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I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations. Beatrix Potter English writer of children's books

One of the season's most-wanted styles, this ultra-wearable ankle boot creates a strong and assertive look. The “Star Trail” ankle boots from Louis Vuitton feature glazed calf leather, side zips, block heels, rubber soles, and contrasting white laces. The now-iconic Star Trail lace-up boot comes in several variations on the original, even reinterpreted with a luxurious silver fox fur ornament.
Exclusive - Kefe Chunky Heel Ankle Desert Boots by Jessica Buurman.

There’s a mini chemistry lab in every cell of us transforming food into fuel around the clock. It will affect our energy, weight and even mood. Think ourselves as cars. Cars run on gasoline and we run on calories, i.e., the unit of energy. Even while sleeping, we’re also burning calories.
The question of creativity—where it comes from and how it happens—is fascinating. In this photo challenge, we're looking for a glimpse into any of the phases of your creative process–whether it's coming up with the idea or putting the finishing touches on the project. The photos submitted can depict the creative process from any visual medium (photography, design, painting, sculpture, fashion, illustration).
t's been a busy April at Pexels. Our team has turned around some cool features and projects that we wanted to share with you (check them out below). We've also launched a new photo challenge with guest judge, Format, the website builder designed for artists to showcase their work online. They'll be choosing the winners and giving away prizes including $200 cash! Exciting stuff... read on.

New Feature: Notifications

Ever wondered who's downloading your photos? Now you can see who's liking, downloading and following your work! Check it out by logging into your profile.

New Plugin: WordPress Plugin

Do you have a WordPress blog? Then install the Pexels WordPress plugin to easily add photos to your blog posts! Search and browse thousands of free stock photos from Pexels and add ANY image to your WordPress Media Library with one click. Special thanks to Pexels user, Raaj Trambadia, for building.
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New Photo Challenge: The Creative Process

Did you know that Pexels features a handful of new photo challenges every month? The themes vary widely and each challenge offers you the opportunity to gain recognition and win prizes. Win $200 cash + Format Pro by submitting your images to The Creative Process challenge.
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