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How you dry your hair is one of the most critical steps to caring for your hair. Ideal for fine, curly, or delicate hair, AQUIS Lises Luxe Hair Towels feature a fabric with a completely flat and smooth surface weave. They’re designed to dry your hair quickly, effectively, and evenly to a damp stage without the damaging effects of heat and bath towels. Textured hair strands come more into contact with this fabric. For every wave or coil, the slightly raised cuticles come into contact with the AQUIS Hair Towel and are dried rapidly and gently, without damaging the fragile cortex of your curly hair. 
AQUIS products are engineered for both men and women to quickly and efficiently dry your hair. They protect wet hair from the damage caused by heat styling and bath towels so that hair is left looking shinier and healthier. New generation Aquitex improves absorbency and comfort. Wraps and tucks easily leaving hands free while hair dries. Dries fast with less friction, to minimize frizz and damage.


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