Whats you best routine? what products do you use? are you looking for quality products with good and healthy effect? then I will recommend the Korika NaturBeauty exfoliating face sheet mask.
This exfoliating  face sheet mask is enriched with natural extracts and glacier water.
It Cleans gently,refreshes pleasantly.
Hydrates and nourishes.
softens,firms effectictly.
evens and brightens.
The Korika NaturBeauty exfoliating face sheet mask gently removes all impurities and dead skin cells. It provides a gentle enzyme scrub to reveal firm and youthful skin. Clean your face with an effective mask to keep it appealing and naturally beautiful.
For external use only.
Aviod contact with eyes
Keep out of reach children
Discontinue use if signs of skin irritation
for single use only
made in Korea.
Очищувальна косметична марлева маска KORIKA NaturBeauty делікатно очищає від забруднень та відмерлих клітин шкіри. Папайя містить безліч поживних речовин, які разом із вітаміном С очищують, зволожують, пом’якшують та чудово освітлюють обличчя. Забезпечує ніжний ензимний пілінг, який подарує вам красиву, гладеньку, пружну та омолоджену шкіру.
Spiritime is a French brand that offers you high quality cosmetics for everyday skin-care. Getting good products in the market, most especially in the beauty line is a little bit difficult sometimes, because not all products are good, and what works for me might not work for you.
I have been battling with dry palms and tried different products, most products were effective only for a short time. I even purchased a hand cream from a local store here in Ukraine the hand cream dries up quickly and makes my palm very dry and so comfortable.
I know this is a very relatable situation but nevertheless, there are good products which can help moisturize and nourish your palm, keeping it soft. I started using the SpiriTime Nourishing hand cream for the weeks and its have shown so much improvement on my palm, it has a very lovely fragrance.
These are the 10ml tubes, they are little but goes a long way. The tubes containing the hand cream are available in different fragrance.
The Fruity time which has the green tube color, happens to be my best, the fragrance is so lovely. It nourishes and softens, smoothes, promotes regeneration and soothes the skin moisturizes and pleasantly refreshes returns skin to freshness. Gives the skin a scent of dark grapes and kiwi.

Spirentime Fruity Time hand care nutrition cream effectively prevents dry hands, deeply nourishes the skin and soothes it pleasantly. The cream is easily applied and instantly absorbed, leaving no fat shine on the hands. Keeps the skin incredibly gentle, well-groomed and protected from adverse external factors.
In its composition, the cream does not contain parabens, silicones, paraffin or mineral oils. Extracts of raspberry, mango and mandarin promote regeneration, toning and returning youth to the skin. Macadamia oil, argan and coconut oil are pleasantly calming, nourish the skin, contribute to the restoration of its natural functions. Savor your hands with a nutritious cream and they will be silky and incredibly beautiful everyday!

Поживний крем для рук Spiritime Fruity Time ефективно запобігає сухості рук, глибоко живить шкіру та приємно її пом’якшує. Крем легко наноситься та миттєво вбирається, не залишаючи на руках жирного блиску. Зберігає шкіру неймовірно ніжною, доглянутою та захищеною від несприятливих зовнішніх факторів.
У своєму складі крем не містить парабенів, силіконів, парафіну чи мінеральних олій. Екстракти малини, манго та мандарина сприяють регенерації, тонізують та повертають молодість шкірі. Олія макадамії, арганова та кокосова олія приємно заспокоюють, живлять шкіру, сприяють відновленню її природних функцій. Потіште свої руки поживним кремом і вони будуть шовковистими та неймовірно красивими щодня!
The flower time has a much more calm fragrance, warm and girly relaxation vibe.
Spirentime Flower Time hand care nutritive cream takes care of the exhausting skin of the hands, deeply nourishes and soothes it. The cream is easily applied and instantly absorbed, leaving no fat shine on the hands. Intensively nourishes the skin, giving it silky, elastic and reliably protects against unfavorable external factors.

Thanks to the extracts of flowers and natural oils, the medium returns silky to your hands, restores its protective barrier and eliminates dryness. In its composition, the cream does not contain parabens, silicones, paraffin or mineral oils, and therefore carefully helps to regenerate the skin and nourishes it. Savor your skin with a nourishing cream that softens your hands and for a long time will give the skin a natural beauty!
deeply moisturizes the skin of the hands
softens and smooths the skin
promotes regeneration and protects the skin
soothes and rejuvenates the skin
gives the skin a pleasant flavor of freesia flowers.
Поживний крем для рук Spiritime Flower Time піклується про виснажену шкіру рук, глибоко її живить та приємно пом’якшує. Крем легко наноситься та миттєво вбирається, не залишаючи на руках жирного блиску. Інтенсивно живить шкіру, надаючи їй шовковистість, пружність та надійно захищає від несприятливих зовнішніх факторів.

Завдяки вмісту екстрактів квітів і натуральних олій засіб повертає шовковистість вашим рукам, відновлює її захисний бар’єр та усуває сухість. У своєму складі крем не містить парабенів, силіконів, парафіну чи мінеральних олій, а тому дбайливо сприяє регенерації шкіри та живить її. Потіште свою шкіру поживним кремом, який пом’якшить ваші руки та тривалий час даруватиме шкірі природну красу!

глибоко зволожує шкіру рук
пом’якшує та розгладжує шкіру
сприяє регенерації та захищає шкіру
заспокоює та омолоджує шкіру
надає шкірі рук приємний аромат квітів фрезії
Gourmet time Spirtime Hand Cream smoothes and provides the necessary nutrition. The nutritious hand cream is easily applied, instantly absorbed after application and does not leave greasy or sticky luster on the hands. Intensively nourishes the skin, cares for it, gives tenderness and reliably protects against unfavorable external factors.
Поживний крем для рук Spiritime Gourmet Time ефективно пом’якшує шкіру, розгладжує та надає необхідного живлення. Поживний крем для рук легко наноситься, миттєво вбирається після нанесення та не залишає на руках жирного чи липкого блиску. Інтенсивно живить шкіру, доглядає за нею, дарує ніжність та надійно захищає від несприятливих зовнішніх факторів.
When using facial care products it is very important to be careful and read over the instructions to know the type of ingredients used and how effective it can be on your skin.
Some products have knows for causing break out and uneven skin color, while some actually helps to enhance your skin to the very best. Getting the right product is what I will help you with as I introduce the bodyblendz collagen mask set.

Before I share any product on this blog, I always use the product to know how effective it can be, just because I care about passing the wrong information, but nevertheless we all have different skins and the outcome can be different sometimes, so always do a patch test before using on your whole skin. I woke up at morning, washed my face wore my pink bow headband which has a very good feel then and then I opened the 2 rose + 2x brightening collagen facial mask, it has 4 sheets inside.
I already Cleansed  my skin, so I removed the mask from the pack, place it on my face, it was a little bigger than my face so I had to hold it to fit. I waited for about 15-25 mins. I read the instructions and it says after removing the mask, do not rinse, I followed the instruction and allow my face to dry and it felt soft and moisturized. Using this product for atleast 2-3 times every week will keep your skin really moisturized and soft.
The Collagen eye mask   are formulated specifically for the delicate skin of the eye area. These eye masks contain a unique cocktail of ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and restore tone and texture. Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Vitamin E are the main ingredients of the masks for a refreshed, smoother looking eye area.
I used the eye mask to reduce my eye bag. It is a multi-functioning hydrogel eye treatment. Open the pack, place the mask under your eyes. You can repeat 2-4 times a week for a very good effect. The Eye Mask Kit contains 5 pairs of eye masks. 

There are lots of benefits using Bodyblendz products which includes 
Helps moisturize your skin more efficiently than tap water, which tends to drain the moisture right out. It’s also great for clearing your skin of impurities.

Purchase the Popfeel Waterproof Long Lasting Matte Lipstick Cosmetic Lip Care on Rosegal. Its long lasting and the after effect is really nice.
Build a charming and elegant image Colors: 20 colors as picture for choose
Suitable for party, banquet or daily life, It's waterproof, and would not stick on cup. An excellent gift for lover, family, friend and coworkers
In order to cover up skin problems such as dark circles and wrinkles, we are always working hard for makeup. But when you end up making your complexion sallow and dark circles worse, it’s time to rethink your makeup process. From the wrong foundation to an unsuitable lipstick, these are all the errors that will make you look older!

Mistake #1: You’re Using The Wrong Foundation
Powder makeup will dehydrate your skin and make it appear an unnatural texture. It will even accentuate your crow’s-feet and wrinkles. Instead, strengthening water consciousness and using cream foundation can keep skin looking dewy and shiny.

Mistake #2: You’re Applying Foundation Wrong
Foundation brushes might be difficult to use for many ladies. It’s hard to control and maybe make your makeup worse. Try to use a damp beauty blender or makeup sponge to pat on your foundation slightly. You will find a natural and docile makeup finally.

Mistake #3: You’re Highlighting Your Dark Circles
Our dark circles are harder to go away naturally with age. Instead of trying to overly cover up this problem, it’s better to find one concealer having the same shade as your foundation. You should hide, not highlight.

Mistake #4: You’re Not Accentuating Your Eye Crease
If your eyes are not as bright and wide as they once did, try to apply a little bit of chocolate brown shadow on your crease, which can create a pair of bigger eyes.
This is one wig I took time out to review. I guess it is because I really like the wig and also wanted to be very sure.
You have seen me wearing this wig in my previous posts and styling it in different ways. It is one of my favorite because of the color, texture and style.
It doesn't only add full natural beauty but it uplifts your look faster than you can imagine. I wore this hair on boxing day during an outing with my friends and everyone loved it, tho I have also wore it on different occasions and got nice compliments.

The good part of is  this hair is No shedding, easy to style just like the human hair on your head. Divas Wigs sales only quality wigs and this Beyonce Wavy Full Lace Wig - cew001 by Divaswigs is something every lady who is a wig lover should own. Here is Discount code: INSMELODDY.  Apply this code before checking out and enjoy 10% Off your purchase. 
Wait am not done Here is another code NEW40 for orders over $299 and NEW100 for orders over $599.

If you want to purchase this hair with my exact look and specifications here is it.
Wig name : 
Beyonce Wavy Full Lace Wig - cew001
Hair type : Brazilian virgin hair
Hair length : 18 inches
Hair color : Same as picture
Hair texture : light yaki
Density :130
Lace color :medium brown
Cap Construction: Cap 3 glue-less lace wig
Cap Size: Petite .
                                                                              Keep reading......
Why buy this wig?
Firstly, It is very comfortable and stay fame fit on my scalp which is one thing you should look out for when buying a wig.
Shipping : Takes 7 working days if the wig is available.
Hair Type: 100% Indian Virgin Hair
Hairline: Natural Hairline
Hair Texture: Wavy Silky : Yaki texture mimics the Africa-American people relaxed hair.
The silky straight hair texture is the natural state of the Indian Hair
Lace Type: 100% high quality Swiss lace.
Baby Hair: Along the perimeter to give the effect of a naturally growing hairline
This wig can be curled or straight.

This is an average fiber wig, very good for the price, was 99.80 now 39.92. This is a full lace wig, with a lace construction cap type. It features a curly weave style, color black (1).

Fiber wigs are synthetic wigs but they last long and can be styled just like human hair wigs. The bang is at the side.
The Length is long with 26 inches.
The weight is 0.391kg
Lace front wig with one wig inside each pack.

Human Hair and Synthetic Hair have advantages and limitations which make them the right choice at different times. Both are great choices for you depending on your budget, time, and needs. Optimally, you will choose to have both on hand as they each have their pluses.

The delivery time is fast, well package and without any damage.

You can purchase both synthetic and Human hair wigs from Dresslily.
Long Curly Side Parting High Temperature Fiber Lace Front Wig.
I was very angry when this wig arrived. After opening it felt so dumpiness and this was the fault of the Postal delivery Service. It was a rainy day and the postal service (Nova Posta International left some parcel under the rain.
Off The Shoulder Ruffled Print Crop Top by Sammydress.
Anyways, Its been a great productive week, do have a lovely weekend.
I have heard a lot of people saying they do not need deodorant rather they go for perfumes. How long will this continue? For goodness sake, every living human being need deodorant most especially good natural deodorants. Sweat isn’t inherently stinky. In fact, it’s nearly odorless. The stench comes from bacteria that breaks down one of two types of sweat on your skin. Deodorant contains some antibacterial power to stop the stink before it starts, while antiperspirants deal with sweat directly

The FORENCOS 7 Days Mask is a seven day intensive skin treatment program with a unique mask that targets a different skincare problem on each day.

These masks are free of parabens, artificial colorants, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, mineral oil, sulfates, and petrolatum. The FORENCOS 7 Days Masks are also made with cellulose and natural cocoon thread silk for a natural and perfect fit without causing further skin troubles or pore clogging.

MONDAY - Swallow's Nest Nutrition Silk Mask - It is formulated with 250 mg of Sea Bird's Nest Extract for intensive nutrition care for your skin. Great for improving the skin's elasticity, boosting the skin's vitality, strengthening the skin's barrier, boosting the skin's turnover, and moisturizing the skin.

TUESDAY - Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Mask - It is formulated with 99 mg of Jeju Volcanic Ash for a strong detox effect by absorbing sebum and impurities from the pores to effectively clean and clear the skin. Great for improving the skin's complexion.

WEDNESDAY - Caviar Moisture Silk Mask - It is formulated with 250 mg of Caviar and with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate your skin while also nourishing and brightening the skin.

THURSDAY - Teatree Relax Silk Mask - It is formulated with 50 mg of Tea Tree Oil to soothe irritated skin while also helping to balance the skin's sebum levels to prevent skin troubles. Great for those with irritated, troubled, or oily skin types.

FRIDAY - Gold Regenerating Silk Mask - It is formulated with 0.025 mg of 24K Gold to help give tired skin a fresh lift. Great for wrinkle care.

SATURDAY - Mayu Elastic Silk Mask - It is formulated with 50 mg of Mayu or Horse Oil to give your skin intense moisture and an elasticity boost. Also great for soothing the skin and strengthening the skin barrier.

SUNDAY - Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask - It is formulated with 250 mg of Pearl Extract and with Vitamin C to purify the skin and give it a glow. Great for brightening and clearing the skin tone.

Size: 25 ml / Net 0.84 Fl. Oz.
Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint Pack (6 Pc Set) The Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint Pack is a popular and award-winning lip tint pack that helps keep your lips maintain a vivid color throughout the day as it is smudge-free and waterproof. This is a peel-off type lip tint that leaves a vibrant color on your lips for over twelve hours. Just paint, dry, and peel! It is also formulated with great ingredients such as Deep Sea Water, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Papaya Fruit Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, and more to help keep your lips moisturized and improve the condition of your lips.
Green wigs are a little dramatic and takes a bold person to pull it off. This green ombre Brazilian human hair wig is so soft and feels so good. Just before I tell you how good this wig is, I must say the packaging and shipping time is so nice, the wig took less than a week to arrive. Inside the package is the service card and Goddess wiggies usage and care instruction guide which helps you know how to maintain your wig. I really wanted to change my look for the blog, I am was so happy styling this wig with Makeby Chioma.

Before wearing this wig, I cut the excess lace to fit. This wig is very good for the price, I couldn't get enough of this look. I have a small head so I chose a small cap.
The perfect mermaid green virgin  Brazilian hair with a lovely texture. The Brand is Goddess Wiggie that deals with hair of all kinds of human remy and virgin hair, with a large color choice to choose. 

I am wearing the 6A 200 Density Blue Green Straight Human Hair Full Lace Wigs With Baby Hair Ombre Lace Front Body Wavy Brazilian Hair Wigs from Goddess Wiggie it is 100% human hair, with caps of different sizes to choose from. The weight is about 150-250 giving is a more natural feel. 
Lots of people complain about colorful wigs shedding but this Ombre wig doesn't shade. It is very comfortable. Styling this wig is very versatile, you can switch either sides, middle or bring the baby hair forward, it sure gives a different look. The edges are well trimmed and even. The hair line is very OK. 
Lashes are cute beauty accessories, that helps enhance the eye look giving a nice sparkle.
I am wearing the 3D Mink lashes D308 from Dodolashes.com.
  Dodo lash, are luxury lashes. made with 100% human hair with good prices, available in different styles, including handmade lashes. Free shipping on orders over  $30.
Achieving this looks was so simple and fun. This is the October edition of the Glowbox which is the dark Mysterious Edition. To subscribe to the monthly beauty box, Please Visit Glowwbox.com.
Here are the content for October.
Its hard to resist a beautiful smile especially  when you have sparkling white teeth. 
In recent times teeth whitening is common among many people, before it was more like a celebrity thing. Some people consider it as a part of dental regimen.
Lots of advancements has been made,You can now do it in the comfort of your home. White teeth has lots of benefits which includes
boosting self esteem, removes hard stains from you teeth, gives a brighter smile.
White teeth global provides you with the best whitening dental  treatment.
This is the basic kit which Comprises of  
1 syringe (10ml) of dental whitening gel (22% or 35% carbamide peroxide)
2 Two teeth whitening trays with container.
3 shade guide 
4 Complete instructions, which i will explain further.
What i like the most about the wig is the color and volume. Expected less but got really impressed when it arrived. Here are the specifications of the wig.
So you want to know how to make your hair grow faster? make a wish and see that happen.
Growing your hair can be difficult sometimes especially if you want to grow it the natural way.
 Almost every lady wants her hair to be long, but just few knows the secrets of how your hair can grow faster and what healthy and effective products to use. Learning how to grow your hair faster is very easy if you know the right thing to do.
If you want to know how to grow your hair faster please keep reading.                                                                                              
There are so many reasons why you should care for your teeth, but while caring for your teeth you need the right products which makes it easier for you because Carbon coco kit, is one of the most healthy and productive kits for tooth care. It whitens your teeth, polishes and strengthens your teeth without any chemicals and added nasties. 
Wigs are really nice for a bad hair day, changes your look so easily and allows you to be versatile with hair styles.
Today i am talking about  my wig natural straight bangs remy human hair from RPGSHOW, It is a full lace wig, It has an adjustable strap which can be pulled to fit your head size. It has three combs, a lovely wig and very easy to wear and style.

Makeup like every other form of art can be used to express exactly how one feels at a particular moment. Today, we are going to show you the different eye makeup we did wearing different outfits.
Different outfits require different eye makeup, although neutral eye colors are cool with every other outfit you can think of.
With the first and third outfit which are the strapless red dress for special occasions,like award ceremony and the wedding guest dress are usually worn in the evenings, we decided to go all out with silver smokey eye makeup, and cut crease makeup. The reason is simple, the makeup is meant to be worn at night, hence the boldness. For the first outfit, It was a little bit tricky with what lip color to go with, so we ended up with an ombre lip, and bright red lips.
The second and fourth outfits are more casual, so we used more playful eye colors : light green and lilac.
The conchella season is here, which is a festive period, the second and last eye make up, will be perfect for the festive season. 
So guys let us know what you think of these eye makeup, ask your questions and leave your comments below.


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