Flying with EasyJet? No way

All you need to know about flying with Easy jet

Why I won't recommend Easyjet

Easyjet airline offers bad services. I paid for my luggage and was also asked to pay again if I wanted to carry it as hand luggage. This is ridiculous, and my luggage was hand luggage, which I already travelled with on another airline and was the same size.

EasyJet is a business designed to rip off customers. I wouldn't recommend it.

Did you check the reviews? If yes, I am sure you are still wondering why there are so many negative reviews. Well, most people just like me who purchase this flight do not run a background check or read reviews before purchasing cheap flight tickets. Before purchasing any flight ticket, make sure you read the instructions and everything you need to know. Go to review platforms and read articles because that is where you will find out how the airline works.

Another tip I will give you is that, if you are travelling from one city to another in the same country, don't use domestic airlines that take off only from the international airport; instead, use airlines that fly from the local city airport. You will get cheaper services and better customer service.

After paying 24 pounds for my hand luggage, I still had to check it in, making me remove my laptop and making my trip less easy. They don't offer the comfort you need, and as a customer, I wasn't satisfied both financially and emotionally.

If you are travelling without luggage, then this airline is for you, but if you have any luggage, no matter the size, be ready to pay for it. So, make your decision wisely.

They provided a box where people could size their luggage, and if your luggage didn't fit, you had to pay for it. Even the smallest hand luggage boxes didn't fit into it. This is pure scam, and you see that speed boarding is shity; that service is poor.

Another thing I noticed is that the staff are non-responsive and disorganized.

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