When attending a holiday party or casual outing, it's fun to dress in an obvious Christmas theme to show off your festive spirit. Consider creating designs such as Christmas stockings, reindeer, snowmen, and wrapped presents on long nails. To make a nail design that is truly one-of-a-kind, draw a different Christmas symbol on each nail.

The Christmas music is playing, and the holiday decorations are up. The next step is to decorate your nails for Christmas to get into the holiday spirit. These holiday nail art designs will add that special touch and cheer to any situation.

You will adore these nail art pictures for inspiration, whether you plan to create your lovely holiday nails on your own or with the help of your favourite skilled nail art expert. Check out these 13 new Christmas nail designs.


Long nails are aesthetically pleasing, but they are impractical for working-class women because their hands are required for other tasks. So here are some awesome ideas for working-class women's short nails. In addition, with long nails, you cannot do much of anything. Here are 12 Elegant Nail Designs for a Working Woman. Even though your hands are busy, they may still look amazing, and these short nails are perfect for you.

Nails by Dagmara.zajac_

Are you a bride and you are yet to pick which nail colour or nail art design you want on your wedding day. Well, look no further because we have lots of bridal nail design ideas for your wedding day. From classic bridal neutrals to daring hues and nail art, the following are the best new wedding nail ideas for elegant brides.

What type of nails do you wear on your wedding day? 

On your wedding day, a shellac gel manicure, SNS manicure, or artificial nails are the most practical options. A small minority of people still use traditional nail polish, but you wouldn't want to risk chipped nails on your wedding day.

Nails by Zmalowana_ana

You've been looking for just the right fall nail designs, haven't you? We all love summer, but let's be honest, autumn is just as fun. And while all those bright colours were great for summer, fall is the time to wear darker colours. So, get ready to try out the new nail trends for autumn!

Nails by Renata Stolarska

The week is almost ending and we want to give you next week's nail inspiration. Indigo nail designs and art are some of our favourite designer manicures that we love to share with our readers. A lot of people ask about the nail art that we share, and so we always include the nail designer. These nails are by Malgorzata_indigo, an award-winning nail designer from Poland.

Would you like to try a brand-new, popular nail art style? I've got some funny nail art for my girls over here. You'll find fifteen striking manicure designs in this collection, including stiletto, coffin, almond, matte, glitter, ombre, and plain nails. These designs are suitable for all seasons, occasions, and events. For example, try any Christmas nail art throughout the holiday season; this will inspire more passion and add liveliness to your celebrations. We have changed our lifestyles and our clothes in order to live each moment brilliantly. To find out which design looks better on you or is more adorable, you must experiment with several nail art designs.

Here are the latest nail designs that we are currently loving.

People are looking for fresh Halloween nail ideas this year. My decision to share more new Halloween manicures is because my previous article on Halloween nail ideas is getting a tonne of traffic and this new set of nails will hopefully help you get ready.

What's a more adorable and spookier accessory for your Halloween costume than some Halloween nail art? You can simply go above and beyond to achieve the ideal Halloween look you have been planning for months on Halloween, which is a time to express your creativity. Halloween nail art can make your costume or makeup look better. You will undoubtedly enjoy making and wearing it, no matter how you use it.


You should decide which design to work with if you want to create your own Halloween nail art. You can choose from a wide variety of themes, but you might want to start with a straightforward layout. What matters is that you can recreate that pattern on your nails in time for your Halloween costume. There are so many cute designs available; depending on the costume or character you plan to wear, choose the one that best fits your costume theme.

No matter the occasion, whether you're at home eating candy corn on the couch or dressed up at a socially awkward celebration, these nail art ideas can help you enjoy the most enjoyable holiday of the fall. Here are some scary spider webs and bloody vampires for your Halloween manicure.

Here are some Halloween Anime nail art ideas that you can try:

Whether you want to use pumpkins, bats, cats, haunted houses, witches, spiders, ghosts, coffins, Gothic, sugar skulls, crows, glowing eyes, or any combination of these, there are a tonne of Halloween nail art design options available. We sincerely hope that you can find what you need in this list.

These nails are by Almaty nails.

Nails are essentially a fun accessory, and keeping them buffed, filed, and polished in a contemporary summer colour is one of the simplest ways to embrace the moment. Bottega green, the signature colour of the fashion brand Bottega Veneta, is a big colour trend for the summer and beyond. If you don't know what it is, it's a beautiful mix of kelly green and emerald that makes you think of freshly cut grass, but there are new 18 sexy nail ideas to try now. These nails are both short, colourful and stylish, with different nail art designs, and also perfect for work and everyday looks.

Nails by magdula.es

Find out about the latest summer manicure trends and the best nail polish colours for summer 2022. While natural nude nails are lovely, this summer is all about the glitz and glam, so why not join the trend and let your colourful nails do the talking?

This summer, choose bolder and more colourful nails. The perfect nude, yet the boldness of colour. Add some flair to your manicure with these adorable nail art designs. Check out these summer 21 New Colorful Creative Nail Designs You Will Love by Malgorzata_jankowska indigo.

Nails painted in a neutral shade look classy and refined. Nail colours that go well with warm tones include barre, warm nude paint, coffee ice cream nails, pink hue, ream, beige, taupe, tan, brown, and cream white.
Remember that appearing effortlessly elegant is a popular trend that is anticipated to be very successful this year. Melody Jacob blog offers NEW BEAUTIFUL NAIL ART DESIGNS TO TRY IN 2023 by Mejzi in this article.


orange color nail art design


Nude nails
Ladies and gentlemen, because Halloween is approaching and you cannot afford to have a drab appearance, we have compiled these Halloween nail art designs to give you the boost you need. Hallowe'en is not only a fun day, but it also allows you to express your creativity, which is why your look must be complete. One of the best ways to achieve this is by getting a Halloween-inspired manicure using the suggestions provided below. Because many people are becoming somewhat less concerned about the coronavirus, Halloween celebrations in the year 2022 are expected to be very loud. Let's dive into the most gorgeous, innovative, and trendy Halloween nail art ideas for 2022.

21 unique easy long-lasting press-on nails for fashionable women by Pressedonbycharlotte

A variety of press-on, pre-glued nails in a variety of vibrant colours and bold designs. How to Apply: Hold the nail for at least 10 seconds against your natural nail. Gently push down on the nails a few times a day for extended wear life, especially if they have been in contact with water. To remove, soak the nails in water for 10-15 minutes before gently lifting each nail from the sides.

Summer is here and the best part of it is that it gives numerous opportunities to experiment with your nails, it is simple to see why peachy apricot tones are a summer favourite every year. This colour is universally complimentary to all skin tones. Additionally, it pairs beautifully with a wide range of other colours, from blue to pink and white. It is feminine and it pairs beautifully with gold and rose-gold jewellery, another major summer trend. Let's help you add some colours to your summer nail design ideas, with these nails by olootka_nailart.

Colorful nails

There's no reason not to start taking advantage of the warmer weather now, whether you're flying to a beach that's drenched in sunshine or simply getting some rays in the neighbourhood beer garden. Naturally, the change in season makes us eager to abandon our traditional nude manicure in favour of a summer nail look that is bolder, brighter, and more colourful. Everyone can find a tropical nail idea that suits them, whether they want neon nails, rainbow stripes, pastel manicure polish, or metallic manis.


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