Saturday, July 24, 2021

How to keep your vagina clean and healthy?

It is the weekend, ladies let us take time out to care for our inner parts because it is very important.

With the help of natural fluids, the vagina is meant to keep itself clean (discharge). Learn how to maintain your vagina clean and healthy, and why you don't need vaginal wipes or douches. In general, good vaginal health can be maintained by maintaining good overall health.

Sanitary pads, feminine spray and deodorants, scented oils, bubble baths, bath oils, talc or powder are all examples of feminine hygiene items that can irritate the vulva.

Wearing nylon tights or panty girdles is not recommended. They trap heat and moisture, making them ideal for organisms to reproduce.  Before wearing leggings wear nylon or cotton pants.

After washing, rinse underclothes well or double-rinse. Using too much detergent is highly not advisable. 

Before wearing new underwear, make sure they're clean.

If your healthcare physician recommends it, take sitz baths daily.

It is highly recommended to wear only 100 per cent cotton underwear. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to vulvar discomfort, avoid wearing nylon, acetate, or other artificial fibres.

Vaginal discharge is a natural way for the vagina to wash. Do not use douches unless your doctor has recommended them. These products have the potential to disrupt organisms' natural balance.

Thongs should be avoided.

Please don't scratch your vagina.

Thongs should be avoided.

Use soft toilet paper (white only).

When washing underwear, use a mild soap.

Wash the vulva in warm water. Using a clean towel, thoroughly dry the area.

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