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7 situations where you should stay silent.

There are situations whereby we need to stay calm and be silent. Not every issue deserves your opinion, sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Here are 7 situations where you should stay silent.

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  1. When your parents give you instructions to behave or suffer the consequences.

  2. Thank you for the A2A. I’m happy to critique your link. I hope this is why you asked me.

    Be silent if your words could damage a friendship.
    Should I then speak if my silence damages it, or prolongs it in its dying agony? All relationships have, at their core, a basis of trust and honest communication. Whether the friendship is damaged or not, my words, ideally, shouldn’t change that.

    The most my feeble words could hope to accomplish, would be to shed light on a wound that we both already feel. Sometimes we have to accept that its time to move on, not by swallowing our bitterness, but by speaking our hearts.

    Be silent when you don’t have all the facts
    This one is subtle, because it intuitively sounds true. It is not. The reality is that nobody has “all the facts”. Whereas its a bad idea to jump to conclusions before hearing both sides of a story, and you shouldn’t accuse people without proof, sometimes you need to find out more, and asking questions, not silence, is the way to do that. Don’t be petty, though. Most of the time, on this one, silence probably is the best option here. These stories normally unfold themselves when its their time.

    Be silent in the heat of anger.
    Yes. This one is correct, always.

    Be silent if your words convey the wrong impression,
    I want to think I’m fairly decent at minding my tone, but the reality of it is I’m probably even better not minding it. I suppose I just enjoy saying what I have to say with feeling, even if that does make someone slightly uncomfortable.

    Be silent if your feeling critical.
    What? Take a vow of silence? No, thank you.

    Be silent if you can’t say it without screaming.
    Under most circumstances, I’d agree. I can think of an exception though, and that's if you’re in a Screamo band!

    Be silent if your words would offend a person
    You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I do occasionally offend people, but I don’t mean to. I hope that nobody would intentionally do this, but please understand that not everyone will know your boundaries, until they get to know you.

    Again, thanks for the A2A, I hope this is what you wanted!

  3. When in court and in front of a judge.

  4. When a child is getting told off by a parent . At funerals if you can maintain composure it helps others . In church . At meetings so the speaker can be heard . On public transport it's just polite . When it's none of your business . ( My favourite )

    Some of the above are more appropriate than others .

  5. I opt to remain quiet when talking to an illogical person. It is not that I am more logical or smarter, it is just that instead of wasting time trying to convince someone that they way they are thinking is incorrect I would rather remain quiet.

  6. Lots of circumstances. At church, a funeral, a wedding, a meeting, during a class, in court, in a movie, during a play, at the theater, when you're hunting, when you're being accused of something in court…..

  7. In a situation where someone your close to is very angry. In this situation I remain calm and don’t react. I get up and go into another room until they cool down. I don’t add fuel to the fire.

  8. Court is the first thing that comes to mind.


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