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I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations. Beatrix Potter English writer of children's books

No matter how dark your situation seems, this is not the end. This is not the end of your story, this is not the final chapter of your life. I know it may be hard right now, but if you just hang in there, think it out over and over again, you will find that this tough moment will pass, and if you are committed to using this pain, using it to build your character, finding a greater meaning for the pain, you will find that in time you can turn your life around and help others going through the same struggles. The world right now is in the middle of a mental health crisis, it has been estimated that almost half the population suffers from depression at some stage throughout their life. Rather than joining the queue, it is important we learn about how we can change it. Believe it or not, we create our own negative feelings, and we can also ensure that we turn our lives around and be a positive change for others. The reason anyone is depressed always comes down to the consistent thoughts we think and the consistent believes we hold. Anyone that is depressed is because there was an external factor that did materialize in their life. They have lost something outside of their control or do not have something that is out of their control.

In school, we are taught how to get a job, no one teaches us how to live in a state of happiness, no one teaches us how important our conscious and unconscious thoughts and associations are, is our happiness not worth more than a job?  Yes, it is, and before you say happiness won't pay my bills, happiness will pay your bills, when you realize that you will be 10 times more energized, focused and take positive actions in your life when you first choose to develop yourself as a priority and then get to the stuff of the world.

What better way to start the new year by evaluating your projects and get them running on the right track. Growing your business can be stressful and challenging but there are ways around it that can help you build an authentic audience for a positive result. 

There are six ideas to help you grow your business in 2109. Taking your blog or business website to the next level is always a good idea. I am working on some of this and I want to share with you all some helpful tips that will help you grow your business in 2019.

Redesign your website
A good and easily navigated website is key to good customer service. Redesigning your website can be a breakthrough for your business, which includes monetary and service wise.
To read more about redesigning your website. I have put together 7 reasons why your website needs a redesign

Add relevant contents to your website
Running a business is totally different from adding content to your website. There is strategic content that drives traffic to a website. Understand what type of content drives traffic to your business website and capitalize on creating those types of contents. There are a lot of content creators online with worthy services who can help in directing your business to the right audience.
This includes the way photos on your business website are edited, the colour scheme, arrangement, and patterns. Instagram and Facebook happen to be some of the most used business apps and as so interacting with your followers and asking catchy questions can help build both trusts and capture better productive attention. 

Styling a biker short is super easy. You must have seen likes of the Kardashian sisters and supermodels styling biker shorts so effortlessly. This athleisure trend can be styled in different ways. Wearing a tee with a biker short and sneakers is a dope street style look which can hardly go wrong.

I wasn't so sure about my interest in styling this trend until now. I like the vintage blazer look paired with court shoes. This look is a bomb and is one of my favorites so far. Would you wear a biker short on the street? what is your take on this trend?.
Outfit details
Court shoes: Here.
Rainbow top: Multi-color Jonie Rainbow Stripe Turtleneck Long Sleeve Jumper featuring a thin knit at Rebellious Fashion
Sunglasses: Here.
Bag: Sammydress.

Today is the last day for visiting the Kharkov snow resort and I am happy I was able to visit even tho it was the last day. I went with friends and we had so much fun. We did my favorite snow sports tubing. Well, this reminds me that summer is by the corner and we are preparing for spring and saying a big good bye to winter.
Balenciaga Sneakers, fringe and flare jeans, over-sized blazers, vintage sunglasses and waist bags are all over the street. These are the game changer fashion trends for spring/summer 2019. If its comfy and cool then bring it on.  

Today is Friday which happens to be the favorite day of the week for most people. How are you planning on spending your weekend? relaxing, cleaning or partying? which ever way, wishing  you all a beautiful and lovely weekend.

Outfit details
Sunglasses: Giant vintage sunglasses.This deadstock vintage CHEERIO sunglasses offer full UV protection. Recently unearthed and never before worn or sold. Brushed away the years of dust and brought you the originals!

Necklace : Totwoo love bloom necklace.
The Totwoo love bloom neck piece is very sophisticated and elegant. Each pendant consists of nine drop-shaped Swarovski crystals, and a flower core that is made with gold foil. Underneath is the Totwoo newest smart core, the smart core 2.0, covered by 18k gold-plated S925 silver. Read more here.


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