Hi everyone, yea its my birthday. I am so happy and grateful to GOD for bringing me this far. Tho my birthday was on the 10th of June but On that day  i was so busy with modeling lol. So today i decided to take some picture with the cake i told a friend to make. Really, just few people knew about my birthday. Some of my friends haven't sent me any message or even called to wish me a happy birthday up till now. Anyway thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday.

Hi everyone hope you all had a lovely Sunday. I had a very nice Sunday. After my church service i went for a comedy show which was worth my time, it was really cool with lots of performance from different talented people, all the comedians were very good, i really enjoyed myself. The event was hosted my APOSTLE  OF LAUGHTER, a very popular comedian here in Ukraine.  Talking about my outfit, i love red tartan so much, because it lightens up your outfit. It is also one of my favorite trends. Wish you all a great and blessed week.

Hi everyone, I am so in love with my new denim shirt. Denim never goes out of fashion, it is one of my favorite trend. You might wonder why i wore two different shoes, it is because i had a catwalk class to attend later. so i decided to wear something more comfortable but all the same i love both looks. 
Hi everyone, how was your weekend? mine was great and less stressful. Today's blog feature is centred on Valentine Ramsey from OUTOFGIDI.COM. He is a 5th-year medical student from Imo state in NIGERIA, he loves wrestling and listening to music. What do you think about his style? let me know by leaving your comments below. To keep in touch with him follow him on the following social networks.

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