid these kind of situations when I'm alone on public transport(much more for the man than the dog, guess I could deal better with him that his dunken owner...).
    Anyway I've always with my phone on hand (you can start a direct with your friends anytime) and pepperspray on my bag, you never know...
    this must been so traumatic for you, so sorry for you!

  7. That is scary. I think I would have got off at the first stop and waited for the next train. The vapers couldn't possibly be worse than the dog. At least you can move around and avoid them. And thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Nice to see you there!

  8. How scary! Glad to hear that you're okay.

  9. I'm so sorry that you had to go through this ordeal, Melody. I can't even imagine how terrified you must have been at that moment. Thank God it all ended well! I'm 100% on board with you - I hate vapes and cigarettes! Also, not a fan of a public transport.
    Stay safe, girl.


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