Sunday, February 25

My Valentine's Day Gifts from My Partner

Beautiful black woman holding a valentine's day card

February is almost over, and while we eagerly anticipate spring, the weather continues to fluctuate. I had been delaying sharing my Valentine's gift due to a backlog of posts. However, as February draws to a close, I decided it's now or never. I received flowers, a card, and plenty of delicious treats.

My partner surprised me with a lovely card and a bouquet of flowers. I cherish life's simple pleasures, finding joy in even the smallest moments. The card and flowers brought me immense happiness, filling my heart with warmth and countless smiles.

Receiving flowers is always a delightful gesture, although I understand not everyone shares the same sentiment. I texted my partner to inquire about the meaning behind the flowers and attached is a screenshot of his reply.

Even though the flower was near a window and heater, altering its look, I was determined to capture its beauty. I'm thankful for my partner's thoughtful gift, which brought me joy. I pray God blesses and guides him. Amen.

Did you also receive wonderful gifts for Valentine's? Feel free to share your experiences!

My Valentine's Day Gifts from My Partner

Black woman holding a flower


  1. Beautiful Photos. I also love Flowers.

  2. You are beautiful. Nice photos.
    I love small gestures and gifts. Flowers are always a great gift.
    I can't wait for spring and sunny days.
    Best regards.

  3. Jakie piękne zdjęcia. Cudownie wyglądasz!

  4. Nice flowers, I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day as it isn't something me and Tim do

  5. Lindas flores. Siempre es genial recibir regalos. Te mando un beso.

  6. Those flowers are so beautiful! These pictures are just so stunning <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  7. You look beautiful and elegant in your photos and the flowers are lovely. I get flowers throughout the year and they bring me great pleasure to see them brightening up the house. Our Valentine's Day was spent quietly this year.

  8. Boo, there is no screenshot attached ;) Fantastic bouquet, I love flowers in any shape or form. Usually I get them from my beloved beau, however, sometimes I buy them for myself too, because why not? :)


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