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3 Ways To Make Your Team Happier

Building happy teams has arguably never been more important than during the Great Resignation. Company executives battling to retain outstanding staff rely on certain basics such as bonuses, increased retirement contributions, and promotions.

These common strategies can undoubtedly motivate and entertain team members. However, with more companies dangling the same carrots, people tend to go toward the biggest ones. Then, every time someone leaves, you have to try to put your team back together again.

As employees seek professional fulfilment in areas other than their income, you have an opportunity to be creative. Here are three methods for creating a happier, more productive team.

1. Increase the volume of their workplace.

We never grow tired of wanting better toys. They may not be the same as those we had when we were younger, but we still adore them. At whatever age, our "stuff" keeps us happy and fulfilled.

Your team members may only require a desk, computer, chair, phone, wastebasket, and stapler. Giving them more than the minimal necessities, on the other hand, can make them feel special. You shouldn't have to spend too much money on it.

Not everyone can afford a corner office, but they can incorporate parts of one into their workspace. Consider light therapy lamps (often known as "happy lights") in windowless offices, as well as more ergonomic seats and footrests. Perhaps a team member would like a standing desk or a treadmill workstation to keep them moving as they work.

Obviously, there are several electronic devices that would warm the hearts and workstations of employees. Screens that are larger and of higher quality, monitor stands, and mouse pads that charge mobile devices are a few examples. In a less technological vein, green plants may do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of a sterile area.

The members of your team will not all desire the same creature comforts; therefore, you must cater to their specific desires and needs. Have kids prepare wish lists so you can assess the cost of the desired items and begin budgeting for them. Keep in mind that these workplace enhancements are significant contributors to both team happiness and productivity.

2. Organize extracurricular team activities.

Not only do members of the happiest teams work well together, but they also like each other. Logic dictates that if they love spending time together outside of work, they will be happier on the job. It is your responsibility to establish extracurricular opportunities that will strengthen these friendships.

Food and drink are always excellent opportunities for social interaction and conversation. Team breakfasts, lunches, and happy hours provide employees with an opportunity to unwind and enjoy one another's company. They are comparable to joyfully chaotic holiday family meals.

And don't overlook entertainment. Have various teams battle against one another for cheesy travelling trophies and boastful bragging rights. Who can answer the Wordle of the day in the fewest attempts and quickest time? Then there's bowling, NCAA basketball tournament brackets, and exciting Minecraft competitions.

Allowing staff time for activities while they are on the clock is one of the keys to team happiness here. You cannot expect a single father with a child to spend all night with the same folks he saw during the day. Furthermore, you don't want him to feel like he's missing out on the pleasure every time he prioritises his family.

Hosting these non-traditional corporate holiday parties will not prevent work from being completed. In contrast, coworkers tend to discuss work even in social settings. After dinner and a movie in the conference room, who knows what unique solutions your team may come up with?

3. Offer personalised benefits.

Obviously, you should provide the expected benefits to your employees, such as health and life insurance and a large 401(k) match. However, your team members may find satisfaction in unique bonuses that appeal to them on an individual level.

Providing transit passes to employees who leave their automobiles at home in response to increased petrol prices could increase employee satisfaction and benefit the environment. Provide fuel gift vouchers to individuals who cannot use public transportation but can carpool. Employees worried about their carbon impact (as well as their employer's) may be ecstatic about these perks.

If there is a gym close to the office, give memberships and be lenient if staff utilise the facility over lunch. Consider how you will maintain your insurance rates low if your team members are healthy before you worry about the cost.

There are additional benefits you can provide that appeal to the interests and passions of employees. How about providing passes to museums, zoos, theatres, and concerts? Distribute the company's season tickets to athletic events, rather than using them exclusively for clients.

Nobody anticipates a pass in their personal or professional lives. Your team members might be ecstatic if you occasionally surprise them with one. A little enjoyment makes work less of a chore.

Sow seeds of delight.

There is a common thread across all of these ingenious methods for boosting team spirit. In other words, you must know each team member as an individual, not merely as a unit of labour.

When your team members feel that you have a genuine professional interest in them, they will be happier and more motivated to work.



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