Are you going for the next best part of attending a wedding? Then these are the best outfits that will make you stand out and look fabulous. These are made from different types of materials, and the designs are unique to the designers.

It is officially summer even though the weather gets cold from time to time, but this is what the weather in Scotland can offer us. Well, today I will be sharing wedding-guest outfits that will make you stand out and are also suitable for summer.

These dresses are not just classy but will fit many body types as well. Find the wedding guest dress you love from this collection of dresses and click on the link below to buy a dress now.

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"A whimsical wedding gown is usually light and airy, with details such as colour, prints, or textural appliqués such as 3D flowers or ruffles." It's common knowledge that searching for the perfect wedding dress can be a stressful experience. After all, it seems like there are an infinite number of different styles and silhouettes to choose from. If, on the other hand, you can't help but imagine yourself walking down the aisle while wearing a gown that is delicate, ethereal, and feminine, then a romantic wedding dress is the style that is best suited to you.

Wedding dresses by Dovita bridal.

When it comes to making a memorable entrance as the bride at her wedding, a lot of brides place equal importance on their wedding dress and their bouquet. The bridal bouquet is extremely beautiful, but it also has a rich history and symbolism. Since the time that ancient Roman brides began to bring floral garlands to their weddings and wear them as a symbol of fertility, faithfulness, and new beginnings, flowers have played a significant role in the overall look of the bride.The bride carries a bouquet of flowers as she makes her way down the aisle. It's intended to add a coordinating touch to the wedding's general concept and the design of her dress. Consider customising your flowers if you're arranging a wedding with a lot of unique details. Instead of making your final pick solely on the basis of colour and style, consider the meaning of each flower.

Finding flowers that reflect how you feel for your spouse and their goals for the future is crucial, but it is equally important to pick flowers that are the right colour, have the right aroma, and have the right shape. It is the thoughtful mixing of all of these elements that has led to bridal bouquets gaining a reputation for being so beautiful and meaningful in modern times.
Every bride has the option of choosing from one of these 65 luxurious bridal bouquets.

Life happens. Just before I started writing this article, a friend of mine, who has been interested in me for a while now but whom I clearly let know that I wasn’t interested in, just sent me his wedding invitation. When I received it, I was happy and glad for him, and I believe he will make a lovely husband to her, but on the other hand, I wondered how well I could contribute to his wedding ceremony because where I come from, little help is needed during weddings, like finding the right wedding dress for the bride by going shopping with her or finding the right bridal set, which includes cute necklaces and rings, is well appreciated. Sometimes we go as far as helping out with the cooking because we want the food to have a taste of home, and since weddings are supposed to happen once in a lifetime, a lot of things have to be put in place before the wedding.

Marriage generally can be scary and hectic, especially in the present time, but if you don’t try, how would you know? So go out with a positive attitude and be positive, while also being sure that you have found the right partner, and when it happens, be sure to enjoy the process and be thankful.

My friend asked me to suggest the best ring I thought would be perfect for his bride. I guess it's because of my fashion and lifestyle blog that I get to have these little opportunities to suggest outfits for my friends and family on special occasions; I appreciate it and do not take it for granted. I suggested a heart-shaped wedding ring.

I haven't been as active as I have been this spring. I guess I am beginning to recover from the cold season, and one of the best ways I would recommend doing so is by clearing out your wardrobe and bringing out those lovely accessories and dresses and pairing them. Looking fabulous and lovely should be a way of life. It doesn't have to cost so much. It can be as simple as adding a little necklace to your outfit or just curling your hair. These little things do the magic.

If you have been on Instagram of late, you have probably noticed all the beautiful dresses worn by different bloggers and Instagram users—colourful, floral dressing that suits the blossoming of the spring weather. I must say I have been enjoying spring so much. Apart from the beautiful trees and sunshine spring brings, spring makes us hopeful for a warmer summer, and so we just get even more active. Spring is also a perfect time for weddings. Yes, have you seen those gorgeous travel photos that people share in the spring? Oh, my, they are fabulous. I definitely would love to have a spring wedding.
Spring weddings are so dreamy and nice, but of course you have to have a ring before you start planning for one. There are different rings I could recommend; not everyone can afford a diamond ring or even gold, so one of the most popular ring options is a moissanite engagement ring. Do you know why people like moissanite rings? Moissanite is a highly durable stone, intended to last a lifetime and guaranteed to withstand everyday wear. Moissanite is a very appealing alternative to the typical diamond engagement ring due to the personalization possibilities and the very affordable price tag.

Wedding planning is not just deciding on dresses, decors, and desserts, it also involves picking the best people to assist and celebrate it with you from start to finish aka your wedding entourage. This motley crew of personalities is usually your nearest and dearest, people closest to your heart. The challenge begins when it’s time to identify who will make it to the shortlist and walk down the aisle before you.

You can select your wedding entourage from the many branches of your social life. On top of the list is, of course, your family. If you have a sister or sisters, it’s assumed that one or all of them are included in your entourage. Having grown up together, you share the same values and they know you from the inside out. They have your back whatever happens. And aside from your sisters, you also have your cousins, nieces, and even aunts to consider.


Another set of people you can select your bridesmaids from is your friend group. They are the women who may not be bound to you by blood but have been with you through thick and thin. They have seen your best and worst and have stuck around. As the cliche goes, best friends are forever.

Lastly, there are the people outside your family and friend group, individuals you have a great connection with, like a work friend or a college buddy. They are reliable and are always ready to back you up.

When choosing your female entourage, there is no hard rule. You being the bride, ultimately have all the power to decide which ones and how many of them you’d like to share this special moment with you. There’s always the option to have a big wedding party or you can go for a small and intimate circle. Just make sure that when shortlisting your girls, choose people who will bring positive energy your way, just what you need for the most important day of your life.

If you’re still at a loss on how to select the right bridesmaids for your wedding, we have some simple tips which you can use as your guide. Read on.

Beautiful New Bridal Gele and Outfits

The beauty of a Nigerian bride is on her wedding day. Her skin glows, and her costumes make a strong statement about her attractiveness and culture. A gele, also known as a head tie, is a cotton head scarf used by women in many parts of West and Southern Africa. The head tie is used as a decorative head covering or fashion accessory, as well as for its usefulness in a variety of circumstances. Every bride's fantasy is to look her best on her traditional wedding day. Here are Beautiful New Bridal Gele and Outfits.

Happy Independence day Nigeria

Angel Smith stated on her Instagram: My salad, I like youuu or whatever asake said, sorry💀( I couldn’t pass up on that)what I mean to say is Happy Independence Day Nigerians; I think each and every one of us is fierce, strong willed and remarkable. I have never seen people as resilient as us; may that resilience turn into blessings for us and our nation; Amen.

Angel Smith is wearing a green Nigerian traditional bridal attire with a Gele and Aso oke.

Styling: @mz_florashaw
Fabric @maxipearl_fabrics
Dress @pearls_bridals
Beads @beadbyz
Clutch @tavinbeads
Gele: @gelebyboj
Mua: @diivasonly_mua
Photo: @photokulture
Shoes: @lady_dehl_shoes

Traditional Bridal gele and makeup

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