This was one of those evenings when I just felt like going out and having a good time. I spend a lot of time working on my laptop and screen time can sometimes be too much for my eyes. So I take breaks now and then, but this time I wanted a mini cation, like three days off, and I got it. I decided to step out to one of my favourite restaurants/bars, Georgie Kharkiv wearing the Femmeluxe Fynlee's Cream Ribbed Long Sleeve Ribbed Popper Bodysuit. The colour is gorgeous, and the fabric has a nice touch. This bodysuit looks great with a skirt or jeans. The pin-up area under the Vagina was a little painful at first, but after adjusting it, I felt much better.

I see a lot of pictures on Instagram of ladies wearing bodysuits with jeans and it always looks great on them because they don't crease like a T-shirt, bodysuits are ideal for layering beneath coats or blazers. This Cream Ribbed Long Sleeve Plunge Popper Front Bodysuit is also available in Pink and Black. You can also purchase ripped jeans for women, a white midi dress, a little black dress, women's loungewear set from Femmeluxe.

Some people do not know what a bodysuit is, so keep trading to find out what is a bodysuit and the pros and cons of wearing a bodysuit. 

Just look at her, she's glistening and emitting all the vital energy she requires to grow. I'm not going to start talking or tell you what I expect the new year to look like, but I am delighted that the year 2021 has finally come to an end. Celebrating the new year is a fantastic way to kick off the year, and of course, you'll need the appropriate dress to channel all that energy.

Femmeluxe.co.uk pink dress

On Christmas Day, I can honestly say that I had a good time with my friends. We decided to eat dinner together at Nasha Dacha, a restaurant in Kharkiv city. We laughed and had a great time as we expressed our gratitude for the year. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and spent quality time with your family and friends. Seasonal compliments.

I worked extremely hard in 2021; I can say I accomplished a lot and am pleased with myself, but there were moments when I broke down and needed to rest. I recall becoming really ill and being unable to work, which made me angry. All in all, I cherish every moment and all of God's favors. I had the opportunity to understand mental health by taking mental health issues seriously. I am extremely appreciative of everyone who helped make 2021 a lovely year.

The Kharkiv palace hotel is my favorite spot to unwind, particularly in the evenings, because of the beautiful terrace that overlooks the city. I'm sure I'm not the only one attempting to make the most of the final days of 2021. I promised myself that I would set aside days to unwind and socialize during the final days of 2021, and here I am attempting to keep up with it.

I wanted to wear this gorgeous jumpsuit
 before Christmas in anticipation of a stunning Christmas dress from Femmeluxe.co.uk I will be wearing on Christmas day.

I know it's only 5 days before Christmas, but I'm not going to act like I'm excited about it; I'm working extremely hard to write a Christmas article, and it's killing me. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I'm overjoyed and looking forward to the new year.

Most of you, like me, are struggling to feel the spirit of Christmas and are asking what to do to rekindle the holiday mood. I've got you covered since I was about to settle for a dull Christmas until I snapped and said let's make it pop, so here are some pointers to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Put some Christmas decorations in your house.

This is a way of making you aware of the season and making your home invite that feels of Christmas. You could switch your decor options if you always purchased a green Christmas tree, you could get a white Christmas tree one this season. You can also have a blast designing your own inflatable and adorning your yard with different decorations. Christmas inflatables come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic Santa Claus and custom inflatable Christmas tree to more modern designs like the Nativity scene or a giant snow globe. Some people even choose to inflate animals or cartoon characters that represent the holiday spirit. No matter what you choose, setting up your own outdoor Christmas display is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Not only will it bring some cheer to your neighbourhood, but it will also give you a chance to show off your creative side.

Wearing lilac is tranquil, relaxing, and refreshing. I felt so at comfortable wearing this Femmeluxe.co.uk jogger lilac cropped long sleeve sweatshirt high waisted skinny joggers fleece loungewear set.

Unless you've been hiding under a cave, you've no doubt seen a growing trend in activewear: joggers. When worn correctly, joggers can make you look cool, put-together, and on-trend, but when worn incorrectly, they can make you look terribly frumpy and badly dressed.


With so many variations available and plenty of hits and misses, many people are unsure about how joggers should fit and when they should be worn. This season, stay warm and trendy with these elegant sweatpants. Joggers are casual wardrobe staples that many of us are accustomed to wearing when sitting. They have, however, developed into excellent pieces to wear outdoors as well. Joggers can be dressed up or down depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Loungewear Set


Maintaining a calm demeanor can be insane. I was literally irritated throughout this shoot; the makeup artist was late, my photographer was cranky, and I let it all get to me. However, I soon recovered my composure, and here we are with these lovely photos wearing the http://femmeluxe.co.uk/ Khaki Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set - Bellamy.

I've been actively trying to exercise control over situations rather than allowing them to control me; it is critical for influencers to exert complete control over situations. Things don't always go as planned; sometimes the images we envision aren't what we get during the shoot, and we let it all affect the rest of the session, causing more damage.


What is your ideal go-to outfit? I recently read on a blog that wearing joggers is considered unserious, which I completely disagree with. Joggers are fairly comfortable pieces of clothing that can be worn to a casual event, while running errands, or as loungewear.

The femme luxe joggers set, not only allows you to do your thing while remaining comfortable, but it is also thick and suitable for the winter season. It has a cozy feel, and the set is large enough to layer. Joggers are the ideal winter wardrobe staple, particularly for off-duty styling.

Loungewear Set

To those who are wondering whether the quality of the joggers set is worth the purchase, here is my objective review: I wore it prior to the shoot and washed it, and it is in excellent condition.

Off-duty takes on a whole new meaning when paired with chunky sneakers. You can't go wrong with loungewear set for those everyday outfit dramas when it's freezing outside.

I am gradually adjusting my attendance on special occasions. Would you believe this is my second wedding as an adult? That's crazy because so many of my friends and family have married, but I've always been unable to attend due to my distance.


I was invited to this wedding by a friend, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Have you ever attended an event for which you can confidently state that you have no regrets? This is one of those unique wedding occasions on which I had a great time. Allow me to comment on the food, the organizers, and the couples who created an elegant yet simple and fun occasion.

As you must look that you look stunning; your gown must contribute to the occasion's opulence. I chose to wear this sequin gown, which was one of the dresses I never got to wear after shooting for Ever-Pretty. I'm glad I got to wear it to such a lovely occasion.

I wore a http://femmeluxe.co.uk/ red satin dress to the Kharkiv Palace Sky Lounge Restaurant Halloween party. I had a good time sitting pretty and enjoying the music.


I've always wanted to go to a Halloween party, but I've always had reservations about the holiday. Well, after spending months indoors owing to the coronavirus, I determined to make the most of my time outside this year, because you never know what further restrictions might be imposed on us. Well, I had a few plans that didn't pan out, such as painting my face, but in the end, I wore a Red Satin Ruched Side Slip Mini Dress by Femmeluxe with simple makeup.

Blue denim overalls are the original and, quite likely, the best overalls. Overalls, in my opinion, deserve their own place in the fashion hall of fame. Overalls have always been a fun and fashionable clothing option, from their heyday in the '90s to their slow but steady comeback over the last few years. Whether you're looking for something a little more elevated, want to wear something a little more trendy, or simply want to wear something cute and comfy, there is an overall outfit that will satisfy your fashion preferences.

Are you unsure about how to properly wear overalls? No need to be concerned! While classic denim overalls are a closet staple and extremely easy to style, they are far from the only option. Overalls have evolved far beyond their blue jean origins, allowing us to wear them in other areas of our lives, such as work and nights out with friends.

Overalls are a basic yet fashionable pick for any event, from backyard picnics to brunch with the girls. Take a look at how I styled my women's denim overall jumpsuit with floral print from Noracora, sophisticated yet casual which can work for a day-to-night look. The simple trick in this outfit is my shoes, they are more of a formal style. alternatives below that will remind you why overalls never go out of style.


Spring is showing no signs of slowing down; it rained this morning in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and all I wanted to do was stay in bed all day. Spring is here, and we can now formally bid farewell to the bright days of summer 2021. We had a brief summer, in my opinion, and the thought of winter and wearing those heavy jackets still freaks me out. I sometimes find it a bit difficult to cope with the spring season because of the continual rain, which makes everything a little muddy and wet.

Animal print on animal print with red lips, that's a total sense of sexy, wild and luxe when put together in the right way. I got inspired by Rihanna's street style wearing a fuzzy hat and a slip dress, which gives the 90's vibe. Rihanna kept setting style trends and the fuzzy hat or furry bucket hat style is super cool and sexy. Animal print is always fashionable, but you may have noticed that the trend has recently surged this summer especially leopard prints. Leopard is one of those patterns that come in and out of fashion, so when you see it again, it seems fresh. Not only has this print gained new life as a result of how it's been worn, but it's also broken new ground as a result of the times it's been worn. This print fabric is timeless.


Leopard print used to be considered a strong or statement-making print, but it is now more widely accepted as an everyday look. When I saw her style all over Instagram I was like yes, the perfect way to style my leopard print dress from Femmeluxe.co.uk

 Let me start by saying thank you to Nancy Fashion Style for featuring my look, as her favourite for last week link-up party.

First and foremost, this dress fits well and is highly stretchy; moreover, because the mesh material is transparent, it comes with a black cami dress inside. It has a black collar, flare dress, pink colour, and snowflakes pattern, which reminds me that winter is coming. Secondly, it is flattering and helps you stand out charmingly. With that being said do I recommend Dressily? yes, I do because the clothing on the site fits the prices for which they are being sold.

Another thing you might want to ask regarding the material before purchasing this dress is what happened to the texture after you washed it. The answer is, It hasn't changed, and the fabric is of high quality. Even though I washed it in the washing machine and no harm occurred, I recommend handwashing stretchy fabrics by hand.

Enjoy a 22% Discount with CODE: DLBF20.

Catching up with trends and not just trends but trends that are beautiful and lovely is the new vibe. The feminity and class of the Blue Chinese Print Mesh Bodycon Midaxi Dress - Vivienne is so high. This is one of those dresses you keep for a beautiful date night, outing with beautiful people or to a sexy summer party but oh yeah I wanted to wear it to my graduation not until I changed my mind.

The Chinese blue mesh dress is a slim-fitting maxi dress with an all-over transparent design. This dress has a high neckline, long sleeves, seam detailing, is made of sheer stretch fabric, and is available in other designs and colours.

Mesh is the epitome of bold stylish, and it's ideal for toughening up your clothes and adding a grungy touch. It's cool, chic, and urban all at the same time. This blue mesh dress is the definition of hot by modestly playing peek-a-boo with your bangin' assets, thanks to a black bra and panties for blending and the best overlay option. Not everyone can wear a mesh dress but you can dare yourself this summer by choosing delicate mesh inserts to lend a sense of luxury.

Let's just take a break from everything going around us. The world is struggling at every corner and we are feeling the impact one way or the other. The problem between Israel and Palestine is very alarming and disturbing as innocent lives are being lost. While we pray for world peace let's not also forget to put our mental health in check.

I have been struggling with myself a lot, it has been more of setting boundaries with the things that are not acceptable from people around me. I am taking life one step at a time and I super excited about my growth. Summer 2021 has to be a good one because winter was so tough. Dressing up and looking all pretty to the park is part of my summer goals.

I have been enjoying taking photos of myself. I perfected the act during the pandemic. Furthermore, I also perfected my skills in editing photos. I am enjoying every bit of it as I do not need to worry about who is going to help me take photos when I go out. I live alone and stayed alone all through the quarantine and I have become much more independent than I literally do almost everything myself. This affected me tho, I got so stressed in the last few months, and I am yet to completely recover from the effect of stress. Today, I am glad that I have been able to balance a lot, and I am super glad that my normal grind and unwind spirit is fully back. I went out feeling really happy to one of my favorite photo spot restaurants in my city. I wore this blue denim dress shirt from femmeluxe.co.uk.

I always like to look my best in the little way I can, which makes owing pieces that are easy to style, with a free fit style very important. Sometimes I want to just go out, look good but at the same time I want to put in very little effort. Dress shirts are always a good choice at this point. I fall under the category of people that like anything denim. This half distressed denim shirt dress in a white button-down shirt is perfect for a weekend grind. I can't wait for summer to be here in full, so I can wear this dress without pantyhose. I know the pantyhose blends so well with my skin, I have a light chocolate tone and I picked the cappuccino color which blends so well with my skin. Femmeluxe.co.uk promotes everyday affordable trendy styles such as Knitted LoungewearRibbed LoungewearLadies LoungewearBlack BodysuitPink Joggers, and Knitted Co-Ord. These are all affordable and available for purchase.

I am super excited about the weather change, tho sping is not my best season due to the wetness but I prefer it to winter. Cold days are coming to an end. I am already wearing summer dresses but adding sweaters, and cardigans to prevent me from getting cold. I am pretty sure almost everyone is excited about summer and if you want to get the best dresses then you can shop from Noracora.

Summer dresses should be airy and free to give you the perfect feel. This Women's V-neck elegant lace dress is white in color, featuring lace designs and layers. The photo of this dress features a blush hue but the dress comes in white. When purchasing items you get a free gift on orders over $109 which will be shipped within 24hrs.

Since we are in the month the celebrates women, knowing how special we are, Noracora is offering $5 off on orders over $69, use the code PR5, $20 on orders over $169, use the code PR20, and $30 off on orders over $249, use the code PR30.

A great choice of colorful jacket is this warm sky blue fluffy fur jacket. The color and design are unique making it stand out. I like to wear a nice designed winter jacket. Level up your outerwear game with this ultra-stylish winter jacket. This jacket is cozy and warm. The length of the jacket is perfect as it gives more coverage. 

The fur keeps your neck area warms and relaxed making you feel more protected. This fur jacket features an oversized fit, which is perfect for layering, a cozy fur hood, and front zip. This coat looks beautiful both when worn open over a dress or zipped up as its own statement piece.

Winter doesn't have to be dull and cold. Wearing colorful winter jackets is a way to brighten up your winter. This will create a vibrant contrast making reducing seasonal depression. Colors affect our mood as different colors influence different moods. Winter can be very stressful and annoying, the mood swings double up but a good way to brighten up your day is by wearing colors.

How are your preparations for valentine's going? Noracora valentine's discount is on, offering $5 off on orders over $69, $20 off on others over $179, and $30 off on orders $259+.

Fur is one of the warmest insulators just like wool and fleece. The fur is one of the warmest materials you can wear during the winter season. They provide warmth and have a luxurious touch. Fur allows the body to breathe and is isothermal which meaning the temperature of a system remains constant. Heat transfer into or out of a system occurs slowly that thermal equilibrium is maintained (being at the same temperature). They keep your body warm over a long period of time.

Reasons to wear fur

Staying warm should always come before fashion. Health is wealth. Fur is a great choice to stay warm throughout the winter. The isothermal effect is great to keep you warm. It is a natural material that allows your body to breathe.

The cliché of fur on formal occasions has long been put to rest. Fur now can be worn everywhere. With jeans and ball gowns. Warm on a winter night, enchanting on a summer dress. There is only one rule and that is: create your own style!


Fur is lightweight and has a great feel on the skin keeping you comfortable and cozy, no matter the weather with its mushy and soft feel. nothing compares with the feeling of wearing fur. 

Eco friendly.
Fur is an alternative to products made from synthetic materials which often promotes environmental pollution. Original fur is natural making its fur renewable and decomposable. 

Fur is a luxurious fashion clothing that never goes out of style. Widely known for its seductive and appealing beauty, tho not everyone accepts fur due to animal killings. Original fur is expensive which is the reason why a lot of people buy faux fur which also does the job of keeping you warm.

Faux fur jacket

Nature always has the best solution to human needs. Fur is naturally durable despite its luxurious and soft look. Fur and be recycled, upcycled, and repurposed. updated and re-styled. Fur is also a good investment piece.

Fur coat is available for purchase at Noracora.com. A good choice is the furry fur faux jacket, made with black leather on the outer part and white fur on the inner part. It features a lapel collar, sliding zip, and white fur. The length of the jacket is below the waistline giving more coverage. 

The season of love is here and Noracora is offering  $5 off on orders over $69, $20 off on others over $179, and $30 off on orders $259+. You can save up to 50%  on the ongoing winter clearance. You can subscribe to get exclusive 15% OFF NOW! and you can also receive novelties trends and promotions via email.

Fashion Casual Shift Sweatshirt

Hoodies are loungewear that is super comfortable. They are essential both in a male and female closet even tho males tend to wear hoodies more. No matter the season hoodies can be worn all year round. Zip Hoodie has evolved into a casual layering fashion piece. It is designed to fit long time use. The stripe design is unique. 

There are numerous ways to style a zip-up hoodie.

1. Bomber Jacket with Hoodie.
Bomber jackets are very popular in the fashion industry. Pair your hoodie with a bomber jacket to get a unique street style effortless look. Add a pair of jeans and a pair of stylish sneakers to finish your look.

2. Hoodie with a coat.
Layering a hoodie with a sweater and a long coat is an excellent way of staying warm and looking stylish. This look gives you a smart and sophisticated appearance. Most celebrities go for this look due to its relaxed yet dressed look.

Black and white hoodie

3. Denim jacket with hoodie.
Wearing a denim jacket with a hoodie is an all-time classic. This is an easy way to achieve a casual and cool look. There are different colors of denim jackets but the classic blue jacket precisely the Levis' blue denim works exceptionally well and suits a wide range of styles.

4. Hoodie and a leather jacket.
If you would like to rock a hard look you can pair a hoodie and a leather jacket. Completing a biker look you can wear leather pants.


5. Hoodie with a suit.
Fashion has evolved and styling can be done in different ways. Wearing a suit and hoodie is a way of looking subtle formal.

There are varieties of hoodies that can fit into your style sense. A great choice is a stripe casual white and black hoodie. It is very warm for the winter season and feels cozy, stylish, and brightens up your appearance. The hoodie has a loose turtleneck that can extend to your nose area. It comes in handy this Covid-19 era. It also serves as coverage against cold.

Stripe hoodie

To extend the valentine's season of love to everyone, Noracora is offering $5 off on orders over $69, $20 off on others over $179, and $30 off on orders $259+. Save up to 50% on the ongoing winter clearance. You can subscribe to get exclusive 15% OFF NOW! and you can also receive novelties trends and promotions via email.


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