Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Melody Jacob's first solo trip to Edinburgh

I traveled to Edinburgh on Sunday, feeling sad and angry and remembering and grieving my deceased sister. Occasionally, I ponder what could have been done to prevent the occurrence. I'm still processing, but I awoke on Sunday morning with a heavy heart, so I decided to go to the library, but after sitting and doing a few things there, I decided to go to a mall in the hopes of feeling better.

When I reached the mall, I was still not feeling well, so I walked to the train station and purchased a ticket to Edinburgh, knowing that it was a short distance away. I was confused about my train terminal, so I approached a train station staff, who informed me that it was terminal 13. I sat there, but I still needed confirmation, so I asked the elderly lady seated next to me. She confirmed the information provided by the workers at the train station. However, after a few minutes, a train arrived at a different terminal, and the woman returned to tell me that this was my train. It was incredibly thoughtful and nice of her to seek out the correct information for me. I hurriedly boarded the train, but I immediately fell asleep due to my poor sleeping habits. The brief nap I took on that train was indeed beneficial. I was still asleep when the train stopped, but the lady sitting next to me woke me up and informed me that we had reached our destination. I thanked her and exited the train.

After arriving at the train station, I sat down and entered a restaurant called Prat a Manger, but the meal was too dry and flavorless. I was not impressed, and I believe that certain restaurants in Scotland or restaurants in general need to improve. I was unable to eat because I felt nauseated, so I stopped trying to force myself to eat. After a while, an elderly gentleman walked in, ordered this meal, and sat beside me. He remarked, "Excuse me, are you depressed?" "You look so sad and unhappy," I told him I was fine and just needed a little travel, and he provided me with some recommendations for places to visit in Edinburgh. He said goodbye as I left.

As I walked into the city it was cold outside, so I didn't want to pull out my phone to look for information. Instead, I just walked behind people who looked like tourists and followed their directions. The view of the city was beautiful, and I climbed long stairs and saw many beautiful sites. However, when I got to Edinburgh Castle, I was told that tickets were sold out for that day, so I didn't go inside. I did enjoy the view and sightseeing, though. Here are some photos from my first solo trip, which were both happy and sad. I hope you like it, and let me know if I'm a good photographer or if I can do better.

Have you visited Edinburgh?



  1. Hello, sorry for your loss!
    I haven't visited Edinburgh but I pretend one day.


  2. so much fun! I love Edinburgh with all my heart. It is such a moody city, the vibes are fantastic. I visited it several times and studied there for awhile as well. If only it was warmer I would love to reside there one day


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